So…The Customer Is Always Right?

Young attractive furl discovered during the World Cup and signed up for top modelling job. Hurrah, right?

But wait…

She has a hobby. A pastime. A perfectly legal one.

Doesn’t matter:

Well, you sat, that’s up to L’Oreal, they know their customer base.

But…do they?

Well, I guess L’Oreal is happy to chase the moron dollar…

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  1. July 17, 2014 at 11:34 am

    But of course. The moron dollar is always behind it.

    In Hobart, where I live, we are about to have a ‘Girl’s Day Out’, established by retailers. Big ads everywhere with fresh-faced (and young) girls for whom a special ‘day out’ is to compensate them for not being ’empowered’ by the wicked Patriarchy. Poor abused darlings.

    The lucky females will be able to enjoy being ripped off by shopkeepers selling no end of junk, trinkets and tatt – all absolutely essential, of course – and have the ladies pay through the nose-rings for it.

    (But not the ones who hunt. They will be stopped at the door)

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