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The international sphere was always more interesting to me than the domestic – I mean, do I really care if Chris Huhne said this or Cameron’s latest inanity is that?

On the other hand, some of you dear readers are right into all of that, the Guidites, and so an interest must be shown. What domestically raises its head, to me, is the effect of the EU, of PCism, of the champagne socialist global hegemony.

And they’re not just blighting everything over here, they’re getting their claws into the Ukraine, which had been living peaceably for so long with Russia, by the time-honoured tradition of finding a charismatic nutter on either side, e.g. Hitler and heavily backing him, the better to get the misery going.

And human misery is what it’s all about. Pharoah did it with the removal of the straw from the bricks, Osborne does it with the unnecessary and faux austerity, being austere in all the ways which don’t give a result, based on faux, massaged statistics and not being austere in the ways that do, e.g. cutting quangos and the gravy train.

And this circus is taken around the world, not unlike Bob Hope’s mind control women masquerading as forces entertainment. On the latest rubbish – a video taken by Kiev SS, of a “Russian” weapon, uncovered and missing two missiles, on its way to “Russia”.

Did you see the road signs?

Nor did I.

Some commenters added:

# Emily Heart, Birmingham, United Kingdom:

One of my friends was born in the UK, but moved to Russia when she was young and eventually resettled in the UK. She pointed out that who ever posted that ‘incriminating’ video, should learn to speak Russian properly.

# As heart breaking as it is i believe that it was done dliberately, because those responsible must have FLIGHT RADAR 24 on their lap tops , i mean even i have it , anyone can down load it.

# Sort of like when the US shot down Iran Air Flight 655 killing 290 innocents , the 61.8 million dollars that was paid to the families of the victims didnt bring them back.

The sheer gall of Obama is jawdropping. The false rhetoric, the hypocrisy. I’ll listen to you, Mr. No Birth Certificate of Kenya, when you give a full andf frank admission over Fast and Furious, with your Eric Holder also on the stage. When I see contrition there, then I’ll listen to you on the Ukraine, you international criminal.

Looking closer to home, there is this girl in the pic to the right.

Bs0-Nk9CUAIQzw_.png-largeNot so much a girl as a married teacher, telling a kid in her class that she’ll fail him unless he has sex with her. Sure she’s now been jailed but that’s hardly the point.

Are there only 10% to 12% of us in this community who see what is going down here? How she got this way, thinking it was OK or not thinking at all? Not as bad as Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias or Amanda Knox but taken all together, part of the enormous Gen Y pool of people – the first to grow up without a moral code.  The eternal child and everything which goes with that.

Crowley would have been delighted.

Someone offends you on the road? Run him off the road and stab him. A dog annoys you? Stab it, pour petrol over it and burn it. And where do all the ideas come from on carrying out the more fiendish “retributions”?

Gaming of course, yes Julia, music, film, leftist teachers in schools, the whole structure of education aiming for mediocrity and all must have prizes. Everything always forgiven when it’s anti-social but leave a wheelie bin a foot out of line and the full force of the law is down on you.

No need to spell it all out, the horror in the UK at least since 1997. The point is, we’re in it and some of us do not wish to be part of it. And don’t say go expat because this is my home and I’ve already done the expat thing – they also have their troubles – this is world culture we’re fighting, not just UK or EU.

Coupled with the inane PCism Julia records so frequently and fellow authors, is the climate of fear. We’ve all commented on it – first infantilize the adult population so that they need a nanny to tell them not to go out in 32 degrees Celsius but beware of the rain following – do you have your galoshes and have you changed your undies today?

Then use the media to put out scares.

Tell people that two glasses of red wine are good for them but then tell them that even one glass will put them in the grave. And the people run around like headless chickens, wailing, “What shall we do? What shall we do?”

Well, stop listening to anything a politician or journo says for a start.

Those reading OoL and many of my fellow bloggers’ sites know that if there’s anything true going to be said, it might or not be on those blogs on that day but it sure ain’t gonna be anywhere else. We all have our list of trusted bloggers up to a point. I quite like Breitbart but there are limits on some topics.

A sane person of the old school who doesn’t need nanny to tell him how to think is going to average out the sources and make up his own mind. The pollies rely on the vast majority never going near a blog but getting it all from TV and the dead tree.

Hence the question at the start of this post – are we 10% to 12%?

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  1. Viscount Rectum
    July 19, 2014 at 11:37 am

    It matters not what not one jot on comments about any issue whatever Britain or Britons have no moral standing from Cameroid to the Archbishop of pussyville to you local copper, our protection of a paid mass killer called BLAIR is so disgusting we have no right to comment on any crime however vile in the world while that monster is free.

  2. john in cheshire
    July 19, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    James, good post.

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