Footage showing military aircraft near MH-17 prior to crash

Sent by our Russian correspondent Russ. Click pic for player. Though it starts in Russian, there is a simultaneous translator present who puts it in English … of a sort:

russian side of the story

Russ comments:

Some data about plane crash from Russian side.

The truth of data can be easily checked after decoding of the plane security boxes.

1. Plane change the direction of the flight.
2. Two Ukranian military planes were near Malaysian plane. And the rise of their altitude was detected.
3. The work of two anti-aircraft system were detected in zone.

Sorry for the poor English of translator…

To my knowledge, this would be the only direct Russian version in our media, aside from RT, unfiltered by the western press.

The shot here is a screenshot of the radar tracking of the planes from the Russian side of the border. There are three commercial flights proceeding normally before the tragedy, one to Birmingham and the other two going south-east:

before new appearance

Next, before MH-17 crosses into Russian space, it markedly speeds up, as another plane appears from below very close and then moves to one side, monitoring. It has no secondary ID, which is usual for military aircraft.

flight path

A MH-17
B Unidentified, possibly military craft
C Other airline

Kiev reported though that there were no military aircraft in the area. But you see the craft there.

The Americans stated they have shots from space of the rebels launching the missiles. They do not release these shots.

However, Russian shots of the area where the crash occurred showed a rapid build up, over several days, of BUK missiles in the area controlled by Ukraine. They rose from 3 to 9 and then the following days, went back down to 3 and 2 in the region. The Russian photos are in the clip. They show a large presence of military hardware, inc. missiles but the following day after the crash, they are gone.

It’s reiterated that this is in Ukrainian space.