Always challenge the assertion – demand the footage

There’s a lot of talk of these SAMs, backed up by snippet TV. We’ve already seen that the footage of missiles minus two being taken back to Russia was false and that’s dealt with in this vid of the press conference:

My first question is why aren’t other bloggers and the MSM taking that up? And my answer is that they don’t wish to. It goes against the narrative.

Then comes Raedwald’s take – that the west knew of SAMs ahead of time – why no direction to avoid the area? Conclusion – either they wanted something to happen, they forgot or the rebels have no long-range weaponry. What makes you think they do? Western media of course, fed by the very perps.

It’s almost impossible to extract oneself from the psy-ops on people’s sensibilities.

Now we come to missiles. Days ahead, there were around 4 banks in the region, as shown on the map in the footage, days before the event. Then it built up to 9 on the day, then fell back to 3 and 2 in the following days. Again – why? This is in Ukrainian controlled space.

Then we come to the radar footage of the three commercial flights and concentrating on MH-17, it is seen that, close to the Russian border, another plane appears, unidentified in the normal way – typical of military aircraft.

Ross Fountain says that the Ukrainian SU-25 could not have been and uses a changed Wiki entry as evidence. Again, it is simple assertion that it was changed by Russia.

It’s also irrelevant. On the radar, whether SU or non-SU – you can see the plane near the airliner in the radar footage for yourself. There’s no need for someone to interpret it for you.

Coming back to that Wiki entry, we’re so willing to just accept an assertion by someone, e.g. that Russia altered it. In among a host of false “snapshot” images, graphs and so on, e.g. the Ukrainian claim that the missiles were going back to Russia, was the simple sight of a recognizable landmark, which put the transport in Ukrainian space.

People accepted the assertion though because, busy following the evidence, the assertion is so easily and quickly inserted. The west or Them is expert at this and no one more so than the American psy-ops, through the CIA and NATO.

America claims to have footage of the missiles being launched by separatists. Where is it?

Cherie pointed out that this is about resources. Yes. From the western factories now in eastern Ukraine to the oil and gas – this is the last door but one down the corridor to find who is behind all this. For the last door, you still need to go to Ephesians 6:12.

And no, I haven’t lost the plot here. Far from it.

Meanwhile, the most logical solution, proposed by many – that that region of the former Ukraine be formally separate as an autonomous republic which can choose which way it wants to go – is not taken up by the Ukraine. Why not?

Resources. Favours.

2 comments for “Always challenge the assertion – demand the footage

  1. Ed P
    July 22, 2014 at 10:49 am

    What’s clear is that many dirty tricks, propaganda and false information are involved.
    What’s not (yet) clear is who is behind it all.

  2. July 22, 2014 at 11:06 am

    My Partner has been following this whole situation with Russia and the Ukraine since it started.
    Last night he was seething at the BBC , CBS and NBC’s misrepresentation of a ukrainian rebel apparently “Looting” the bodies of the dead on flight MH17, when in actual fact they were paying respects.
    It is clear that Obama and the US are intent on manipulating the situation with Russia to their advantage, it’s back to the cold war tactics of blame the reds, it’s the consummate security blanket for the US populace and keeps them misdirected from far more serious home issues.
    It’s a dirty tactic and Putin is not the bad guy here.

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