Here they go again – this time in the ADF

We’re going to write a playscript. The main baddy will be:

1. A man;
2. A father of five;
3. A serving military officer;
4. A Catholic;
5. An Australian.

Therefore he will have certain views on:

1. Abortion;
2. Gay “marriage”;
3. Women’s role in the military;
4. Patriotism.

I mean, it’s pretty well night follows day, no?

THE Australian Defence Force (ADF) has reportedly charged an Army Reserve intelligence officer, Bernard Gaynor, for discussing links between Islam and terrorist activity.

The father of five and Iraq veteran says the charges were laid today, despite an internal investigation by the ADF’s Investigative Service finding that there was no basis for disciplinary action.

The would-be politician is no stranger to controversy, resigning from Katter’s Australian Party in February party because “it failed to oppose abortion”.

He says that the latest charges are proof that political correctness is hampering the ADF’s ability to fight against Islamic violence.

And of course he was sacked:

Petition launched to Minister for Defence to stop General Hurley sacking Army Major Gaynor

No doubt he’ll be portrayed as out of step with Australia. Actually, Australia is now out of step with itself.  

Amfortas has predictable words on the matter.

Now let’s stop and draw breath. Many of Australia’s convicts and even settlers were Catholic. They are a sizable proportion of the population and what’s more, they are an integral part of Australia’s history.

What is this man being dismissed for? For his religious beliefs. What is ISIS kicking out or killing Christians for in Iraq? Yep.

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  1. ivan
    July 22, 2014 at 9:47 am

    The thing is that it is not PC to tell the truth about islam. The west appears to be afraid of the truth and anyone playing the the two trump cards of race and islam.

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