A red heifer is born

There might be a cause and effect about to happen. It might seem to the non-religious and non-Jewish that this has no meaning to them but in fact it does have great meaning, tangentially, to all of us.

1. The theology goes that the Jews are awaiting their Messiah. Leave aside that he’s already been 2000 years ago and was crucified. The Jews believe that there’s a sequence of events which starts with the appearance of an “unblemished” red heifer who can’t even have two hairs of a different colour.

There’s apparently a very weighty committee which determines all this and they decide if the animal is kosher or not. Takes some time. There’ve been some close calls over the last couple of decades but always there was some blemish which disqualified the calf.

Now there’s a fair bit of talk that this might be the one. Still remains to be seen but it’s worth keeping an eye on. It’s five months old now and my understanding is that they will wait till it’s three:

2. If it is so, if it is kosher, this heifer, then Stage 2 can begin – the building of the 3rd Temple, for which the corner stone is ready now to be placed.

Leaving the religious tale for a moment, this is where you and I come in. For if the Jews lay that corner stone, it is the trigger for all out war.

3. As well as all-out war, there is this slight possibility that they actually have the wrong site – that the old temple was actually a quarter of a mile away.

It turns on a spring or the remains of one in the last temple. I squirrelled this story away in my long book:

Rebuilding the Temple of Solomon involved razing to the ground the usurping golden “Dome of the Rock” and Al-Aqsa Mosque. All Jews know and many others do too that since Bar Kochba’s revolt in A.D. 135, Judaism has asserted that only the Messiah is capable of rebuilding the Temple. So they’ve been waiting for a Messiah who could rebuild it.

The ‘Christian’ Right in America, actually in the hands of the enemy, started to call for measures to allow Israel to fulfil its destiny, which, together with the Jewish lobby in the U.S., influenced congress to produce a feasibility study, beginning with the joint administration of the Haram esh-Sharif site, something the Muslims were set against.

Dr. Ernest L. Martin said that the Jewish Temples never were built on the present “Temple Mount” but were actually located a fourth of a mile south over Gihon Spring. Josephus, Eleazar and Jesus himself all seem to indicate that no sign of the Second Temple would remain. Also, descriptions of Haram esh-Sharif seemed to indicate that the current site was, in fact, Fort Antonia.

Early Church Fathers and pilgrims spoke of a large rock outcropping as the Praetorium. Archaeologists have confirmed that the original City of David was built on the southeastern ridge of Jerusalem. Ancient Jewish law required that a live spring be located within the Temple for ritual purification, Davidic “living water”. Aristeas viewed the Temple in about 285 B.C. and stated quite categorically that the Temple was located over an inexhaustible spring that welled up within the interior part of the Temple.

Tacitus, in about A.D.105, stated that “the Temple at Jerusalem had within its precincts a natural spring of water.” No natural springs have ever been found within the Haram esh-Sharif. Sir Charles Warren examined all beneath the Haram, and found no archaeological remains identified with the Second Temple.

As Jay Gary pointed out, in The Temple Time Bomb, in 2001, ‘If the Temple never was located at the supposed Temple Mount then a major obstacle dividing Israelis and Palestinians could be put to rest. He also pointed out that Dr. Martin died of a heart attack in 2002.

Now, as it’s not in the interests of the enemy provocateurs to promote Arab-Israeli harmony, this story about the real location of the Temple has been largely suppressed. Therefore, while a big hue and cry about the Temple on the Mount was going on, the foundation stone of the new temple, the real one, far smaller, in the correct place, may well have already been laid.

To reiterate the main points here:

a. The building can’t start without the Messiah and that can’t happen without the red heifer.
b. If the heifer is kosher, then the Messiah is expected and he’ll start the rebuilding. The Jews will then fear nobody, as they have the Messiah present.
c. Where exactly is the old temple site?

Well, if the real Messiah comes, then Christianity, by definition, is wrong, so there’s a lot riding on this. It’s therefore in the interests of Them to send their man disguised as the Messiah. To do this, he has to fulfil certain conditions for the Jews in order for the rabbis to accept him.

One imagines he’ll do a few miracles and in fact there’s been a bit of practice going on along these lines, both in Tibet and in Nairobi some years back. So, let’s say this false Messiah builds and goes into the Temple.

Now we swing over to the Christian take on it. This False Messiah goes into this Temple’s inner sanctum and does something called the Abomination of Desolation. No one’s fully nailed yet what this is but it’s pretty bad. Israel then knows it’s been betrayed, there’s a wailing and gnashing of teeth and slaughter and widespread bloodshed ensues, with no one left to protect the Jews.

My own speculation here is that this means America’s President or leading man who appeared to be friend but is actually foe. The next three and a half years are not pleasant and we all wind up at Har Megiddon, near the Esdrael Valley, not far from Haifa, for the assembling of the armies.

Along comes the real Messiah and takes his people away in what is known as the Rapture.

The ones it’s not good for are the non-believers in any of this. For, leaving aside all the religious guff, there is still that President or leading man going there and doing that. What I mean is, it’s not relevant whether he has these powers or those – the point is he has provoked the final conflict. It’s a political, not a religious move.

Some thought that that man, known as the anti-Christ, might have been Obama. Wills was mentioned. What is believed, on the Christian side, is that a number of conditions have to be met again.

Firstly, he had to have had a near fatal accident or even a fatal one and come back from it. This did happen with Wills when he was a child. With Obama, of course, with the fake certificate, we don’t know. He had to have no care or love for woman. That’s a curly one. He doesn’t know he’s the anti-Christ initially – the spirit gets into him at some significant moment and then he realizes who he is. So at this point, there’s no one lurking around as him. No one knows yet. he needs to come from the Tribe of Dan, that is have this blood in him.

The British Royals have tried to establish this. Chas was a candidate.

So, where are we with all this? I think it’s still early. However, if this heifer is declared kosher, then it begins. It’s logical, one would have thought, that vested interests would like to see this heifer out of the way. Keep your eye on that one.

Looking at the Middle-East, it’s certainly ripe for it and perhaps this is behind the PTB pushing and provoking in the area, creating this ISIS monstrosity. Result in the Anglo countries would be anti-Muslim and surely the PTB are hoping for mayhem in the streets and homes as Yanks and Brits drag them from their homes and kill them. The PTB hope.

The heifer declaration will come when? January 2017, sometime around the inauguration? I can’t see it being Hillary but perhaps a Republican who’s been quite pro-Jewish till now.

Against this is other material coming through that Them have big plans for around 2020, when they supposedly come out, announce themselves – this is their own “scripture” here – and call for a pledge of loyalty.

One thing for sure is that WW3 is probably not going to kick off until that corner stone is laid and it won’t be laid in the possibly erroneous place until the heifer is declared kocher. And that’s what we wait upon.

Finally, coming back to the PTB – if they do know already, from Templar intelligence way back when, that the old temple really was a quarter of a mile away, then it depends which way they want to play it – try to lay the stone in the erroneous place and there’s our WW3 or put it in the other place and not a lot happens.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    July 31, 2014 at 12:50 am

    James – give it up. President Obama was born in Hawaii. As a matter of coincidence, I found out recently that the wife of a colleague even went to school with him.

    • July 31, 2014 at 10:06 am

      I’ll let Budvar answer the second.

      On the first – bald assertion again, no proof except a statement by the medical commissioner that all was kosher. Hardly proof positive. Nope, Barry has not established this in the least.

      • Voice of Reason
        July 31, 2014 at 2:24 pm

        And they have produced a birth announcement, plus a certificate. This is a non-issue here, except among the most ardent crazies.

        • Budvar
          July 31, 2014 at 5:24 pm

          Yeah and I can produce here online a certificate that says I’m next in line to the throne, and anyone who doesn’t believe a word of it are just the usual crazies… Yep, King Bud, that has a certain ring to it don’t you think?

        • July 31, 2014 at 5:57 pm


  2. Budvar
    July 31, 2014 at 1:12 am

    I went to school on the south coast, doesn’t mean I was born there though does it?

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