Ceramic poppies, fish and dishonesty

Let’s not argue about this stupid idea:


You might think it a grand idea. I see it as a cynical moneymaking scam by a fake charity. We’re each entitled to our view.

However, the breakdown of the costs of the £25 odd flower you would buy is that £8 something goes to the charities and then those charities take their own cut out of that. The organizers have tried saying the rest of the money goes on expenses.

Fine, the poppy costs the manufacturer £2 and then there are the volunteers, at no expense to the scammers, bringing the grand total of expenses to £2. Let’s be generous and call it £3 and the money to charities £9 – this still leaves a shortfall of £13.

I want to know now how much of it, specifically, went to each director or salaried person – I want to see the list. Defenders of the bureaucrats say it’s clearly stated on the box that money goes to expenses.

I beg your pardon but it is NOT stated how much each director or salaried person gets and what’s her [his] per annum salary anyway. Sorry but this looks just another backdoor moneymaking scam from here.

Moving on from that to fish – yes, bear with this – there was also the story last week of the mis-labelled non-cod, i.e. the big chippies are running lesser fish as cod in their establishments. I’m amazed that the H&S zealots did not descend and take portions away for testing, that prosecutions did not follow.

Now either they are substituting fish or they’re not. If they are, then why is nothing being done to prosecute these people and close down the businesses? This is no false advertising about how good of efficacious a product is – it’s plain fraud.

And I’m not referring to the trick of calling it fish ‘n chips instead of cod and chips.

Tangentially, one thing which came up was whiting being substituted. As someone who spent time in Australia, where the blue southern whiting was fished, I have to say that whiting was the top-priced fish at chippies, way out ahead of the other types, with the flathead being the cheapest, the stock standard from Port Phillip Bay.

Yet over here, cod-substitute, whiting, is seen as a lesser fish? Perhaps it was a different whiting, so I looked it up and no, they’re both from the Gadidae family but of course there are variations within the family.

The main issue though is the false labelling, the scamming and I don’t know about you but it seems you can’t trust anyone to tell the truth these days in their dealings with you. Those who know their fish would know and the chippy would say that if the customer doesn’t complain, no harm is done but I say there IS harm – to the national social fabric, i.e. when ethics fly out the window, when the regulators are either useless or in bed with the scammers, then society has a genuine problem.

The only way around the fish issue is to take a day trip to the coast, buy from the fishing boats, take it home, gut, fillet and freeze. If they’ll sell it to you.

2 comments for “Ceramic poppies, fish and dishonesty

  1. subwus
    September 15, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    As a thought experiment, now then, if thousands of fake poppies had been ‘planted’ in memory of those who have been killed by adherents of Islam, would that be a ‘hate’ crime?
    (We can perhaps exchange poppies for roses for example, so as not to impinge on the significance of what poppies represent in displays like this, but I am sure you get my drift.)

  2. Furor Teutonicus
    September 16, 2014 at 11:19 am

    XX . I’m amazed that the H&S zealots did not descend and take portions away for testing, that prosecutions did not follow.XX


    Pure “Trade descriptions act.” What the HEL has H&S to do with that?

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