What would you want 500,000 plastic ‘coffins’ for?

In a different part of the world, a mate who worked within the military told me about a joke they all shared – there was a military base and a small encampment of conspiraloons some distance from it, noting the coming and going of UFOs, which he said were just experimental devices going here or there – nothing extraterrestrial at all.

My thoughts, on hearing that, told in the sense of how stupid conspiraloons really were, was what the purpose of the flying devices anyway?  Drones?  This was before the widespread publicization of drones today and in all these things, dateline is important.

You can test your own reactions. Imagine you’re walking along the canal and over the wire fence, in the distance, through the trees, you see row upon row of plastic containers, stacked in 10s, up on end.  The thing which strikes you is just how many there are in that field – there’d have to be hundreds of thousands.

As I’m in an industrial area here, my first thought would be that they’re some sort of container for toxic waste, having a flat top so they can be stacked.

Later, I speak to a man who drives into the field, as one would do and he says the government leases the land to stack them – there were about 500 000 some months back but now only about 150 000.  Knowing government’s penchant for overreacting once there’s been a disaster some time back, this is their reaction – spend taxpayer money on all of these ready for the next disaster.

And this is where the hypothetical falls down a little.  We haven’t had such a disaster over here on that scale but the U.S. has – it had Katrina, FEMA’s dream come true, as they could try out all these practised drills for real.  And this is when it was apparent, yet again, that dateline is vital in any report.

In this Youtube report, the dateline is 2005.  Maybe they’ve had 7/7 over here, they had 911 some years back and Katrina would seem to be a month away perhaps from this report – it seems summer.  He speaks of nuclear disaster.  Remember that bird flu reached Europe in 2005, swine flu was 2009/10.  BSE was in 1986.

I have a problem with dot-joining.  There is a difference between something with evidence – controlled demolition for example and rows of boxes in a field.  If you can’t see the difference, then we’re not on the same page and there’s no point discussing it further.  And ‘Proof of’ vids on Youtube are more often than not NOT proof of anything but are still intriguing nonethless.

Rossa’s mother sends this one: ‘In relation to the patent you were sent by IPJ look at this:’

It was run on a known conspiracy website and in came comments likee this:

It actually would make sense for them to do what would be the most expensive,lease common sense, and most inefficient backwards ass way to accomplish anything.Then give themselves a bonus. 

It raises, in my mind, the same old same old – that for any major action being taken, there is always an alternative, plausible explanation.  Thus the Statue of Liberty is something to do with liberty, when it was given by Masons to Masons and the Paris version has an interesting history, that Right Sector were asked about the containers they were carrying, shortly before the Maidan massacre and said they were ‘musical instruments’.  What do you know of Right Sector?  They were about to perform a concert for Ukrainain Independence?

And so it goes on.  The retired Colonel Carruthers type will continue to harrumph, ‘Rubbish, perfectly logical explanation,’ and the conspiracy type will point to Roswell and Rosslyn.  And in plain site, these toxic waste containers will continue to attract attention from The Watchers.

As with Obama’s birth certificates, there seems to me to be a certain amount of mischief afoot here – play the game of releasing fakes which are then deconstructed, then finally bring out the real thing … or do they?  All they brought out in the end was the Hawaiian official’s statement that it was authentic.  Different other thing.

And there is one word on everybody’s lips at the moment, vis-a-vis epidemics and I’m not going to write it.

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  1. Mudplugger
    October 12, 2014 at 9:09 am

    In past lives I was often involved in ‘disaster contingency planning’, most of which is usually based on quite practical considerations and reasoned probabilities.

    However, governments these days know that, should an ‘event’ occur, they will be expected to deliver a solution instantly, regardless of the practicalities, being berated in the media if they delay at all. Hence a propensity to over-provide for events which may have only the most marginal probability of ever happening. You’d be surprised/appalled at some of the contingency preparations already in place, but you’ll never find out about them unless the ‘event’ actually happens.

    Yes it’s wasteful, yes it’s inappropriate, yes it’s unbalanced, but that’s a price to be paid when you live under the ever-watchful glare of 24-hour-a-day, multi-media scrutiny, of which this place is only one example.

  2. October 12, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    With reference to the penchant for making (usually) wromng decisions in government departments, I am reminded of my old mate, who was yet another of England’s true eccentrics.

    He was an NCO in the R.A.F. in the late ’50’s-early 60’s, and had been an Instrument Technician. He was repairing an Altimeter, and found that he needed an Anchor (Pin) to complete the repair. Upon consulting the huge Spares Book which contained everything ever required for repair and maintenance of everything owned or used by the R.A.F., he located the correct number for his desired Pin, but noticed, next list line down, the number designated for an Anchor (Sea).

    So, always desirous of testing the ultimate foolishness of a huge bureaucracy, he wrote down Anchor (Pin), but then wrote the part number which called for an Anchor (Sea).

    His wish for chaos was complete when called to the C.O.’s office, ordered to look out of the window, and there lay a ten-foot long Sea Anchor; but the best part was that the entire lump of steel, which must have weighed some two tons, was covered in rust preservative!

    • Voice of Reason
      October 13, 2014 at 1:09 am

      I’ve read that story in respect of a USAF base in Colorado. I suspect an urban legend.

  3. October 15, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    The overly-large coffins are for the ‘elect’: those who are to be resurrected after the Last Day. They will be sealed in along with their wealth – which will be in the form of Gold and Silver. They have at last found the way to take it with them.

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