Climate legerdemain yet again

Don’t know much about this Owen Paterson man, I’ve seen quite disparaging things on Twitter but not the substance of what the gripe is.

Anyway, Wiggia sends OP’s idea on climate tax and all that:

The Climate Change Act 2008, which ties Britain into stringent environmental measures, should be suspended – and then scrapped – if other countries refuse to agree legally binding targets, says Owen Paterson MP

Britain will struggle to “keep the lights on” unless the Government changes its green energy policies, the former environment secretary will warn this week.

Owen Paterson will say that the Government’s plan to slash carbon emissions and rely more heavily on wind farms and other renewable energy sources is fatally flawed.

Meanwhile, as we saw the other night, the French left seem hellbent – presumably before they’re dumped – on rushing through, hammering through, swingeing environmental sign-ups, at billions of euros cost to France.  France will live to regret this and one hopes Sarkozy will reverse it, once back in power but as he’s pro-EU, one wonders.

It’s disappeared today from the French media, overtaken by this talk of insurance.  Now isn’t that interesting?  They’ve bludgeoned through a major piece of legislation which sets France on a new course, a course of UN ‘sustainability’ and the horror that entails and yet the moment it goes through, it’s off all the front pages and news channels.

Moreover, as one of the G8 countries who have agreed to cut their emissions 80 percent by 2050, France is being challenged internationally to curb its emissions beyond current goals. At the domestic level, the country’s programmatic energy strategic law of July 13, 2005 sets a target of reducing national emissions 3 percent per year, resulting in a projected division of emissions by four by 2050 – so called “Factor 4.”

To help achieve these commitments, Grenelle 2 includes various measures that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, it contains incentives to embed sustainability into French urban planning: so-called urban master plans (Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale) will be finalized before 2017 to enhance policy coherence between urban, industrial, farming, tourism, and natural zones, and also to help tackle urban sprawl. Grenelle 2 also allows for a possible exception for energy-efficient buildings to the Building Density Limit (COS), which specifies the maximum building density of a landed property allowed, by acreage. In general,Grenelle 2 makes great improvements regarding the energy efficiency of buildings. Currently, emissions from buildings account for around 18 percent of French greenhouse gas emissions.

The new law sets a target of reducing the average energy consumption of buildings nearly 40 percent by 2020, and puts a focus on advanced energy performance for both old and new buildings. New buildings built after 2012 are to consume less than 50 kilowatts per square meter, and those built after 2020 must be “energy positive,” producing more energy than they consume. As of 2013, old buildings must be renovated at a rate of 400,000 buildings per year, with the renovation of public buildings starting before the end of 2012. Through this means, the government aims to reduce the energy consumption of public buildings by at least 40 percent and to cut their greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent by 2020.

No national discussion, no comeback, the left majority in parliament just bludgeons it through, hence Duflot’s rubbish about sleeping on the government benches through the night.

You know what?  The left, whilst no one was looking, have just pulled another swifty, committing France in a way they cannot legislate themselves out of, over a piece of ‘science’ which has been debunked over and over.  Say waht you like about the left but they’re masters of the undemocratic process, truly evil muvvers.

It’s jawdropping what is going on.  At least we’re showing signs, via UKIP, of being able to counter all this c*** but poor old France is deep in do-dos, up to its neck.

Did you see any of this in our media?

4 comments for “Climate legerdemain yet again

  1. Flyinthesky
    October 13, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    The climate change act, to all intents and purposes, is a suicide note. The travesty is it’s been signed on our behalf by a few self appointed sages.

    • October 13, 2014 at 6:06 pm

      With the emphasis on ‘self-appointed’.

  2. October 13, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Now I had a fair amount of time for Owen Paterson as a man, but probably a bit less for him as a politician. He was, in many respects, the typical old-time Tory from the Shires; his background was rural, his values seemed to be based in the English countryside. He voted against the truly ghastly Same-Sex marriage farrago, and he also, happily, came down like a ton of bricks on the limp-wristed Chris Smith in his disgusting and disgraceful actions when the Environment Agency’s wholesale abandonment of decades of sensible flood management systems resulted in the worst flooding of the Somerset Levels since records first began.
    But I think that Owen Patterson ought to state why he has come out against the Climate Act only now, when on the back-benches, instead of when he was in Cabinet, and in a much higher profile position than now, when he could have stood up and denounced this Act for the ‘Green Crap’ it so soundly endorses.
    Why did he keep quiet, if he believed that the Act was so wrong for Great Britain, and of course explain why he voted for the damn Act when laid before Parliament?
    Why did he not threaten to resign if no-one took any notice of a countryman standing up for the Country?
    Why did he stay in the Coalition Government if he felt that this policy, and this Act, was so wrong?
    Why did he allow the Environment Agency to continue for so long with the perverted schemes of Chris Smith, when it was plainly obvious of the damage they were doing to the landscapes of England?
    Or is the simple truth that he is, and always has been, just another greasy bloody politician, out purely for his own purposes, and ever ready to ditch a long-held belief for his own advancement?

  3. October 13, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    Answer seems to me to be The Whip.

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