How not to go about achieving change

Richard North is one of those on the correct side of politics in my book – wants smaller government, out of the EU, many other things and so I’m loathe to write against him, despite the way he’s been carrying on. I might have gone to Harrogate with them, I actually agree with a lot of it.

Two of his staunch allies, Witterings from Witney and Autonomous Mind I’d like to count as friends if they’ll accept that. True, he put down OoL when it first started but I paid that little mind, wanting to wait and see what happened.

Richard thought through Flexcit and is genuine about getting out of the EU. He can’t stand Farage and can’t stand UKIP. I can see why and let’s face it, Nige and UKIP are on something of a rollercoaster just now but they are vulnerable in some policy areas.

I think Richard doesn’t quite understand what’s going on here. Now either Nige is part of the Grand Plan of Them to pretend to have altercation and then Them just continue on their merry way anyway, with everyone’s hopes dashed … and we all come grovelling to Richard and say he was right all along.

Or else we see something happening which has not been happening until now – someone on the national stage actually giving LibLabCon grief and I only include Con in there meaning the left Tories who dominate now that the real conservatives are defecting.

Politics needs its theory, yes, it needs its legal basis … but it is also seat-of-the-pants stuff, it is seizing the moment, seeing a chance and running with it, knowing it’s a set-up and yet knowing from history that they are sometimes too clever by half and muck up their little game. That’s why need to have people there ready to swoop on the ball and carry it forward.

What it doesn’t need is potential allies falling out and losing the opportunity. Look, I don’t know any tribal Kippers. I know many, like myself, who are greatly enjoying the grief the establishment is getting, I have huge respect for Douglas and Mark, you can call me a Kipper for now. But even UKIP knows it’s on trial, there are few tribalists and those supporting it are doing so on a conditional basis.

I believe it is genuine because it can’t afford to be otherwise, it would lose all support just like that. Richard disagrees of course and points to Nigel being no more a man of the people than he is. Well, nor am I but I’ve thrown in my lot with the people – seems to be the sane thing to do.

Perhaps Nige is on an ego trip, I don’t know. I don’t care because some things are happening in Britain just now. In France, they’ve just bludgeoned through or rather ‘bored everyone to death’ through the Environmental Bill and that ties France to climate targets based on rubbish science. It’s a con. France is depressingly familiar and there is NO political will to change for the better.

Here there is. Now that’s worth supporting. So this sort of thing amazes me:

rnorth bile

There it is.  Heisenberg is right.  UKIP is the only route at this time, pre GE2015.  We can argue about this till the cows come home this evening and I respect you not buying this in the least – if Richard could leave it at that, then fine.  But he can’t and nor could his main followers.  What we’re getting is bile, rather than respectful disagreement and on which grounds.

At least, that’s the impression it gives and impressions are pretty important in politics.  If we can’t agree on details on our side, then at least we can damn with false praise, e.g. for an EU theorist, Nigel makes a good beer drinker, something like that.

Bile though simply turns off anyone who might have been potentially onside and loses them to the Harrogate cause.

There was this yesterday too:

DANIEL HANNAN: Any politician who promises to cut immigration is a liar – unless they’re also ready to quit the EU

8 comments for “How not to go about achieving change

  1. woodsy42
    October 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    I also find Richard North obsessive, I used to enjoy reading his blog but it’s got silly now that he spends longer attacking the wrong side than attacking the problem.
    UKIP may well fail, they may end up as a complete mess, but currently they are at least kicking the right arses so deserve less of the personal animosity.

    • October 15, 2014 at 6:23 pm

      This is a quite widespread view. I wonder what he’s trying to achieve.

  2. Tcheuchter
    October 15, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I regret to say I have to agree with all you say.

    I had the temerity to offer a link to Youtube in the comments on a rather silly posting by The Boiling Frog (whose blog I usually enjoy) on 26th Sept (How to lose the Female Vote) and was rewarded with a very de haut en bas reply from TBF which annoyed me a wee bit, so much so that I felt obliged to post a further comment. That seemed to end the correspondence.

  3. Brightside Bob
    October 15, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I have a lot of time for Richard North. He has that ability to cut through the crap & get to the facts of the matter.

    Richard North (back in the day…) worked for/with Nigel Farage, so has personal (bitter, but genuine) experience of him.

    Richard North is ‘deadly serious’ about Britain getting out of the EU. He sees Farage (perhaps correctly, as noted by Woodsy42) as someone who will actually defeat the object – like Salmond did in Scotland. I believe it’s with these two points in mind (&, genuinely, the second) that Richard has zero tolerance to Farage/UKIP.

    Ps: I am not part of Mr Norths’ clacque 😉

  4. Peter Whale
    October 16, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Why do you think the H.A. meetings do not attract many people. I agree with the agenda but would never go to a meeting in case I mixed up an EU institution.

    • Brightside Bob
      October 16, 2014 at 11:22 am

      Re: Peter Whale.


      Reminds me of the character Sheldon on ‘The Big Bang’ 😡

  5. Judd
    October 20, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Couldn’t agree more, whilst having perfectly valid views and frankly awesome knowledge and vision in matters EU exit, to then attack venomously at every opportunity the only movement that has the widespread support of the public at large seems counter productive to say the very least, the last thing our country needs is its own 5th column sniping at the only valid resistance movement.

    The thing is, Farage isn’t perfect, cor blimey guvnor i’ll go to the foot of our stairs, but guess what?, we the general bloody public don’t want perfect drones from the wetsminster (not a typo) clone factory.

    For far too long we’ve heard the same tripe and lies and propaganda from the political establishment and their legion of media cronies, and Farage, for all his many faults has been the one person who has captured the imagination of the millions of resigned-to-EU-hell-on-earth voters, and part of the reason he’s come to be our champion is because he’s completely unique and he has faults.

    I can’t stress this enough, we’re fed up to the bloody back teeth of bloody cloned politicians, all spouting bollocks from the same hymnsheet day and night, and the general media with few exceptions going along with it.

    Farage has made mistakes, he’s fallen out with people who he shouldn’t have, he’s got involved with people he shouldn’t have gone near, but the thing is we, the voter, kinda like this, the bloke makes the odd cock up and admits it…guess what he’s human and takes responsibility for his mistakes, that makes him on of us not one of them, the political class devoid of conscience..

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