The State of the Ukraine

I haven’t touched the account below in any way – not spelling, not grammar – it’s as it came from my Russian friend. Just thought the wider reading public of OoL might like to see it.

Hi James, you wrote and asked my opinion – here it is –

The state workers and deputats of the parlament of the Ukraine are elected by the population.

Since there is no authorities in this country, Police has no will to resist such incidents after Maidan “perevorot”, after what Government did against Berkut.

So, bandits from the “Pravyj sector” and “Trezub” (Trident) simply take a politishens who do not support the general Nazi trend in politics and put them to the rubbish bin. Police cannot stop this since, poplicmen dont have power and courage to resist bandits. Bandits after any resistance will come to relatives of the policmen and kill them.

I would like to point, that “Pravyj sector” and their Head – Dmitrij Jarosh got near 1% of votes during the election of the President. But in fact this Nazi bandits are the real power in Ukraine now together with footbal fans.

So, the official power of the State is not a Police. The power in fact held by the militarized Pravyj sector, Trezub, Bands of oligarh Kolomoiskij and Firtash. This are the forces that rule regions of Ukraine now, and they ignore oficials and directions of the President.

Poroshenko in fact is axactly in a position of the Yanukovich, since he dont have enough status and power to rule bandits grown by SBU (Ukranian KGB). Pravyj sector and Trezub were grown by SBU and Nalevaichenko (Head of SBU).

Ukraine is dead. Because Economy is dead and because State is dead since sociaty is deivided into Pro-Nazi, Pro-Europe, Pro-Russia parts. Pro-russians dont wont to live together with those who killed them and destroyed their cities.

Since some areas after ceasefire were left by the pro-hunta forces some massacre places started to reveal in a Donetsk and Lugansk.

The areas were controlled by Naz-gvardija (Bands of mercenaries of oligharkh Kolomoisky and others). Relatives of the victims said that they were taken by the Ukranian army and since that time the relatives were lost.

The remains of the bodies shows that they were violently killed. Some bodies are chopped by axes… Gun shots in a back of the head. Femails were raped.

All graves were digged by the excavator and sprinkled sprinkled with soil. Parts of bodies lieing near the area, since dogs excavated them.

There is a special terminology for the Ukranian Nazi-army after  the second world war. “Karateli” – direct translation is “punishers”.

The fact is that the thing which we have now is exactly the same thing what their ancestors (fathers, grandfathers) did during the second world war against other Ukranians, Russians, Polish and Juish people.

I don’t know how Ukraine will leave after these, because even if the will win in Novorossija… this punishers will have to return back home. They cannot leave in normal life, because they all like a maniacs – similar to “Chikatilo”.

Thats all.

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  1. Old Geezer
    October 17, 2014 at 10:20 am

    The problem in Russia is that Putin has got control of all the media outlets. The ordinary Russians only see and hear what Putin wants them to. Putin’s problem is that many Russians have relatives living overseas who can say what is actually going on. Putin is trying to build up a register of all Russians living overseas, presumably to try and stop this.

    Many Russians say that Russia is going back to the Stalin era. The Russian economy is a disaster. This will not be helped by the drop in oil prices. Currently Putin has managed to lock up anyone in Russia who poses a threat to his position. This may not last, so life could get interesting over the course of time.

    • October 17, 2014 at 4:09 pm

      Did you bother to read the post before commenting? I don’t think so. 1/10 must try harder.

  2. Joe Random
    October 18, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    1/10, you’re generous. Old Geezer’s comment could be a cut and paste out of any of the bastions of truth that are our daily rags.

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