Negligence is just as much a criminal act

If you look at what the CIA does around the world, especially in the Ukraine, if you look at Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious, at NAFTA, at Colin Ross’s expose of the psychiatric old boys network, at the CFR, at the Rotherham coverup, we’re nowhere near the farfetched yet, not even with MK Ultra and already you can see government agencies not acting on behalf of people.

And then we get onto Ebola. If ever a govt wanted something inside the country but not to inconvenience inbound and outbound trade, this is it. There were calls up and down the U.S.A. to close borders temporarily and certainly NOT to allow anyone from a quarantined area into the country at this time.

Obama failed to act, failed to do that. Cameron was the same. Neither made any attempt at protecting the country from the ingress of Ebola. Now either:

1. They’re well aware there’s no such threat and it’s a beat-up, to be used to scare people when the govt needs it to but not when it doesn’t or

2. It does exist – constructed in Big Pharma’s labs – and they want it in the country to give FEMA and the British equivalent a good solid workout, as well as maintaining a climate of fear and shoring up defences on a more or less semi-permament basis, just as in Nineteen-Eighty-Four – a state of perma-war and social instability before ultimate control on Soma or

3. Their level of incompetence is so gross they should be drummed out now. Hence Douglas Carswell’s proposed bill of recall. If Dave refused to listen before, he’s certainly not going to now.

There is a principle which has been for a long time – quarantine. Some countries, such as Australia, are hot on it and you don’t come ashore unless you have those certificates of clearance. Russia demands an HIV all clear.

The U.S. border officials had a reputation for a long time for officiousness and heavyhandedness. Where is that now? They knowingly allow in people carrying it or potentially so, from a known land of epidemic and THEN start all this invasive testing at the airports, after it’s already inside.

So we’re back to the same old conundrum every single bloody time – is it incompetence, is it deliberate or is it feigned incompetence? I opt for the latter and throw WTC7 into that mix. You look at that CD, you hear the man himself saying that;’s what they were going to do, you see footage of the flames but also the explosions on that floor in that latest snippet, someone says it would have to have been planted earlier and you say well that’s that then, suddenly giving the govt credit for never acting against its people.

That’s simply bizarre. At no time have they shown they act for the people and in fact – go back to the opening paragraphs – actively work against people – and yet people will turn around and exonerate govt in the middle of its lies. That’s more than bizarre behaviour by the people.

Someone says they’d never do that. FFS, whyever not? Sure they don’t go and press the button or pull the trigger but they sure make sure they’re down in Cornwall bodyboarding during a crisis or they fail to heed a warning about a terrorist from their own agencies until after it’s over, an inquiry is set up, e.g. Hutton and everyone’s cleared.

And there are still people willing, nay insisting, on defending these crims?

Negligence is just as much a criminal act as active crime. Failing to act when you know full well what’s going down – that’s even worse in some ways. And to present yourself as a loveable, bumbling old fogey who smiles a lot and mangles his words – Obama, Bush, Boris – sorry but that just does not cut it.

3 comments for “Negligence is just as much a criminal act

  1. Bunny
    October 19, 2014 at 10:08 am

    It’s incompetence, they understand politics and message just as Blair and his cohort did but they are without the practical experience that life outside the Westminster bubble brings them. That is why Thatcher was able to best Kinnock and Foot, both of whose lives revolved around politics rather than having any actual experience of life outside that rarefied world.

    We also have the infestation of academics into the making of policy, again these people live in a rarefied atmosphere divorced from the real world.

    This gives us an almighty mess created by these people to sort out, due to their lack of actual experience of the outside world. Like Labour’s distribution of wealth or even pre-distribution of wealth sounds great that everybody gets a fair crack of the whip but the damage these idiots cause is terrifying.

    What we do need is grass roots policy and a bottom up political system again and rid of the top down control of the parties. With any luck UKIP may just threaten the current three enough to bring about change.

    • Ed P
      October 19, 2014 at 1:37 pm

      Agreed. Also the inertia of Whitehall (& equivalents in America, etc.), make quick reactions to perceived threats almost impossible unless they’ve run a recent simulation – these desk bodies just do not live in the real world.
      Ebola could have been contained in a small area with foresight – look at the northern district of Koinadugu in Sierra Leone, where a local philanthropist, Momoh Konte, has organised and funded successful measures to exclude it. He’s a hero: he did not wait for local officials to act & he paid off tribal leaders to overcome their obstructiveness. He organised effective border controls and whilst the disease rages in the surrounding districts, Koinadugu remains free of infection.

    • Viscount Rectum
      October 19, 2014 at 11:04 pm

      I am glad you mentioned the mass murderer Blair 33 degree Mason at the Studholm Lodge, protected by Cameron a Common Purpose graduate, of course they are the outward face of a social disease called the New World Order..

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