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This is what happens when you follow something through you ordinarily wouldn’t, plus you have a folder of files on the general area of Them.

Here was the pic on Twitter:

nunn obama

With a U.S. Senate election coming up, why should that concern us this side of the pond?  Well, I followed the link, noting in passing the words Points of Light, a trigger to  my mind but we’ll come to that.


Michelle Nunn’s EEOC Problem 


OK, now you can come at this any which way.  Obama-gravy train-Them – that’s one way to do it.

Or the National Review way concerning hypocrisy, lack of transparency and personal trough feeding::

Michelle Nunn has an EEOC problem, and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Georgia Democrat, currently running for U.S. Senate, has refused to discuss two Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints that were identified as potential liabilities by her own strategists in a leaked campaign memo. The complaints were filed against the Points of Light charitable foundation while Nunn served as its CEO. Instead, she has referred local reporters and lawmakers to public records of the issue — which cannot, according to one expert, be made public.

Her attempts to downplay the complaints have raised charges that Nunn, who has made workplace fairness and transparency major themes of her campaign, is not living up to her own standards.

Nunn initially denied any knowledge of the complaints and then, when pressed further, told a local reporter that “public records” show that the EEOC “never found any issue with” her or the Points of Light Foundation, which was founded by George H. W. Bush in 1990.

But complaints filed with the EEOC are not public records, according to a former general counsel for the federal agency, and cannot be made public.

We’ve seen so much of it on both sides of the pond that it almost makes us yawn.  The comments thread goes off down similar paths to us with Brand on the BBC or any of the the snout-troughers.

Not me though, as I saw this Points of Light business and immediately thought George HW Bush.

Again, there are two ways to come at this – firstly, the official way:

Points of Light is an international nonprofitnon-partisan organization headquartered in the United States dedicated to engaging more people and resources in solving serious social problems through voluntary service.

Each year, Points of Light mobilizes millions of people through affiliates in approximately 250 cities and partnerships with thousands of nonprofits and companies.[2]

In 1991 the National Volunteer Center, which had begun in 1970 as the National Center for Voluntary Action, was merged into it. The merged organization also became known during the 2000s as the Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network.

The Foundation and its expanded network acted as community hubs to connect volunteers to opportunities, work with local nonprofits and businesses to establish and improve volunteer programs, and, overall, bolster the local infrastructure for the volunteering community.[4]

A volunteer army dedicated to 1000 points of light – hmmmm. And it’s spread to the UK as well.   By the way, here’s the Common Purpose recruitment and other lovely schemes over here:


The other way to come to this ready-made army is to explore Bush and his 1000 points of light. Voila:



And before getting to the text, let’s throw in this [click and click again to enlarge]:


Yes yes, I’ve also seen the debunking saying there never were any such certificates issued and/or this one is fake.  What follows is something along the lines of ‘any one who would believe that …’

Except that to this day, the certificate has not been effectively debunked.

Let’s add this just for interest.

The thing which bugs me is that so-called debunkers can Google bomb and get their rationalist ‘explanation’ covered by 1000 key bloggers and yet with even a tiny bit of research, you find that GHWB explained to the General Assembly of the UN., February 1st, 1992:

“… what is at stake is more than one small country. It is a big idea. A New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace, and security, freedom, and the rule of law …

[The war in Iraq is] a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, … our fifth objective, – a New World Order, can emerge: a new era, freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace

… Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world in which there is a very real prospect of a New World Order. … We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders.”

It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.

So you can see for yourself that he was very much concerned with New World Order, in his own image and like it or not, that adds support to those certificates being genuine.

And if they are, then what the hell is going on here?

David С Whitney & Robin Vaughn Whitney, The American Presidents, 9th ed., Nelson Doubleday Inc, Guild America, NY, 2001, pp 433-459, wrote of GHW Bush at the Republican Convention, August, 1988:

He celebrated the nation’s complexity with a captivating poetic image, calling it “a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.”

… but contrasted this appeal to the celestial elements with:

The campaign was criticized by many as being the most negative in recent memory with campaign commercials showing convicted murderers and sewer sludge.

Bear in mind that this lyricism came from a man who had been head of the CIA.  His inaugural address included:

“A new breeze is blowing, and a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn. The totalitarian era is passing, its old ideas blown away like leaves from an ancient, lifeless tree.”

I’m not sure if that imagery rings any bells with you.  Even were you not to know, the rhetoric alone is OTT, even for a Presidential address.

To explain the significance of the 1000 points of light, one must leave the mainstream because you’re not going to find any of this in the MSM or on most blogs.  You need to go left field and delve.  No one is saying any of this is right or good or whatever, just that it is a known-known in occult circles.

Let me put this a bit differently.  It’s not important whether I believe this guff or not, it’s important if they do.

In a similar way, it’s not important if Shamballa exists or not, it’s only important if Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin, who set up the WSI in Washington, D.C. in 1995 were also instrumental in setting up the Valdez Principles, [original link now forbidden but here is a second link], committing corporate America to the Gorean Eco principles now in vogue today. Here is the mindset:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

The climate scam of today, Kyoto and the like, are based on this sort of guff.  They believe it, even if we don’t.  Caroline Lucas’s lot in Brighton are into it, the Greens.

But again coming back to the topic:


Here’s a surprise:

C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia are recommended by the makers of Dungeon’s & Dragons and are (were) sold in occult bookstores. His imagery is designed to fool the Christian reader while at the same time “enlightening” those initiated in the occult, witchcraft and Luciferianism. Since Satan’s religions are counterfeits of God’s truth, it was, to some extent “easy” for Lewis to pull this off.

In the “creation” of Narnia some very revealing things come up.

On p. 99 , speaking of the “creation” of the stars it says, “One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out — single stars, constellations, and planets, brighter and bigger than any in our world. There were no clouds.”

The phrase “a thousand, thousand points of light” leaps out at us! The fact that Lewis would use this expression is bizarre at the very least, but it points to something much more sinister.

Alice Bailey, the Theosophist/Luciferian and co-founder of Lucis Trust and the Arcane School, in her 1957 book The Externalization of the Hierarchy tells us exactly what a Point of Light is. “…[T]he men who comprise the occult leadership group known as the New Group of World Servers.

These individuals, she remarks are in service to ‘the work of the Brotherhood…the Forces of Light.’ They are the ones who are to usher all of mankind from the darkness of outmoded Christianity and faded nationalism into the bright and shining ‘New World Order.’”

That was just one grab – you can find a hundred others explaining it all.  And for those who guffaw, my question is: ‘Are you yourself a member of the occult?’  No?

Then how can you say this does not exist in their minds?  It quite clearly does exist in their minds and they would point out – as a governing or guiding force for the global moves over the past two decades.

I’m at pains to point out here that I’m not into all this – they are.  And they are the leaders of the western world and hangers on closeby.  With scrambled brains like that, it explains a lot.

So, to close, we come back to an international movement, hidden in plain sight – the Points of Light volunteer army.  And whom do they accept?  Young people, don’t they?  Youth army.  Sense of belonging.  I always thought volunteering was when there was some project and you thought to yourself – I’ll help out.  So what’s this organized ‘volunteering community’?  How’s that work?

There is a lot of confusion and disinformation going out. The U.S. is in the grip of a Senatorial Election and your choice is GOP or Democrat. So how can this author, a small ‘c’ conservative, possibly be writing these things about Beloved Leader George HW Bush, a GOP icon? Particularly as my blog slams Obama at each new revelation?

If relations about Bush cheers up Democrats, then what about the present day spate of abortion, when all this pro-choice guff stemmed from campaigns by groups like Planned Parenthood, which itself involved Margaret Sanger, which brings us back to Theosophy, which brings us back to Blavatsky and Besant, which brings us back to all this society of servers worldwide, which is, in their words, not mine, Luciferian?  ‘We are legion,’ I think the expression goes.

Where does that leave the abortion epidemic? This author appears to be equally attacking GOP icons and socialist luminaries. How can that be?

And the answer to that, as many today realize, is that real politics is not about GOP v Democrat, Red v Blue but about ordinary people trying to bring up families in safety and without interference from the State. As against those who wish to always interfere and organize people on behalf of the government, according to grandiose schemes and ideology and costing billions of taxpayers’ money.

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  1. October 27, 2014 at 2:19 am

    I can’t really see CS Lewis as being a Satanist.

    • October 27, 2014 at 7:37 am

      I’m with you on that and I don’t believe a lot of it but I do know that expression is used by that lot and it is curious he used the imagery. He would, as a Christian, be well aware of it as that also used by the other side.

      I’d like to see the context – perhaps he was making the baddy character say it and that would fit.

  2. October 27, 2014 at 8:11 am

    I found this post very interesting , I have to say as soon as I started reading my primary thought was Masons, there has been talk about American governments involvement in Masonic matters for a very long long time, and the 1000 points of light and new world order are phrases I always associate with the Masons rather than Satanists, I have to admit to not being well enough versed in the above topic to comment fully, but I suppose it could just be possible there is a link between Masonic activity and satanism.Either way it was a very interesting read.

    • October 27, 2014 at 11:43 am

      I was going to include the text about the Statue of Liberty and that answers that question for once and for all. Yes, Masons since before 1776. Post will come up in a few days – don’t want to do too much of this sort of thing at once.

      • October 27, 2014 at 1:51 pm

        Yes I can understand that philosophy it’s an awful lot of information to take in at one time, and a very complex subject.
        You do a fantastic job of making it readable and although I will admit it’s all a bit above my thought process I followed your post quite well.
        I sent the link to my partner who is far more intelligent than me, and he really enjoyed it. His comment was akin to mine, but he added there are very strong links between the Masons and satanism.
        I look forward to the next installment 😀

        • October 27, 2014 at 2:07 pm

          Being able to string a few big words together in a flowery manner is not a measure of intelligence, Kath – I just kissed the Blarney Stone in 1989, that’s all [nearly fell off the wall too].

          You have all the mental equipment any of us have, plus one more thing I don’t – common sense.

          • October 27, 2014 at 2:45 pm

            Thank you for those kind words of encouragement James it is appreciated.
            I do believe in knowing my limitations and clear concise thought is not always top of my list of things I do well 😉 .
            As Ian Hills often points out my syntaxing is atrocious when I write and that has a tendency to restrict my written word and means there is some loss of impact.
            As a dyslexic I find some types of written word easier than others, it’s not just the flowery bits, (my comprehension is not too shabby) but the sentence structure that poses most issue. I love your pieces and always read them.
            Guess that near death fall for the gift of the gab was all worth while in the end.
            😀 😛

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