The culture of personal dishonesty and public


Yet another tale of clever clogs

Something which is annoying me greatly.  Friend of mine, a lady, is being ripped off blind by some cowboys whom I can’t name and I can’t specify what the installation was.  Suffice to say that it’s looking to me as if it is a cynical assumption that she’s a woman, therefore she’d not know.  I’ve been getting this too as a pensioner – once they know that, you get the shoddy goods.

Clearly I can’t sheet that home and my failure to complain, a very bad omission on my part, only leads to more. In my case, it’s that there is too much else going on, rather than the pensioner bit and I imagine that’s your view too in some cases – really too much trouble to bother.

If it’s expensive or an ultra-necessary item though, we  swing into action, to be met by the whole machinery of fraud and deception, failing to reply, failing to answer letters and so on.  There does seem, to me, to be this spivvy culture developing here whereby some young buck thinks it’s oh so clever to treat people this way.

Because he can get away with it.  And then start the demands on you to pay.  It takes strong will to oppose these bastards and see it through and often it’s just some spivvy young man  – I’ve had less trouble with the young women – who thinks he’s the ants pants and can speak to people this way.

We all pick our battlefields and sigh when it’s obvious we’ll have to take this thing to the limit – as if we had nothing else to do.

In the public sphere they’re doing this as well – treating people like mushrooms but whereas with the cowboy there is at least some comeback, with govt there is none.  It’s not so much what they’re doing to us – that’s bad, yes but worse is the smug way they do it – that’s the bit which gets me.

Not just smugness.  It’s the assumption that they’re so clever.  Now in the case of the lady mentioned above, they try this one on and they’re going to get clobbered because she, like me, has a large number of contacts in positions to do things.  They don’t expect this.  They’re as thick as pig S [excuse my French].

But even when it’s resolved – and to be fair, to your advantage too as they compensate you – they’ve  still wasted your time and effort and even money getting there.  And if you have to do this every week or so, it wears you down.

There’s a culture in this country in dealings with other people, both privately and publicly, totally at odds with the principles stated and reiterated by them themselves.  There is arch hypocrisy here and they think it’s all OK, all fine so to do.

In the public sphere, LabCon think they have it all sewn up because … well … they actually do.  They’ve played their game for too long.  But what happens to a party which will break their game open?  People go all tribal and attack the very ones who are trying to break the cabal open.

I have no doubt there’s a personal factor with Nigel, that someone within the Tories put him down when he was part of them and he quietly said to himself – one day they will learn the error of their ways.

Now I’m happy to help facilitate that in my own small way, it’s exactly the same attitude that Hague displayed when he put down that former Tory, now UKIP donor. What a stupid man Hague is and yet he thinks he’s oh so clever, so at the top of the tree.  And now there’s the tawdry but what they see as clever little move to shred the evidence – see Bercow on this.

Who TF do these idiots think they are?  They’re not dealing with Shona and other chavs here.  It’s quite clear to me that lessons need to be taught to these idiots and I’m sorry but the only way I can see it happening at this time is UKIP.  At this time.  for now.

All else seems to me to be P-ing into the wind in 2014/15.

ID cards

This is Lisbon, this is the ‘do it again’ Irish referenda, this is the ID card defeat regrouping – they will get their way any which way they can.  If we defeat them temporarily, they go away and redraft it in another way:

back door ID

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Lord T
    November 4, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Pretty much getting the same thing.

    It’s a service I don’t use and I don’t want but I keep getting the demands and final warning before court action. It is stressing me out having to put these letters aside worrying that they will send SO19 in. The BBC certainly doesn’t give up if you don’t want to pay their tax.

    I’ve read in the paper they are clamping down on tax avoidance schemes like this. Not using their crappy service doesn’t mean I should get away without paying. Next thing I’ll have children jeering me in the streets.

  2. November 4, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Better things to do? I received a parking ticket. I had parked and found that I did not have the change handy so went to the nearby shop (20 yards) and bought something. Armed with change I fed the ticket machine. I took it to the car for display only to find a ticket attached to the wiper. The time difference between it and my purchaced ticket was one minute. No sign of the traffic warden, of course.

    Later I phoned the council. A plesant young woman tried to explain that I had to pay. After ten minutes of my refusal and polite request that the $165 fine be cancelled she put me over to her ‘Zupervizor’.

    Twenty minutes of explanation of the ‘Act’ ensued with repeated demands and threats of additional fines, court costs, eventual jail etc were I not to cough up the money. Nuances of law and accusations regarding my lack of personal accountability for daring to arrive at a parking spot without change handy were sneeringly cast down his phone line into my ear. I explained that I am a pensioner. I would not pay. I would refuse a Court’s fine. I would opt for jail. I would save on my electricity and food bills by being in jail, paid for by the ‘Zupervizor’s’ taxes.

    He became terse.

    I said, “Look sir, I have nothing better to do this whole afternoon than sit here and tell you I will not pay. I am prepared to talk all afternoon. I have a cup of coffee and my pipe. Should you hang-up I will call your boss and argue with him. I am happy to talk to the Mayor and tell him too. I will not pay. All you have to do is see reason and cancel the ticket. It is that easy”.

    It was cancelled.

  3. November 5, 2014 at 7:32 am

    This is addressed even further in today’s post.

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