The night of the orchestrated protest

In 1975, I was in Melbourne CBD the night that Labour called the Coup d’Etat and the Liberals called The Dismissal – you can always tell political affiliation downunder by how you refer to it.

That was close to the point I put aside radical student, Rik Mayall politics – peace, bros – grew up and did my homework a bit better, came back over here via the world and began to learn a bit about life.  Though outraged by Kerr, that night was even more outrageous for the quality, or lack of it, of the protesters themselves.

Talk about a collection, in one place, of the jobless and the feckless and I mean jobless as a preferred state.  One commenter on the Million Masks referred to “rent-a-mob”.  Down there on the street, besides these people, along with the genuine protesters who didn’t seem to have done that sort of thing before – methinks it was possible to tell hardliners from the ordinary people, they don’t urinate on St Pauls for a start – down there I was given a running commentary by Marg, our Trotskyist friend – don’t call them Trotskyites, they don’t like it.

Marg knew ’em all and pointed them out.  She actually referred to one over there – the one in the black shirt with the peace sign – oh, him – yes – and said that he’d soon jump up on the box in the square and wrest the megaphone away and as if on cue, he did just that, haranguing the crowd and trying to whip them up.  The thing which struck me was his impeccable English, clearly no working class boy.

Marg knew him as part of her lot, whereas the other one who’d been haranguing the crowd was apparently the Stalinist.  What’s the difference, I asked?  Marg had a sense of humour, if little else and agreed – not a lot, doctrinal points mainly.  Yes but what do they hope to achieve, I asked?

She looked at me with scorn.  The Revolution, of course.  It had started, according to her.

Yeah, yeah.  This was no empty belly, let them eat cake moment, it was a political party nicety, a constitutional foible.  I saw no peasantry in rags – rather they were, if anything, quite well fed if their snacks were anything to go by.

Years later, the thing it always comes back to was our altercation with one particularly smelly specimen, replete in radical uniform, a la Mayall who got nasty with us for whatever doctrinal reason I still don’t know today  Essentially, what had happened was that a bunch of professional radicals, known-knowns to the security people, the Stasi, had turned the show into a circus.  The sight of two groups fighting over a megaphone and tearing down each other’s banners turned many off, despite the anger over the issue.

These days, it’s far easier for the likes of me to appreciate this commenter this morning:

One thing the media and the establishment do very quickly when the youth begin to question political values is to put well known people in front of the camera to proclaim themselves leaders of the revolution. This then enables people to make comments such as “Anti-establishment multimillionaires! These people are a joke”. Of course they are a joke. They are there to make all attempts at anti-establishment politics look like a joke. They are there because the establishment controls the message, even the anti-establishment message.

And of course, who is the celeb they’re doing this to at this moment, pointing out his stockbroker roots?  Don’t even need to name him, no?

All of this blunts the message and is meant to be like this.  It also adds weight to the suggestion that it’s a far more cnical game than just sending the agents provocateurs down, it’s more an ISIS thing.  They’ve seen it all, the Masonic lot and have a sense of history, of what worked last time and the time before and will always work with people.  The purpose?  To keep people at each other’s throats.

Even this post, which fails to embrace the Million Maskers last evening, sets us against one another and I’m no one’s troll, I’m an independent small c conservative and libertarian in the sense of classical liberalism, an unherdable cat.  But the Soroses and Kochs – they know what loony groups are about and one only has to scream immigration and the opposite thugs, the real fascists like UAF, are down there on the streets.

It’s not so much that the “government sent them”, it seems to me but that, from a distance, the government agencies know how to pull people’s strings.  It’s the easiest thing in the world, if your target action is a pogrom against Muslims, to first outrage the silent indigenous majority and some cautionary tales have been written in blogs about the net.  We’re speaking of manipulation here, of things already being factored in.

Hitler was precisely that – a troublesome ne’er-do-well with a chip on his shoulder.  Fine – bankroll him.  Trotsky himself and his visit to New York before heading via a circuitous route to Russia, bankrolled.  The Kurds in Iraq and Syria – now bankrolled, as was the CIA invention, ISIS.  See Operation Cyclone.

Purpose?  As stated many times – to keep people at each other’s throats, the better to 1. control and 2. depopulate in a legitimate seeming way.  A few people have written articles – what if they gave a war and no one came?

The ultra-Patriots who form so many of my Twitter followers and I theirs – they’d strike me off for calling into question the Uber-Patriotism, the flag waving and sabre rattling.  Sorry, I don’t call ra-ra-ra when Obama, the illegitimate president, sends in the drones and has his agency create ISIS or he stands on a stage at his acceptance speech and that stage is a mock up of the gate of Ishtar of Pergamon, now in Berlin.

I don’t follow him blindly and lay down my life for the man who allowed Eric Holder to send those guns into Mexico to kill a few thousand innocents [Fast and Furious].  These are all faux wars and even the protests are orchestrated by this game of act of provocation and effect.

How to turn people against gays and start gaybashing again?  Simple, have some group send letters to schools saying that children of thirteen should learn that anal sex is good and healthy.  Easy way to turn off those appalled by such notions, easy to get people turning savage on gays, when I believe most of them just wish to be left alone but their “champions” won’t let it be.  Oh no.

So, from the outset, this Million Mask thing started abroad was an orchestrated act of civil disobedience with no discernible purpose.  And it was funded.  Who funded it?  Same people ho funded OWS?

And what were they protesting against, aside from poverty and Capitalism?  A halt to immigration?  A withdrawal from the EU?  Yes, the banksters are part of Them and are a major target but there are other things too, other things coming from Them, e.g. the surveillance society.

On many issues, the left and right are at one – government intrusion into our lives, for example but then you hear “spokesmen” get up and say Capitalism is the issue, meaning all free enterprise, not just the banksters and at that point, half the audience is alienated – this is the rhetoric of the Marxist, who wish us to be forever stuck in Stage 4 and never reach that workers’ Utopia.

And then you look about on the street and see seriously feckless and hyper people going beyond genuine anger at government and Them – these are the ideologues.  And then you see some of these urinating on St Pauls or wherever and realize that, along with those genuinely protesting, you have a large number of rent-a-mobbers, the professionally feckless, also there and there Philby, Burgess and MacLean Marxist rhetoric is so unwelcome – but these people can’t help themselves.

In fact, all that’s really happened is that Guy Fawkes night has now been hijacked, along with the word gay, the word fairness and the word equality, the word liberal.  Bastardized.

Look carefully at a UKIP protest and one of these like last evening. Both against the establishment parties but the mode of behaviour and the words coming from the lips – two entirely different things.  Show me a UKIPer at one of their functions who’s urinated on the local church?

A confessed Marxist who visits my site and I hers took me to task for not embracing OWS [she’s American].  Actually, it looked promising at first sight but then the word Capitalist was used in that characteristic manner and the urinating against churches, so to speak, also began, the fecklessness was on show and we realized this was not the show for us.

Yes but you’re one of the 99%, I was exhorted.

Sorry, I’m one of the 60-70% odd, not the other 30-40% who do these things, who spout this rhetoric and who follow that narrative.  Put together the Labour, LibDem and Green vote, along with the Pink Tories and that’s the percentage we’re talking – around 40%

Then there are all the Breitbarters, Kippers, Tea Partiers, Rand Paulers, small c conservatives, ordinary people angered by uncontrolled borders and lack of policies to get industry going again to provide jobs – perhaps a core of 30% and an overall support level around 40-60% – it’s an unknown as many haven’t voted for so long.

And finally those utterly oblivious – either in their cellars with a needle and a spoon or simply not on this planet.  There’ll always be these people and that’s their right.

But of all the things last night designed to divide views on the protest was the presence of two hugely divisive characters – Brand and Westwood.  Those two are the perfect test of where you are politically.

Those, like me, who detest both and everything they stand for and are doing – we are one lot.

Then there are those who like them, along with the looters in that protest some time back in London, along with Hislop and Merton at HIGNFY and what Private Eye is now doing, those who think Marcus Bridgstock the last word in comedy and Jimmy Whatsisname, Stephen Fry, who think the BBC is biased towards the right, who can’t wait for Nottinghill Carnival and all the pride marches.

Can there ever be a coming together, through some non-divisive figure?  I’m as divisive as they come and make no bones about where I am politically.  Julia is a bit oblique to that but it’s clear to see where she is.  Guido is clearly in one camp.  So is The Slog.  So is Harry’s Place.

Can we ever come together in order to stop Them, the ones causing the trouble and funding it?  Chatham House is a good place to start the protests methinks.

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  1. Flyinthesky
    November 6, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    “And finally those utterly oblivious” They’re not all needle and spoon. A good many have succumbed to the intent of dumbing down their perceptions, blind acceptance of what they’re presented with.
    It would be interesting to quantify, though impossible, what percentage of the populace fall into the utterly oblivious category.

    • November 6, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      I’d like to know.

  2. November 6, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Still waiting for evidence that the Rothschilds financed Trotsky to stage the Russian revolution, James.

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