Professionalism versus unprofessionalism

Part of the apoplexy or perhaps the reason it is an apoplectic reaction to things which are plain wrong is when you’ve seen the best, when you’ve experienced treatment which has been ultra-professional – that’s when anything less is utterly unacceptable any more.

When we look at the Westminster circus, the snide nastiness of excluding Farage from the Cenotaph, the whole horrible theatre of it all, along with the moral bankruptcy of feminism as exemplified in PIE Harman, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are the negative ones here.

I’ve spent much time overseas and have seen the bad but have also seen the best in women – I’ve been immersed in them and have been in awe, so I’m obviously going to be scathing about the c*** I see masquerading as women over here, whilst at the same time, the very best women are also here but no one gets to see them – that’s because they’re busy elsewhere.

Same goes for how organizations are run.  The state of British business is dire [see Chuckles for a longer exposition on that].  You only need see the egregiously expensive Common Purpose outlook on what makes a good employee and one despairs.  Parachutees abound, the organizations simply cannot get it together so often, without fumbling and bumbling, without nastiness coming into it, it’s one of the most litigious societies in  the world and promise is soon dashed.

One makes comments like these – uncompromising comments – because one has seen the best at work.  Take Geelong FC downunder who today have suffered a kick to the guts when their football operations manager – many say well-nigh irreplaceable – has been poached by one of the enemy with an offer too good to refuse for his family and him.

There has been an appointment and it’s a club stalwart at all levels who’s been groomed to step in but sometimes a person really is near irreplaceable.

But look at the way it was handled.

The outgoing man is one of the key reasons the club is one of the healthiest environments in that game and why players, when given the opportunity, have opted to go there – from development to club prospects, it’s not a bad place to be.  A huge amount of that has been with the off field operations, building relationships, developing young leadership, nurturing, demanding standards and so on.

You see these things, you see the sane attitude towards immigration, broadening this a bit, you see the way to work ethnicities into your dominant native culture and either they embrace it or ship out – these are the sound foundations I like and enjoy being in.  I want us, not to be like Australia because we are different here, with different challenges but to be professional, to stop all the litigious c*** and taking offence, to start looking after the borders and demanding anyone coming into this country either embraces it or departs.

Tails do not wag dogs.

And to stop the politics of greed, from Westminster to the football league, where people are paid decently but not the outrageous salaries, where the administration is trimmed to only essential personnel and it is no gravy train, where there is a sense of common purpose [you’ll note Common Purpose hijacked this concept and bastardized it].

I’m sure there are people reading this who know exactly what the post is driving at – for goodness sake, let’s extract the digit, nationally.  Get some pride back in whom we are.  No one is saying Farage is the Messiah, he’s more like John the Baptist and even he lays no such claim to the former.  But this political thrust is currently the only one in our arena with any traction.

Just look at the utterances of Miliband and his circus, May and her circus over the weekend.  UKIP have also been open to criticism for lack of professionalism but they are making strides in that direction – they’re the only show in town just now. They wish things to be reformed, got to work again and it seems to me there are a great many people out there of a similar view at this time that they want someone, anyone, to stand up and do the right things we all know should be done.

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  1. Judd
    November 10, 2014 at 11:25 am


    That is exactly whats missing, impossible to have pride in our leaders and their seedy lying corrupt behaviour, and the now unfashionable pride those few of us still take in our hands on work is being gradually wrung out of us.

    Farage speaks for many of us, and whilst Nige doesn’t wear his pants on the outside nor has the use of a working magic wand, he’s our best hope for getting our country back, but WE have 40 years of anti pride propaganda against ourselves and our country to undo and that’s going to take years.

  2. November 10, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Speaking as an Englishman, I shy away from watching or attending ceremonies such as the Cenotaph, for the very simple reason that a violent attack of apoplexy rises up immediately I see the grotesque lines of Politicians, of all shades and even of none; because to me, that sight means that the whole idea is permeated with graft, grabs for power, the millions of lies and gross criminal behaviour dressed up as Party Politics.
    They have the simple audacity to stand upright, in the presence of their Sovereign, and, without a single blush of shame or embarrassment, slide their wreaths to lie on that Symbol of gratitude to Service; those imbeciles who sent, in latter years, those same Forces personnel out to die, with out-dated and totally insecure equipment, badly-led and badly armed and under-equipped.
    The roadside salutes in Royal Wootton Basset were the real thing, because they were both spontaneous, and free of the sickening smell of politics and politicians.
    I would, if given the opportunity make some subtle changes to the annual Remembrance Service. I would ask Her Majesty, along with her Family to remain much as they do now, but once the Royal Wreaths have been laid, and the Family leaves the Cenotaph, the ONLY people allowed to march, to leave wreaths, or even to stand in salute, would be serving- and ex-members of Her Majesty’s Forces; along with representatives of those who also fought for freedom. No politicians, no so-called Commonwealth representatives, as they are all political appointees anyway: no-one else at all.

    Just think of the atmosphere at that Ceremony; no cant, no lies or liars; what a difference that would make!

  3. November 10, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    the ONLY people allowed to march, to leave wreaths, or even to stand in salute, would be serving- and ex-members of Her Majesty’s Force


    WE have 40 years of anti pride propaganda against ourselves and our country to undo and that’s going to take years.

    Yep again.

  4. November 10, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. Mind, you, Oz is going the same way as Britain as I’m sure you are aware, so expect to see some huge chromosomal monstrosities joining Geelong AFC soon, exercising their feminist “right” to take part. You know, the sort who comment on your other blog 😉

  5. Viscount Rectum
    November 11, 2014 at 8:53 am

    There should be a law preventing the likes of Bliar and certain other political criminals from wearing a poppy or going anywhere near the Cenotaph.

  6. Cascadian
    November 11, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    The British people are winning, it takes time but the idea is now placed in their head that a vote for UKIP is not wasted.

    The tired old conmen and liebour parties are disintegrating, as witnessed by the May debacle, the Milliband flare-out and now Camoron desperately asking for labour and Green voters to vote conmen in Rochester-as if.

    Desperation is setting in, some MP’s smell the end of their personal gravy train, they cannot be relied upon to vote as per the whips instructions, camoron is rushing out of banquets to vote, Milliband has to defend his position often more than once a day. Yvette Balls and Theresa May are shortlisted as a leader FFS!-that is desperation defined.

    Something is about to crack, a power outage this winter may be just the thing to tip the scales, I predict camoron will be gone before Milliband

    Do not despair, UKIP will prevail, but talk of a hundred seats in the next general election is farcical.

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