Policy is to blame – all the rest just follows

may signals attack

Britain faces no terror threat unless the govt wants it to, in order to bring in the next bit of legislation.  Hegel is alive and well and the old formula still works.

1.  Create a monster through your policies
2.  Warn people about the threat
3.  Relax the security to let the nutters go for it, later pleading incompetence
4.  A series of ongoing incidents occur, so that people take a set against a certain demographic
5   Govt brings down ‘much needed’ legislation
6.  People have lost yet more freedom and there’s jolly good rancour going on up and down the land
7.  May and friends toast with cocktails

It’s total bullsh, all the angst over EU exit all the pretend dithering.  We could be out in two weeks, the immigration problem solved, the repatriation begun.

But then where would be the deep division and rancour the govt needs so much?  Let’s not beat around the bush – these are crims in Westminster and in councils up and down the land and the crime, apart from swindling [expenses scandal] is no less than a crime against humanity.

It’s already sheeted home to Blair – why is it not yet sheeted home to the others as well?  This is no rhetoric – this is literally criminal acts.  Through our own system which we staunchly defend, that of ‘democracy’ and the rule of law, we have handed these hijacking crims the means to enslave us.

Once again – these are not wild words.  Nothing wild in them at all.  This is the reality of what is happening.  The fact that it gets lost in the day-to-day irrelevancies and minor issues [remember Chomsky’s quote] through overfamiliarity with the main miscreants in the media does not diminish their crimes in the least.


As if on cue, I went into Reuters and there was this:

Why Britain’s days as a haven of political, economic stability are numbered

That was written by Kaletsky and he, like Peston, is a fully paid-up member of Them. He’s a Bilderberger for a start but that’s only window dressing for his main role – painting the economy in key publication Reuters in the way Them [Europe] wish it to be painted at any time.

Trouble is, far too few of us take the time to explore these people and whom they’re acting for.  We don’t get evidence handed to us on a plate – we have to go out looking, delving and even then only get snippets, sometimes booby-trapped faux snippets.

This one is clear enough:

In the beginning of June 1993 he wrote an open letter to the business editor of the London Times, Anatole Kaletsky, announcing that he intended to urge the money markets to sell large amount of German government bonds in favor of French stocks.

Why would Soros write to Kaletsky?  How would he know this man from a different country? In late May, 2007, for example, this not very interesting snippet came up at WND, in the States. It’s those who attended a special meeting in Turkey:

Donald Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of the Washington Post, Richard N. Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, John Vinocur, senior correspondent of the International Herald Tribune, Paul Gigot, editor of the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, Nicholas Beytout, editor-in-chief of Le Figaro, George David, chairman of Coca-Cola, Martin Feldstein, president and chief executive officer of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Timothy F. Geithner, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Vernon Jordan, senior managing director of Lazard Freres & Co., Anatole Kaletsky, editor at large of the Times of London and Gen. William Luti, special assistant to the president and senior director for defense policy and strategy for the National Security Council.

Means little in itself but put it with two dozen other snippets on Kaletsky and you get the notion that he does not write from the stance of independent economic thought.

So anything speculative from Kaletsky in a Reuters article is not so much what might conceivably happen but what his information feeders intend to happen.

Consider this Malfunctioning Unit [Female]:

stop drinking

Are you still considering voting Labour next year?  Sweeping these sorts of people into power?