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This is one of those epiphanies in the middle of the night. Woke up and immediately this post sprang, almost fully formed, to the mind.

It revolves around realizing, for the first time, how a buffoon looking like the popular conception of Jesus, bereft of any real policies, has started a personality cult and has filled a void on one side of politics.

Sorry, call me slow on the uptake but I plead having no tele and having to wait for the YouTube clips.

Regulars here would know I’ve asked quite a few times – who is this Brand, this scruff, with the effeminate voice, given a free ticket on the Beeb? We know he vilified an actor with a phone call over the man’s granddaughter – nasty piece of work, the two of them who did that.

He says he’s a comedian, I caught a couple of snippets, always on the Beeb, where he’s had a place at the table with genuine political figures, even though many of them are buffoons in themselves and I’ve wondered why, how?

Like Rumpy Pumpy, who is he actually? What’s his thing, how does the Beeb rate him worthy of inclusion? Why not Joe Bloggs out there or Professor Smith or someone else? Why him specifically and repeatedly?

It’s only when I saw BBCQT touted this week as Farage v Brand that it really hit home – this guy seriously thinks he’s leading a sort of glorified Jim Jones cult. I stomached as much as I could but it was that disabled man in the handpicked Beeb audience who didn’t follow a narrative but called Brand out for the fraud he was who woke me up to the danger.

The danger comes in the form of a ladyfriend of mine, quite obviously sucked in by him [Manson, Jim Jones, the Nirvana they offer] telling me that I believe in the same things as Brand. Whaa? Since when? Well he believes in freedom and all that. Oh my goodness, the man has sent out emails to hundreds of thousands of leftwingers of the fact-lite variety, waved a few buzzwords about and hey presto, there is the person who will take over and fill in the gap vacated by Milliband and Clegg.

As I say, sorry I’m slow on the uptake but you can see what’s happened here. Farage has got this UKIP thing up and running and the people about him on the hustings – the real people sick to death of the way politics is run at the moment – they’re doing rather well in the various council elections and in Westminster elections, not to mention the EU. As long as people believe it is actually the people speaking, they’ll continue to do so.

The Tories are haemorrhaging, Labour is haemorrhaging. Farage, as they see it with this personality cult mindset, has to be stopped but everything they try, e.g. the latest Boltergate, does not stop Teflon Nige and the boys and girls.

Very simple reason of course – there are actual policies these people believe in and people are beginning to be impressed by the formerly laddish Nige’s party’s message. In other words, the party has overtaken the leader – that was shown in the Essex revolt against Hamilton and the party won. Nige has been reined in in a number of significant ways of late. He actually has a party on his hands now.

His grasp of political principles was always his strong point, if not the detail. Now they’re starting to get the detail in place about him. There are some serious politicos behind the scenes now.

I half suspect this crumbling before UKIP and let’s be honest – they have cut swathes as they improve their ability to contest – is stage-managed by the PTB and UKIP’s detractors have been vocal on this – he is leading people astray, latching onto popular dissatisfaction and playing up to that. Richard North is a vocal critic.

Which is [ahem] actually what politics is meant to be, no? Listening to people and supporting those ideas? Wat Tyler? Peasants’ Revolt? Never mind – onto this Brand.

The left have had no answer. Farage speaks sense, they should go along with the policies at least, which are only common sense, if not with Farage himself. Of course they don’t. They can’t stand that the Messiah has not emerged from their own ranks.

Enter a druggy temporarily off the stuff and every leftist gay marriage, coke-sniffing scruff with tatts now has a champion, an anti-hero who plays the ‘I will never be an MP’ to perfection. But they seriously have it wrong if they think this is supported by the average working man and woman who are far more mainstream than Brand. Brand’s target audience is the feckless, those on benefits and policy-lite, the entitled. The enemy – Capitalism, in the Marxist way. Hence his main supporter last evening – the egregious Socialist Worker’s Party woman.

It matters not that he was taken apart on his ideas and hypocrisy last evening – and Twitter was full of this – what matters to his fact-lite following by email is that he has charisma to supposedly match the other buffoon in their eyes – Farage. He’s their caricature to match the caricature of the far right, as they see it.

In their eyes and their mouthpiece, the Beeb, this is all about personalities and not policy, although they throw around soundbites on what seems policy on BBCQT.

This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of our side of politics. To many who agree with many of UKIP’s policies, Farage is no Messiah in himself – he’s even struggling in South Thanet on a personal basis but as the Speccie pointed out – it’s not Nige but UKIP which has taken off. In fact, in some ways, Nige has been left behind but not when he does what he does best – goes on TV and defends those policies, showing the paucity of those they throw against him. Even Ed’s stopped doing it, Cameron refuses to.

Nige may or may not believe it’s his party and that he still decides but that is not the message being given at all the meetings up and down the country. I saw a Paul Nuttall clip the other day and the message was ‘bottom up’, ‘grass roots rules’. Now it may or may not be so but that is certainly what those people believe. The UKIP heartland puts no personality cult figure above the member – the whole point of the exercise is that the member rules.

Hence the anger over Bolter, Bird and Hamilton. And the members made their feelings known. Nigel had no option but to back down. In a way, he’s created a populist monster he’s not fully in charge of.

That, of course, frightens Tory voters who like their politics drier, more sanguine, less frenetic, more ‘sound’. This is why, despite what Dave has done to wreck the party, they cling on to this solidity, this soundness, even though it’s a house of cards in reality, the Tory party now.

As policies become what drives UKIP, the anger, the protest if you like, the refusal to go on with the Westminster charade, the paedo rings and so on, the EU, open slather immigration, the worse it looks to a Tory.

If Nige was to start to support policies other than these, none of our side would go with him. Carswell left the Tories over policy and Dave’s refusal to follow conservative policy. This is a policy driven party. The supporters will go to whomever espouses these policies. If the party drifts away from them – and Nige tried to, in the interests of electability in a Labour area – he’ll get slapped down.

Brand, on the other hand, takes his followers where he wants, on a vaguely feelgood, Marxist creation of small, pretend-democratic enclaves up and down the country [CP, NLP, groupthink] and it’s clear from the SWP woman last evneing that the communists and socialists have swung in behind Brand as the best chance of the Revolution. In other words, just as the disgruntled people have started swinging in behind UKIP, Brand’s lot will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and do the UN’s and EU’s bidding after all.

That’s how the idea goes.

This is the very wickedness of it – he is taking small government and regionalism and other politics of sanity and bastardizing them. I don’t think Brand has the mental acuity to dream all this up himself. He has powerful people behind him, e.g. the Mulgans of the world.

Coming back to my ladyfriend, it must seem to her that these are the same policies this blog is on about – accountability to the people, right of recall and so on.

But the two stances are diametrically opposed. One, Brand’s, is controlled federalism – a kibbutz model for all of society – divide and rule in discrete enclaves, such as that being plugged by the EU right now – and the other is based on small and medium business across Britain and jobs and education, plus self-determination, with the prosperity which has always flowed from those. Grammar schools are typical of our side. Reform of the NHS.

That BBCQT last evening was an eye-opener, in more ways than one. And as far as your humble blogger goes, it’s pretty clear now where the left are going on this. Rejecting sound policy, they once again try for the ideological nirvana, never really intended to be achieved by the Alinskies and Marcuses behind it.

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  1. Kath Gillon
    December 12, 2014 at 10:49 am

    I have been banging on about Brand for some time now, I detest his philosophising and his self perceived intellect, his holier than tho attitude and his double standard hypocrisy.
    Brand reminds me of the small weak unpopular little boy in the playground the one all the other boys don’t really like but don’t know why, yet the little girls fawn over him and want to protect him. who is a little bit scary and has the look in his eye of derangement.
    He has become popular because he has an appetite for pontificateion and too much self regard than is good for him. His idea of sharp Witt is slinging childish insults at the big boys whilst running and hiding in the girls loos where the little girls will look after him. Quite frankly he is a nasty little juvenile delinquent with an attitude problem and a messiah complex.

    • December 12, 2014 at 12:22 pm

      Judging by the words written around the UK this morning, he seems to have had his goosed cooked. The two who came out of it not badly, it seems, were the Times lady and Nigel. Think that that Socialist Workers bluerinser did for Brand. Not a good move.

    • Mudplugger
      December 13, 2014 at 11:41 am

      Russell Brand, the 21st Century’s Tony Benn, but without the intellect to go alongside it.

  2. Penseivat
    December 12, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Had the misfortune to watch a show which included Brand. Why does he call himself a comedian? I’ve had more laughs cleaning the chip pan!

  3. Ed P
    December 12, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    He’s just another useful idiot being manipulated by CP

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