Masters course in how you’re oppressing our visiting guests

right-img-355x355At 22 on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, one would think the Benthamite University College, London might have a bit of common sense.

The tragedy in this course offer is not just that anyone could imagine an MA in White Power [H/T Wiggia] could have any standing at all in academia but that they could charge fees for it, that it could lead to anything worthwhile and to me, the worst aspect – that the commenters below on the offer page could actually be serious.

Not to mention the possible hate crime/racism implications under UK Law:programme for?

  • Are you frustrated that the discipline you chose to study as an undergraduate has turned out to be dominated by a #whitecurriculum?
  • Are you looking for ideas that can help you and your colleagues uncover, understand, and begin to undo the way that whiteness dominates your place of work?
  • Are you collaborating with a local, national, or transnational social movement that could be enriched and empowered by engagement with cutting-edge critical thinking about whiteness?

It’s a wind-up, right, an undergrad joke on the internet? Tell me this is not a serious offer.

Injustice is all around us: From the hierarchies that dominate education, housing, health, and criminal justice, here in Britain, to the massively unequal distribution of wealth and welfare, across the globe. Yet, despite these glaring inequalities, the way in which these hierarchies are racialised is too often a side-thought, merely an optional approach to understanding power in the modern world.

As London (as well as Britain), sees its demographics change, to better-represent the peoples colonised by the British Empire—African, Asian, and African Caribbean people in particular—it is more urgent than ever that we equip ourselves with radical and critical intellectual tools, to uncover the ways in which these hierarchies are indeed racialised and to understand how and why these racialised hierarchies endure.

Hierarchies that dominate education?  The left-liberal establishment, you mean, which allows guff like this to be presented to students and as you rightly say, also dominates housing, health and criminal justice?

Better represent the people’s colonized?  African, Asian, and African Caribbean people in particular?  Why should an English university have to represent anything but British demographics?  It’s British, don’t you understand?  It’s not a Jamaican university – go to Kingston for that.  It’s not African – go to Mombasa for that.  It’s English – go to London for that.

This is why parents from the Commonwealth countries, including those excluded by this course – the pesky Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and South Africans whose black people are also excluded under this national criteria for entry, send their children to England – under the delusion that they’re getting an English education, a British education, not a Nairobi education.

That’s why, if you are in our country and at a university, you are, by definition, wanting an education which this country, not other countries in the world, provides.  You don’t understand this?

Ashok Kumar 

An MA in White Power at UCL looks amazing. I hoping the first years MA in White Power is done to understand the system and then next year you start an MA in Black Power to analyze how you dismantle it.

Dismantle it?  Dismantle white power?


This proposal seems to be tackling exactly what is lacking in our education system; a demand for a critical look at the dominate forces that rule our lives. Within an era of ever growing access to information, but somewhat decreasing knowledge, the practical aspects of such a course could lead to the most radical changes. The idea of Core Module Two: Racism’s Administrative Capital, is especially inspiring if the discussions of “how White Power might be dismantled” are not only sparked but given support to be transformed into actions. A very exciting proposal.

All right, deep breath, where to start?  Do you remember the post on Renaming things to mean whatever political ideology you care for it to mean by the new definitions?  Do you remember the plethora of posts on the left take-over in education, resulting in the now generally accepted dumbing-down, reflected in British GCSE results – plenty of posts and articles, even in the MSM? Here’s one example, the very offering of this course is another.

The frightening thing is that not only is the grasp of reality in these admittedly young and [as yet] world-ignorant students shaky, but they believe the diametric opposite of reality in many cases.  We, the pundits in the sphere, have produced a huge number of posts over the past decade, in aggregate, listing evidence for the things we’re saying – see the quotes in this very post and then tell me this university is not offering this course, that I’m wrong in this contention.

And yet here are these two students – and they’re by no means isolated, read the other comments – drinking the Kool Aid provided by the academics at this university and believing that the view they’re expressing, fed by the academics, has the slightest grounding in reality.

What that says is that these students, being deliberately handed passports at breakneck speed by our government and having bats in the belfry, also have the vote and can alter the complexion of the society to an increasing extent.  Just how many of these deluded people are there now wandering about in our fair land following the Labour years?

Well, if the polls are to be believed and that’s by no means a given, around 35% of the community, including these two above, all their friends and the universities themselves, have bats in the belfry, plus the Lib Dem and green vote.  Add to that the 35% of Tory tribalists who honestly believe that Cameron is an honest man who will do conservative things and that is a frightening statistic – it suggests there is no way known out of the dystopia this society is spiralling down towards.

Hence where we find ourselves.  We’re literally swamped by people not living in reality and who believe in fundamental, demonstrable falsehoods. ‘Demonstrable’ is the key word. We’re not talking sky-fairy here, we’re talking the grasp on what’s actually happening in the society.  A sobering thought just before Christmas.

4 comments for “Masters course in how you’re oppressing our visiting guests

  1. Robert the Biker
    December 23, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Oooohhh… I so want a teaching position there …
    ” Right you shower, out on the playing field you go, I’ve got the Cavalry ready and the Vickers machine guns are set up. It’s time for the demonstration of Colonialism, you buggers are about to play the downtrodden natives” 😀

  2. Errol
    December 23, 2014 at 10:40 am

    The hilarious irony that without all that evil ‘white power’ such a course – in a tolerant, decent, enforcedly ‘multi racial’ society would never exist? Would such a course be permitted anywhere else in the world?

    No. Of course it wouldn’t. They get a free run in abject offensive ignorance because we let them. Because we, the evil white people brought them education, trade, government, security and wealth.

    Oh how evil we are.

    It makes you wonder why we bothered.

    • December 23, 2014 at 1:22 pm

      It does indeed. The old adage arises….. the good that men do seldoms does them much good. No good deed goes unpunished.

      Just wait until that MA is merged with CERN’s search for the ‘God particle’ They will have a joint program seeking the ‘Patriarchy particle’ too. It will be a coloured one. Bet on it.

  3. Mehere
    December 23, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    If this course is run/taught/controlled/chaperoned by non-white people, then what the hell do they know about a white society to comment on it? Other than naturally bitching about what others of a different colour have that you haven’t got, in which case it is not education, it’s a moan.

    If the course is run by white people then what are they bitching about? Short of flagellating themselves there is no point in complaining about what you are, especially when it’s highly likely they are secretly glad the whites have made all this possible. Like build the place, furnish the rooms, print the money and so on. Yeah, just another moan.

    So can they rename this course “A-moanin’-and-a-bitchin”” and have done with it?

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