The quislings are opening the gates already in the dead of night

There are some good women on Twitter, outposts in a sea of dross and one of those is .

She found this:

Two things. Firstly, Sue lives in Spain and therefore sees things a bit more closely than we do, except perhaps for JD at our place. Secondly, there is not only historical precedent for this but the quislings who are organizing all this  are the very ones with a sense of history and those drinking their Kool Aid, who will open the gates, have no sense of history at all and disrespect history, unless it conforms with the Narrative.

A good test is this – in the upper echelons, a quisling is anyone part of the Club of Rome in the 60s and 70s, the people they’re connected with, anyone approving the Lisbon Treaty, Clegg, Cameron and the Bullingdon, the Black Nobility, all those accused in this post and whom only intervention from above saved, similar people over here, the upper echelons of the Masonic Lodges, particularly the Scottish Rite, the old bankers, a whole host of groups from Common Purpose to the CFR and TLC, Chatham House, anyone who moved or voted for the Irish to have a second referendum, Blair, whoever tried to push through regional government here years ago and was defeated, Bohemian Grove invitees and ditto with the Bilderberg, plus all their hangers on and those hoping for advancement in those organizations – easily seen by their parachutee incompetence and PC rhetoric … and so on.

Right down through the society now are quislings in place, people who would sell out their nation in the interests of some pan-European dystopia which they buy as a utopia.

This has always been how warfare has been conducted. First undermine the defences, weaken the infrastructure, remove the strong underpinnings which have kept society bonded together, e.g. Christianity, marriage and the family and then the whole thing crumbles before the bloodthirsty barbarians who attack.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, the Muslims, NATO/CIA, the UN, the Vikings – whoever the evil army is at any point in history, this is how it has been done. Rule by fear.

And who are these people? The ones facilitating it are ordinary people in your street, at the council offices in town, in key positions. We know it’s so because we saw them try to ban officers who admitted they voted UKIP. Then there was Rotherham and all the other ones.

These are the do-gooder quislings who will open the gate and let the enemy in. In fact, they’re already doing it. The police are instructed to do it and those instructing them are acting for others too. Ambitious Cressida Dick types.

These are the more dangerous enemy because they’re not as visible as Beaker and Cleggover, Cameron, Blair, Brown. These people think they’re doing good for society, whereas they’re opening the gate to the barbarians. Let me name one group of these quislings – UAF.

Eventually, as happened everywhere in the world evil took over for some time, these people will get theirs. At the end of WWII, the quislings had a pretty gruesome time of it for selling out their neighbours and the same will go with this PC lot who will vote Labour or Lib Dem to enable the Muslim takeover after next May.

As for the Tories, well everyone knows that there are two Tory parties – the Cameron/Osborne/Clarke quislings, in the Heath/Major tradition, who will sell their country out and indeed have done so. As for the others, two jumped – Carswell and Reckless and the others are living in cloud cuckoo land. The Tories are in deep captcha and in thrall to Bruxelles. Why Hannan and Co can’t see this is amazing.

It’s so easy to see, it’s self-evident. Just look at their voting record and there it is.

The quislings will eventually get theirs but by then, so much damage will have been wrought. Just look at Labour’s Rotherham victims for a start, the elderly sleeping in their own urine in “care” homes. The people at the top NOT stepping in are the enemy, pure and simple. Cameron’s lies betray that he’s one of them.

As for us, the bloggers, what of our champions who will fight the good fight?  Sackerson points to EU Referendum and notes: “He’s now run up his true colours.”

Richard has now nailed his colours to the mast.  His Harrogate Agenda, Flexcit, a good one in itself, no argument there, can never actually be implemented, can it, as the quislings control the Tory party.

Therefore, Harrogate is no more than a Cameron promise, designed to keep Britain inside the EU.

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  1. Viscount Rectum
    January 4, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I have in my collection of rare books a book called ” THE UNIQUENESS OF MAN” by Julian Huxley printed in 1942, the subject is about eugenics, on page 67,read— for qualative change a dual standard is indicated-docility and industrious in the lower majority; intelligence, leadership and strength of character in the upper few—. This book gives a horrific insight into the mind of our ruling elite, yes we are heirs to the slaughter of W W 1 as are the children of Rotherham. simply that Blair walks free and Assange is incarcerated is enough, this book could be the Common Pupose manual.

  2. Sue Jameson
    January 5, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    I used to live in Spain James but EU regulations on frost (in Andalucia) caused me to rethink my financial position and close my business. An extra 20,000 euro’s to redig the road and put an extra jacket on electrical cables was not something I wanted to pay.

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