The disgrace of Biggin Hill

Let me run Wiggia’s post first and then add my twopence-halfpenny’s worth:


One of the most disingenuous pieces of news to come out for a long time is the MOD announcement that the memorial chapel at Biggin Hill could no longer be funded owing to cuts and defence “priorities”.

This from a department that must waste that much and more per day on ill drafted procurement contracts.

Where this announcement sinks to a new low in an apparent attempt to save money is that they must have known that an iconic memorial like that would be saved by outside support, and that is indeed what has happened, plus the epetition that garnered a huge amount of signatures in a very short space of time.

Even the passing of time has not erased the name of Biggin Hill, it is still the one name remembered even by those too young to have a full history of the events of the second world war, it is the most iconic of all the RAF airfields involved in the Battle of Britain and the one that should be named as representative of all the others and all those who gave their lives at that dark moment for the nation.

Whoever was behind this announcement should be named shamed and sacked, it is one of the most uncaring nasty minded pathetic history erasing and worse decisions to come out of govt for a long time, not only should who or what be totally ashamed they should also be named, b……s.


Obviously agree completely with the sentiments but it’s symptomatic of the wider malaise.  Yesterday I did a post on Hollywood Babylon and the types of people involved in they are the types of people behind the Westminster pollies and down through the departments to the councils, through such organizations as Common Purpose.

It’s more than an organization, it’s a way of thinking and an agenda and part of that is to let die or to snuff out all celebration of or commemoration of our past and respect for the people who fought and died, even triumphed for the nation.  The key is the obliteration of connection, the promotion of alienation and the consequent ability to control.

For many, especially for the younger generation who are no longer taught about our past for fear of offending some guest – it’s difficult to blame them for that or for the fecklessness we see all about in the new feral youth Them is creating.

We can blame our own generation very much – Boomers and Gen X together, the two most bickering generations for a century or more.

But mostly we can blame the lost – Them – and they are the ones who have caused it all to happen.  Today is Epiphany, tomorrow Eastern Christmas – all gone over here.  And as these things fall away, so also does remembrance and respect for those who came before us.

It’s not just the moaning of a diminishing bunch of fuddy-duddies but a very real danger we face and one of the losses is going to be freedom.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    January 6, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    I still remember the re-enactment over the fields of Kent for the 1969 film.

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