Reasons to deport, parts two and three

It might have been the intention to make last night’s or this morning’s post the last one on the subject but things come up, there are things to add.

Commenter Behind the Veil wrote, about Charlie Hebdo:

On point one – I did wonder how three masked men displaying evidence of military training who carried out their act managed to become named so quickly.

Then I found out one of them just happened to drop his identification in the getaway car. that was a fortunate break for the investigators.

I did also wonder about the media analysis of the military training, semi automatic firing styles, tight groupings, covering fire and all that. Never saw it before and suddenly it’s a component of the story in two separate news reports at two separate sites. I know there’s copying and this is maybe that.  It just seems an odd thing to latch onto.

Finally we’re now getting the yes we know all about them and their murky past. Once again we have these people moving, seemingly untouched, through society despite being known to security services.

I want to be wrong but it’s just slotting together too nicely.

Commenter Wolfie wrote:

I don’t buy your conspiratorial angle but I do agree this looks more of an ISIS operation and its becoming apparent that ISIS is pinching the best AQ operatives now.

Astonishing how quickly Harman managed to broadcast her “This must not lead to Islamaphobia” mantra, before the bodies of the slain could even get cold.

This only demonstrates the craven opportunism of the left in the West, that no opportunity is let to pass if it can recruit even a single vote. Its this simple observation that leaves me with the most convincing conspiracy theory, that they are simply useful to the left as voters.

The next growing demographic after the Boomers have popped off but even yet more malleable to the left-wing flattery and bribery.

Or they’re the ones being paid handsomely now? Call it Saudi, call it Operation Cyclone’s follow-on.

I’m quoting both because both were fair quotes but concluded a bit differently. In last evening’s post, a few scenarios were put – that it was an entire Them job, that the Muslims had been western trained or that it was an all-Muslim operation.

One reason for now opting for the western trained is partly the evidence as noted by Behind the Veil but also Operation Cyclone and how ISIS came about. I assure you that if it showed no signs of that whatever, there’d be no option but to drop that idea immediately but it does show signs of that and a similar modus operandi has existed in other major incidents around the world.

Then there is this, via Wiggia:

In August 2012, journalist Walid Shoebat presented some vitally important revelations about IMMA’s earliest roots and its animating objectives. In the course of research he was doing on Zyed Abedin, Shoebat came across a document that had been commissioned by the late (Saudi) King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, titled The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places to Support The Muslim Minorities. This manifesto consists of 29 separate works, one of which is Dr. Abedin’s Muslim Minorities in the West (published in 1998). The manifesto explains “Muslim Minority Affairs” not simply as a religious or social concept, but as a calculated foreign policy of the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs, designed to achieve the following specific goals:

1) Recruit individual Muslims who live in non-Muslim lands and transform them as a collective unit by establishing Islamic centers, educational programs, mosques, and organizations (like the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Students Association) that serve to prevent Muslims from assimilating into the cultures of their non-Muslim host nations.

2) By way of population growth, these Muslim residents of non-Muslim host nations can shift the demographic scales in their own favor, thereby enabling themselves to more effectively advance the Saudi agenda.

3) In a gradual, incremental manner, a Wahhabi-style Sharia system can be implemented in the host nations.

4) Eventually the proliferation of Muslims in the host nations will hit critical mass, tilting those societies toward majority-Muslim status.

5) Ultimately, the host states will join the Muslim commonwealth.

It’s naive to think there is no collusion going on, that there is not intent behind all the Muslim action. As others have said, it’s also naive to think it was not a Muslim connected massacre and that other actions in host countries are intended to result in a result not unlike in the movie Alien.

And it’s also naive to think that all Muslim families, including many trying to escape these nutcases, support them. You’ll recall this snippet via Rossa, an Egyptian speech on Islam:

The whole world has been waiting for a long time for the next move of these imams or for somebody, anybody that will modernize Islam as other religions have done.. Whether that will happen, of course, is another question, but what al-Sisi is saying here is in many ways more revolutionary than the “Arab Spring.” People ask, where are the “moderate Muslims”? Well, one of them may be the president of Egypt. The boys from Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, al Qaeda, etc., etc., are probably not too happy about what al-Sisi said. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer the fate of Anwar Sadat for his courage.

A people in general can want just peace but when 1. their code enables it, 2. the host nation’s PTB sees the strategic possibilities, 3. the socio-religious organization is full of fruitcakes willing to act as a fifth column within a land, then all agree it’s a jolly good thing.

CCTVs mysteriously fail at the critical time, airspace is suddenly not patrolled, mysterious breakdowns and incompetence take place, Brazilian electricians get chased down and gunned in the head.

And entirely accidentally, the double whammy of an unsettled population baying for the blood of Muslims occurs. Another day, in Ferguson, it might be black victimhood. Not saying these are not real issues in themselves – they are – but they’re certainly also being used by those far from incompetent, except as a technique.

Hollande’s “national day of unity”. Just what is that meant to mean?

And this lunacy that our govts would never do such things. Really? Blair, Cameron, Obama would never?

Further reading

From Chuckles:

From Viscount Rectum:

Article by Cameron printed in the Observer 13-5-07: If we want to remind ourselves of British values, hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name but three, there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what these things really mean. Not for the first time I find myself thinking it is the mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with with the British Asian way of life, not the other way round.

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  1. Flyinthesky
    January 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    A couple of my observations:

    You can’t go stamping round the globe imposing your reality on nations that don’t share it, you won’t resolve it but will will gain many enemies trying to.
    You can’t import people from other nations who are hostile to your culture and expect no tensions.

    Now the absolutes:

    You cannot, governments take note, cannot legislate harmony, it can’t be done it has to evolve, the more you try to legislate it the farther away it goes.

    If you stifle discussion on a situation you haven’t solved it, you have made a pressure vessel out of it, the longer it heats the bigger bang it’s going to make when it fails. It’s only showing cracks at the moment, give it time.

    Actual racists are extremely rare. What legislation has done is to increase closet racists exponentially. They would now, in certain areas of concern, be the democratic, tongue in cheek there is no democracy, majority.
    Governments, in analogous terms, are trying to make mayonnaise, ask any chef, if you add the oil too quickly it curdles, separates and becomes unpaletable, beating it faster will not rescue it.

    Governments are desperately trying to formulate a morally neutral resolution to the situation they themselves have created, I can’t see one.

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