Romney – the ultimate hypocrisy

There’s an interesting piece at American Thinker about how Romney is using the language of the left in his bid for the Presidency:

Speaking to a full house of RNC members in San Diego, Romney committed the conservative crime of using the language of the left to appeal to potential voters. While emphasizing that conservative principles will be critical in the post-Obama era, Romney articulated three maxim’s that Republicans must communicate to the American people:

“[T]o make the world safer… and provide opportunity for all Americans regardless of the neighborhood they live in” and the apparently gag-inducing, oxygen-sucking notion that “We have to lift people out of poverty.”

Romney learned the greater lesson: that by using the left’s buzzwords, we can lure in potential voters with empathy. Remember, Romney is the guy who had a so-called “empathy gap” in 2012, where 81% of those polled believed Obama “cares about people like me” and only 19% could say the same about Romney.

So it’s the old story, is it not? Tell total porkies such as “lifting people out of poverty” when not only did Obama never have that as part of his core plan [in reality] but no socialist has ever lifted the people out of poverty – just look at Venezuela. The very policies themselves and their implementation always produce the same deleterious effect – greater poverty, massive debt, out of control bureaucracy, loss of freedom.

And on the Republican side – more power for the banksters to do as they do, more protection for Them.

What this does illustrate though is the lack of ethics in either party, the willingness to use a faux and exploded rhetoric to “suck people in”. Just how thick most voters are is borne out in our own country when some 65% of intending voters STILL think somehow the main two can make things even remotely better.

It is truly dismaying.

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  1. Errol
    January 23, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    That I think is the main problem. People are stupid. They hear these things and believe them. They think – for example – that Labour will get them jobs and ‘protect the NHS’ yet when Labour get in the jobs never appear. The richest get richer. The poor, poorer. It is a continual spiral of poverty.

    Yet the damned cretinous fools keep voting for these people!

  2. January 24, 2015 at 12:34 am

    Remember that Romney was governor of Massachusetts not so long ago.

    Massachusetts Republicans have been centrist for decades and need to use centrist language in order to win in what is a solidly Democratic Party state.

    Today, the GOP is no different in many respects to the Conservative Party. Nearly 50% of Americans are receiving Government aid. What Romney said in 2012 about the 46% was not far off the mark then; he’s just repackaged it a bit now.

    That said, Romney might be the most feasible ‘conservative’ candidate out there. (GOP — get to work. Romney did his bit. Newer, younger talent needed.)

    Romney v Clinton? Who knows?

  3. January 24, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Next post coming up touches on this.

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