Are you one of the 66%?

Dimon’s chutzpah, that Jeff Greene, the smugness, the sheer gall is breathtaking in its arrogance. And one of the most frightening aspects is that the ordinary person is played like a violin. The ordinary person, if we can believe “polls”, whoever rigs them, still has the Big Two parties on 66% or thereabouts.

That takes a particularly idiocy to perpetuate. Labour last represented the workers, if at all, at the beginning of the last century and the Tories are the second half of the tag team act, the austerity mongers. Labour gets the state into debt, the Tories come in and punish us, Labour come in again with their profligacy disguised as humanitarian policies, the Kool Aid is drunk by the 66% and it all goes down the chute.

At ZeroHedge, one frustrated commenter wrote:

Those at the top are not stupid. As they have done in the past, they will continue to observe and anticipate us. They will offer us more of what we already possess, taking ever greater percentages of it until there simply is no more. Maybe they are evil, but that evil resides in all of us and will appear when the time comes.Lets not perpetuate it further.

The answer is to simply not play the game. To not participate in our own demise. It’s not easy and I don’t have the answers. I’m just another dumb working schmuck, but I think I do see the bigger picture. Lets figure it out. This cycle needs to end and it can only happen through a more complete and universal awareness of what exactly IS in our own best interest.

Until we understand that our personal interests define our collective interests, we will continually be fucked by those who drive us like sheep, who will educate..indoctrinate us, to believe that our path to utopia comes in the form of sacrificing our self interest for the collective… to them. Buy what we are told to buy and surrender what we are told to surrender.

My remarks about the politics of envy don’t sit all that well in the light of the above, no? And yet those politics of envy are what got us into a lot of it. It’s not just voting these two in all the time on a rotational basis, it’s what the commenter just now wrote: “Until we understand that our personal interests define our collective interests, we will continually be fucked by those who drive us like sheep.”

Now I don’t know how perspicacious or intelligent I am in the scheme of things but judging by an insane diatribe I began to read last evening from someone deeply into the Kool Aid, I’m at least on the right side of sane. And I see the same as Taki, the ZH writer and the commenter above – the voters allow these things to happen. “The answer is to simply not play the game. To not participate in our own demise.”

But the 66% will though, won’t they? They’ll continue to maintain the status quo – ta very much say the pollies – and the 66% will then moan about the next thing which goes wrong. I know one of them, he reads this blog and he says he’ll never vote UKIP. He’s a tribalist. Fine – don’t vote UKIP all you like but don’t bloody vote for the Big Two. As long as you don’t do that, there is a glimmer, a tiny amount of hope.

Taki was going on about the lights being switched off in his area from midnight – this is all this cost cutting and austerity. What’s this guff all about? Government borrows money from crims who own no money, except in thin air, and it’s to pay for the grandiose schemes, the fake charities, the quangos, the fatcat salaries of “administrators”, so many of whom are parachutees of low quality but who tick PC boxes plus all those on benefits.

It’s a circus, people, a circus. Taki:

But why do costs need to be cut? A brief description of some of the town’s finances might be helpful. Its most highly paid official receives in emoluments nearly 20 percent of the town’s income through local taxation. The payment of pensions to past employees, which are completely unfunded and must be found from current income, consume another 20 to 25 percent of that tax revenue. Two years ago a former employee took the council to a labor tribunal for wrongful dismissal, and the council spent 66 percent of its income in that year on legal fees. (The employee’s complaints against the council were not upheld, but that was scarcely of any comfort to the taxpayers, for the costs were not recoverable—even though natural justice required that she should be driven into penury and made homeless for the rest of her life to pay for her legal action, which was both frivolous and dishonest.)

Even if it provided no services at all, the council would still run at a deficit if it continued only with its essential business, which is to pay the salaries and pensions of those who work in it, and the various parasitical rent-seekers, like employment lawyers, who live at its expense. And so the bureaucracy (and its hangers-on) does not exist to serve the public, but the public exists to serve the bureaucracy. In the past, the council had reserves to meet its deficits, but these have been run into the ground, and it has therefore had to appeal to other, larger sources of public funds for help, which themselves run on the same great pyramid-principle as that of the town council. Indeed, the whole country, the whole continent, the whole hemisphere is run on that principle.

Why is the giant scam still going on? Why does a sitting Prime Minister not seize the bull by the tail and crack down on all this, cut a swathe through this insane, corrupt way of running the country, with the armed forces decimated, the police 13% of the time on the beat and recruiting thugs [the Cressida Dick legacy], involved in foreign wars and paying countries better off than us in “aid” for their rulers to put more golden chandeliers into their palaces?

Wiggia mentions Blair and the arrogant response to Chilcott. Air Miles Andy is hiding behind the skirts of the Davos gang.

Insanity is abroad in the land when a blogger is getting 50 lashes every Friday for twenty weeks for blogging and yet this idiot praises the Saudi Royal Family, murderers, thugs and Neanderthals.

And even the Anglican Church is getting in on the act:

saudi killer

We can do nothing about the Saudis and their barbarity but we can about the rampant immigration of entirely the wrong people which Labour admitted it was trying to do. But will anything be done? Not while 66% insist on voting for the Big Two. The same lot who will keep us in the EU with a plummeting Euro they’re propping up with mysterious trillions from nowhere [actually in deepest Bavaria] and elsewhere.

Those of us in the 34% have been going on and on about it and does the other side listen? Not to judge by what I read last evening – it seems we’re the ones with all the mental issues according to her.

It’s a very simple logic and therefore they won’t understand in the least – if 66% continue to support these oiks, then nothing changes, nothing alters, we all go down with it.

[H/T Chuckles and Wiggia]

6 comments for “Are you one of the 66%?

  1. Hereward unbowed.
    January 24, 2015 at 9:00 am

    66% is being a tad generous, I think the polls play fast and very loose with the truth and there is just no way the greens and libdhims are going to earn 15% between them, I think we are in for some sort of political earthquake, especially if the 40% of the electorate get off their arses and vote, we shall see but going on past polls to predict this forthcoming plebiscite is as any good shaman will tell you, “only as good as the throw of the bones”/sarc.

    Lets face it, the art of political prognostication is all bollocks and bears a canny resemblance to……One only needs to reference the crap talked in the sphere of economics [or climate science for that matter] – the bubble is building again and with QE in EZ – another catastrophic collapse is made more imminent – yet so many goons are telling us – “oh great QE will save the EZ and all will be well with the world!”

    Yeah………….. right.

  2. January 24, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I was one of the 66% for a long time believing a vote away from my usual Conservative vote was going to ensure a Labour Government.
    I woke up to this as nonsense mainly from reading blogs like this and others.
    I realised the stupidity of that train of thought, as my partner once said to me on another completely unrelated matter “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always have what you’ve always had” and this is very true, if you play the main two’s game we will always have what we have always had, and I for one am sick of it and want change.
    So this time I am not going to do what I have always done, and I intend to keep not doing what I’ve always done, then one day when others wake up we can all get something new, it may never get better but at least if I die trying I have not just sat here and taken it.

    • Flyinthesky
      January 24, 2015 at 12:14 pm

      We have spent decades tactically voting for what we want to avoid, I think the time has come to vote for what we want. As you say we may never get there but we have to try.

  3. January 24, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    HU, Kath, FitS – absolutely.

  4. Tedioustantrums
    January 24, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Changing means taking on the establishment and the established parties at the same time. They will argue that black is white and the MSM and the BBC in particular will back them up and do whatever they are told to do or they decide to, to impress their masters. Every day that passes will make you wonder where the truth is, you will wonder what tricks they are playing that you are unaware of.

    I could go on…

    These are no reasons to stop. Politics in the UK is changing but not nearly quickly enough.

    • January 24, 2015 at 8:20 pm

      And even today that has happened with that defection.

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