The Backlash, the Luegenpresse and the New Reformation

The combined liberal/progressive/left hegemony, a mix of left-thinking powers behind government – Masons, Demos, Tavistock, shills in government, manifesting itself in things like Dolphin Square, plus the manipulated do-gooders seeing themselves as “loving left” and compassionate – the whole vast hegemony in every field from education to the courts to the media – BBC, Guardian, Independent, Mirror and now even the Daily Mail and Telegraph, formerly supposedly “rightwing” – as this vast conglomerate starts to see the backlash from ordinary people through rallies typified by Manif and PEGIDA – as they see this, it both gets their adrenaline going as they thrive on conflict and demoralization but at the same time it worries them.

There is, quite simply, an ideological war going on and it is in the interests of the vast left and the Luegenpresse to pretend there isn’t at all. But we have eyes:

Ich wusste nicht, wie mir geschah
Und wie das wurde, was ich sah
Ich sah, daß jetzt auf Erden
Die Menschen nicht glücklich werden
Da wusste ich wie mir geschah
Und wie das wurde, was ich sah*

Thus Manif, which cannot be misrepresented, is played down and ignored, Charlie Hebdo is hijacked and misrepresented in the press as being “against hatred” in general when in fact it was specifically against Muslim violence and the proof of that is the rally in Australia – Je Suis Muslim – a direct answer to the French 3.7 million:

Even the Mail tries it on – was there ever a paper so completely at odds with its readers?  At least the self-respecting Guardianisti go along with the Narrative they are directed to by Toynbee and Co. Have you ever researched her background? “Daughter of Philip, the first Communist president of the Oxford Union.”

The Mail began with the Friedan/Greer mantra:

1.  50s is bad, oppressive, polluted, dystopic, awful, awful, awful;

2.  Today is approaching nirvana, only held back by the “haters”, -phobes and unreconstructeds.

Therefore, the DM has an archive of 50s pics and presents them in that bad light.  But what’s this?  Oh dear, the commenters appear not to agree:

#  Yes we were poor by todays standards but we were brought up to respect people, and say please and thank you. We all started work on very little money and had to work for a few years before getting on the top rates if you were an apprentice 7 years in many cases. Is the world a better place today for the average man Yes of course it is. But far to many people have the attitude that the world owes them a living and a place to live even before they have done a days work or payed any tax. Would i turn the clock back no. But i think a reality check id needed by a certain section of the public .

#  The young will disagree because they have known nothing different, but life was more fulfilling then and people were more courteous and better behaved. The children were well disciplined and well educated. The class divide was accepted, but it wasn’t impenetrable to people with a will to improve their lot in life. Working class people did just that, work, and they didn’t have that overbearing sense of entitlement like many people have today.Thanks to the modern obsession with liberalism society I believe that the social environment has regressed.

#  Fantastic technological advances destroyed by equally devastating declines in morals, so the question is have we improved?  No – we’re all so much nastier, aggressive, selfish, cruel and MISERABLE and all the negative adjectives I have no space to type here!

Oh dear, says the DM, that wasn’t meant to be the reaction – send in the trolls:

#  This is where UKIP will take you back to.


And so to Germany where the lies continue close to the heartland of the Merkel appointing Bruderheist:

If you got your news from the mainstream media, what is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse), the story might very well end there. Then again, the report might also throw in salacious details about the former leader of this movement and his colourful past, or the tragic death of an immigrant man who was killed shortly after a demonstration in Dresden last week.

The fact that many of the supporters appear to be middle class, grandparents, or young couples doesn’t matter. As one government minister remarked, they are merely “Pinstripe Nazis”. Nor does it matter that as was revealed on Wednesday, 20-year old Eritrean Khaled Idris Bahray was actually killed by his flat mate, rather than a roving band of politically engaged Germans protesting against government policy.

The killing was reported in sensationalist tones last week by the British media. The Guardian claimed it “exposes racial tensions in Germany” and “anti-immigration sentiment”. Vice News said “Germany’s recent upsurge in anti-Islam sentiment appears to have taken a dark new turn”, and reported the flat mate’s fabricated version of events as fact, stating Khaled had gone to buy cigarettes and never returned.

You see, this is People Power in undirected form, 2015 style, NOT in the way the left always saw it – Occupy Wall Street, anti-Vietnam War rallies, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Woodstock, the whole panoply of leftdom which has seized the western world since the 60s – they saw us all marching against the banksters and imposing a collectivist state in which everyone achieved love, peace and harmony.

The left is right about the banksters but then they always lose the plot at the next step, as they’re PC narrative-driven.

This in 2015 is their worst nightmare – it’s actually the early roots of a New Reformation in the making, including grassroots Christians [as distinct from holders of High Office], atheists and humanists combined and those referring to themselves now as anti-Statists.

This is real people, families, properly married couples – it’s the bourgeois and working people actually combining in a way Marx would have had a heart attack over. Surely the taxpayer oppresses the downtrodden worker, doesn’t he?

And the more the cracks appear in the fabric of the left hegemony, the more ferocious the lies and distortions pouring out of the mouthpieces, the more the atrocities are prebooked and arranged in a desperate attempt to get everyone to follow the leader.

But it ain’t working and though the left establishment has the guns and the power to incarcerate any for thought crime, the natives, as they say, are revolting … but horror of horrors, not in a way envisaged by the left’s narrative.

So those who label themselves social democrat scramble to dissociate themselves from this hegemony of lies – no no, we’re the good people they say, we believe in love and all getting along and really good things – when in fact they are unknowingly aiding and abetting this hegemony of evil through their voting patterns, their happiness to support any “ban” and in their willingness to run around in fear at the response of the puppetmasters above.

Further to this, first from Wiggia:

Another example of the double standards today, why the lenient sentence as affray was involved and actual bodily harm, and why so long to come to justice, anyone else would have been before the beak within a month or two at most, and yet it as reported elsewhere ASBOs are mostly a complete waste of time, so why again are they used in this manner here, might as well dropped charges and set them free at the start, and don’t they look worried, bastards all.

From Chuckles:

Haiku on that:

Only to be expected. As I keep saying, the fact that all of the intelligence (?) agencies have
thus far failed – dismally – in preventing a single terrorist attack is [to the government] ipso facto proof that more snooping is required.

And there it is. There is a war for civilization going on, started by the elite, using the left channels they’ve so carefully put in place – see Common Purpose and councils for examples – but the Home Guard is increasingly not buying.

Bashir – this about sums it up:


Wonder how many explored that at the Mail? Coz if you go to the early comments, the ones attacking Bashir are heavily red-arrowed for similar sentiments. So, supposedly the same readership, en masse, heavily defend the man, then do an about face and the most heavily green-arrowed start attacking him.

Or else someone at the Mail is playing funny b***ers with the arrows. It’s got to the stage where nothing at all can be trusted in the Luegenpresse.

* Novalis: Es Farbte Sich Die Wiese Grun

7 comments for “The Backlash, the Luegenpresse and the New Reformation

  1. January 25, 2015 at 9:15 am

    As most of the UK press is now owned by the lunatic Aussie Murdoch the fact that all papers are vying for the gutter is no real surprise they are all following the Murdoch school of thought, instigated by the harpie lier Brooks and her cronies, (how she ever got off is beyond me).
    The press has become as unreliable for news as the government is for truth and honesty.
    What they don’t know they fabricate and the public are well on their way to not trusting journalists nearly as much as they don’t trust the politicians and their ability to rule.
    The tide is turning but as a cynic I really don’t see the press or the political cohorts changing their ways till at least half of them are hanging at traitors gate. Not an image I want to dwell on personally. But they lost touch with reality many moons ago and seem to be as arrogant and self important as any politician.

  2. ivan
    January 25, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    The DM arrow manipulation is a known fact and commented on where the comments aren’t censored sorry moderated. You only have to take a screen grab and then refresh the page to confirm.

  3. Viscount Rectum
    January 25, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    The aussie gimp found that even viagra could do nothing for his limp willie he knows he is heading for dementia like his pal Bliar, how she got off? try standing down wind from her, pheromones can do amazing things (except for the now erectile invalid Murdoch)

  4. January 25, 2015 at 5:21 pm


  5. Hereward unbowed.
    January 25, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    I was taking a constitutional on and through a large city park, when I happened upon a fellow dog walker.
    A wry smile and a with a ready wit – though, he was slightly older than me and could remember back to when this green space was covered in football pitches. Where from, Saturday morning and afternoon to Sunday morning, thousands of lads would do battle with each other in pursuit of a ‘pigs bladder’ as my Da used to derogoratorily name it……[ ha, ha I always used to think] and in his time……. dad he played with the oval version, and me? well I loved and played both and cricket [our mutual love] too.

    We reminisced as we strode along, he said, “I’ve five grand kids now, they’ve all gone now – they all loved playing footie…….”
    and I added.
    “you cannot blame them really”.
    He nodded to that, saying, “it ain’t ours lad – anymore”.

    “But wasn’t that the plan?” I entreated,
    to which he quickly replied with no hint of condescension, “careful now son, you’ll be saying something you might regret!”

    We both smiled conspiratorially but both of us, our brows raised, eyes rolling and askance.

    It set me to wondering after we parted, how did it all come to this? The European Union gave the excuse but it was Britain’s own critical theorists who needed no encouragement.

    I do, that uneasy feeling, a queasiness in the pit of my stomach, it only leaves me when I am in the countryside with my fellow Englishmen.
    Because in the towns and cities – particularly London: I feel like a stranger in my own land. Furthermore, and I am damn sure those gentlefolk who march in silent protest in Dresden and all over Germany – empathize, as we all do.

    As you mention at the beginning of your piece Mr. Higham. The left, in; academia, throughout the administration – establishment and particularly the front line social engineering SchutzStaffel – in Councils. These are, the instigators, promulgators and enablers of the Frankfurt School precepts. Frankfurt School which is in synopsis: the eradication of the nation state through mass immigration and facilitating demographic transmogrification. The primary vehicle, the ECHR and discriminatory [oh yes indeed] laws – where, the rights and sensibilities [and creed] of aliens are raised and lifted above the rights and traditions of the majority….Think BRITAIN and GERMANY!

    Social engineering, demographic upheaval and the wanton de-construction of the nation state, what better to flood Europe with a type of backwards thinking people who do not recognize national boundaries………..?

    The luegenpresse, the media, the political claque are to a man and woman so very fond of using the designation, “British Muslim” [Moslem]. If ever there was a misnomer – “British Muslim” would certainly be one, and because it illuminates the astounding ignorance of the liberal intelligentsia, or if not ignorance, then it displays their disingenuous propagandizing. The left, where some the useful idiots are naive tossers who will believe aught and standing, lurking in the shadows behind them: are the real enemies of the British people.

    The Sunni Muslim mind, whether he lives in Hamburg or Leicester holds no loyalty in his/her heart for Deutschland/Britain, their God is first and last – this is what is drilled into them in the Wahhabist Madrasah from early childhood. Next and a poor second in a Muslim’s priority – well down the list in order, first God, then vying together comes money, family and family/money only. Thus, countries don’t matter at all to the Moslem, they do not understand, nor do they wish to comprehend – honour, fealty and allegiance to the land of their birth – Sovereignty, Nationhood – is a totally alien concept to the Muslim.

    The most accurate term, to which they should be referred to is, a “Moslem[s] born in Britain/Germany”, for there can be no such thing as a “British Moslem”. It’s a veil, to assuage the more gullible among the British people to make those who want to believe that somehow Moslems are ‘our’ countrymen, which is the very antithesis of the truth of it.

    Clever, but too bloody clever by the elite, and as Le grand projet goes down the toilette – the Kommissars of Brussels, their groupthink and arching Hubris will meet its Nemesis in the what’s known as: the reality of the market forces.

    It [the EU and fiat money] will be a painful terrible death but who will suffer most – no prizes for guessing who.

    • January 25, 2015 at 6:47 pm

      Thank you for that. Greatly appreciated.

  6. mona
    January 26, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    The EU may meet its nemesis from the cradle of democracy- dear little Greece.

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