Lack Of Favourable Treatment Is Not ‘Discrimination’…

…not if English words are to have any meaning, that is:

A disabled man with the mental age of seven has been barred from his regular visits to Legoland with his carer because of ‘child protection’ fears.

Simon Thomason, 40, who has cerebral palsy, autism and a mental age of seven, has been told his annual pass to the Manchester-based attraction will not be renewed.

Boo! Hiss! Call up the activists, unleash the Twittermob, this is unlawful discrimination based on the fact that he’s disabl…

Wait. What?

Legoland Discovery Centre say they have a policy of refusing entry to adults without children and have defended their decision to turn away Mr Thomason, who was accompanied by an adult carer.

Ah. I see.

Now, leaving aside the ridiculousness of this policy designed to allay hysterical fears of the PaedoBogeyman (that’s a whole other post in itself), this means they are not ‘discriminating against the disabled’.

He’s not barred because of his disability at all. They wouldn’t let in two able-bodied brothers/sister/cousins/mates unaccompanied by children either. He’s merely being treated the same as everyone else!

And as usual, this is AN OUTRAGE! and SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

Clare Lucas, activism lead at charity Mencap, also slammed the decision.

She said: ‘It is unfortunate Legoland Discovery’s policy has had a negative effect on someone with a learning disability who wanted to go out and access leisure activities many people take for granted.’

Able-bodied adults don’t ‘take this for granted’, Caroline, they aren’t allowed in either!

Wait. That’s…not quite true, is it?

…a spokesman for Legoland Discovery Centre said: ‘…we also very much appreciate the continuing appeal that LEGO has for all ages, and it has never been our intention to deny access to our adult fans, or cause distress to anyone.

‘That is why we regularly host evening events specifically for adults in order to showcase specific attractions within the centre and these are very well attended.’

See? What’s wrong with them simply attending one of these events?

‘We hope very much that all adult guests will join us at one of these sessions and we are sure that he would very much enjoy it.

‘However if an evening event is difficult for him to attend then if his family make contact we would be happy to agree a time when one of our managers is available to show him around.’

So after kicking up an almighty fuss in the media, you got your special treatment after all!  

And made it so much harder to resist the next episode of feet stamping and emotional. blackmail. Well done!

3 comments for “Lack Of Favourable Treatment Is Not ‘Discrimination’…

  1. Lord T
    January 26, 2015 at 11:23 am

    A pathetic policy anyway. Is there no common sense in this country anymore. Just tick box mentality to make life easier supported by a few hysterical parents who must make their kids lives hell. Kept in and protected till they get old enough to escape and then like rabbits in the headlights of society as they are out on their own with no experience of strangers. A socialist dream come true.

  2. January 26, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Technically they are not discriminating but…

    “”leaving aside the ridiculousness of this policy””

    …it’s a bloody barmy policy that should be lampooned in the press at any and every given opportunity.

  3. January 27, 2015 at 5:33 am

    A common sign when I were a nipper…. “16 and over not allowed on the swings”.

    Can I sue?

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