Have Merkel and Co finally woken up to the U.S.?

Putin may well be all the bad things they say he is within Russia but one thing he will always do is defend his backyard – that’s specifically what his mandate says he is to do and that’s what he’s doing. He, the Russian nation and the Eastern Ukrainians are going nowhere else.


That is their home. That’s where they lived, live and will live.

End of story.

So what does the U.S. think it’s up to?

Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine is on a “dead-end track fraught with a big catastrophe” if it continues with its military operations in the east of the country ahead of key peace talks later this week.

Well of course it is. From this morning:

‘It’s not just that the rebel strongholds in the factory-heavy east have deprived Ukraine of a quarter of its industrial capacity. It’s that it can’t afford to fight against what’s still its biggest trading partner—Russia.

Think about that. You don’t usually trade a lot with the country you’re going to battle against, but Ukraine’s economy is so dependent on Russia’s that it still trades more with it than any other country.

That means anything that hurts Russia, like lower oil prices or sanctions, just redounds onto Ukraine, and puts it in an even bigger financial hole.’

Does Poroshenko think, in his nationalist fervour, that the U.S. is going to remain as the primary Ukrainian armed force in perpetuity?  That the U.S. seriously thinks Russia will budge one inch?  Of course the Big Two don’t.  This is all about something quite different.

The Russian President showed no sign of backing down over the Ukraine crisis during an interview with Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram before a summit with the leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine on Wednesday.

Well why would he?  Why on earth would he?  Like the U.S. in Nicaragua and El Salvador, plus all the other countries in the region it has destabilized in the past, it’s par for the course.

Putin will not be spoken to in the language of ultimatums at talks on the Ukraine crisis, a Russian radio station quoted the Kremlin as saying.

Not on matters Russian, no.  Nor will the U.S.  be spoken to that way by Russia in Cuba, nor will Britain be spoken to that way by anyone on our doorstep.  [Er, well actually forget that one – anyone, including the Muslims, speaks to Cameron just as they wish.  We are officially wimps with tails between our legs – thanks Dave, Beaker and Cleggover.]

But to understand the real game going on here, the double game, so to speak, takes very few brains. Why was the EU ostensibly formed?  To be a bloc, right, to oppose and rival the U.S.  And what does the U.S. do to potential rivals?  Destabilizes, white-ants them of course.  And what does the U.S. do to friendly nations?  Destabilizes them, demands bases on the soil.

And that’s what it appears Merkel, Hollande and Co have woken up to at last [though not our Phillip Hammond, of course, who’s still fighting Blenheim].

This post could be left at that except for one small thing.  I believe Merkel’s masters, Bertelsmann and the illumined nobility plus Hollande’s masters, the illumined nobility, plus Putin’s lot are all perfectly well aware where this theatre is going.

In fact, the U.S. illumined let the cat out of the bag by saying Putin plans to annexe pri-Baltika again and create another buffer.  Theory is – NATO pokes the Russian bear long enough, Russia then doesn’t just defend itself but actually punishes the west and creates new buffer zones in the process.

U.S. then blames Russian aggression.  Purpose?  Conflagration in Europe again, fight each other to a standstill, reduce the population by some 25%, U.S.  gets called in, having scrapped Monroe 2. All financial naughtiness worldwide forgiven and forgotten, new financial order after the smoke clears.

And remember the U.S. has just launched its first laser weapon operationally – a new way of death. Do you expect me to talk?  No, Mr. Europe, I expect you to die.

Meanwhile, Russia infiltrates America in the same way as in the 60s and 70s with the peace movement. Disguised FEMA zones become active, Whole world unstable, everything as it should be – permawar.

So these people behind it, where are they?  Well, as more than one thinker has said, don’t just look at the EU itself or even at the Club of Rome – look to the UN too.

Domestically, where is the homegrown version?  If you want to meet the ones who should be hanging from gibbets, why not pop round to Chatham House or to one of the Scottish Rite lodges on a High Day.

U.S.? Spoilt for choice there – any high-up Shriner, any lodge honcho, e.g. Alexandria, the CFR or TLC, drop in on Bohemian Grove in July.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    February 9, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry about lasers. Bullets and bombs are easier to make, don’t break down as much, and are harder to foil – think mirrored surfaces.

  2. Tedioustantrums
    February 10, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    They’ve managed to promote the minorities over the majority. They? Who knows. And… And… We fall for it and we go along with it. Jeez.

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