Case studies in lack of self-control

When arguments fail:


The subject of that pic from Kent was “Nigel Farage hit over the head by placard”.  Says it all.

This writer judges political issues on where there is hypocrisy, humbuggery and plain lying in order to promote its wares and where there is not … and opts for where there is not.

Therefore, it became apparent that, though the Tory platform did indeed support good things like small business, low taxes, a reining in of bureaucracy, the leadership was way left of that and in fact, Supreme Leader Cameron was one of the worst for lies, broken promises and general humbuggery, just as his alter ego Blair had been.

However, much as there has been shameful dodginess against UKIP behind the scenes, the Tories at least did not resort to physical violence, except in Dolphin Square and similar.  Thus the by-election contested by Roger Helmer, though undermined by Tory skulduggery behind the scenes, was nevertheless genteel on the ground, apart from a lot of ra-ra-ra from supporters of both sides.

That cannot be said about Labour [paedo support] areas.  We all saw the bussing in of radicals and unionists to intimidate Farage and make him retreat to the UKIP shop and yet the left says it supports free speech and love for one another.

This is the humbug of these people.  In case anyone thinks that’s a one off, witness, please, the mess that Brighton is now in after the Greens got to it and now, apparently, the Greens are split, as the left always does splinter off into the Judaean People’s Front and variations on that theme.  Hard to imagine grown people acting like this but there you are.

But it’s not just bickering, is it?  It’s real physical violence and intimidation, underlining their deep respect for law and order and people’s right to go about their business – we saw that in the SNP.

And of course, there was last December:

The group – Merthyr says NO to UKIP – was founded by Elspeth Parris, Green PPC for Merthyr Tydfil. Other admins were David Davies, a Labour councillor in Merthyr and Harriet Protheroe-Davis, a student activist who will apparently join any campaign so long as it features a red star.

Also members of the group are two other Labour councillors from Merthyr, Darren Roberts and Rhonda Braithwaite, a Plaid Cymru PPC, Freddy Greaves, and UNISON managers Dawn Bowden and Dan Beard.

The member we are interested in though is part time musician Malik Furreed. Furreed was so incensed by the operation of democracy that he called for volunteers to ‘fuck up’ the UKIP shop in Merthyr which was due to open a couple of days later.

Various leftists, in comments there took exception to the truth being told and I quote one:

Filthy racist scum in UKIP.

Ah yes, articulate and with evidence to back his assertion, despite UKIP disavowing extremism on their site and wanting the same border controls as any other nation.  But the Kool Aid drives out all reason, does it not and insistence on pesky things like a bit of evidence.

Answered by another commenter:

It truly is remarkable how these lefties get so angry because someone has an opinion that differs to theirs.

They are so full of nastiness and aggression. Threats to burn people alive, damage property and the like should be dealt with swiftly by the courts, we can’t have that roaming our civilised streets.

Yes but they never will be prosecuted and know it, they can commit any crime and get off free.  You and I would be charged.

Now look at UKIP supporters.  Show one case on the hustings where a bunch of UKIP thugs intimidated another party’s speakers?  I didn’t say heckled, I said intimidated.

Precisely.  When you get people who feel self-entitled, eternal victims and for whom the normal rules do not apply, you get the looting in London during the riots.  Name one person stealing from those shops, even one, who turned out to be a UKIP supporter.


Further reading:

Quite rare for the MSM to tell the truth but they did here in this piece on United Associates of Fascism:

Anti-fascist protesters have been blamed by police for provoking the violence which broke out as a controversial organisation campaigning against the spread of Islam attempted to hold a rally.

Several people were hurt, including at least two police officers, and 74 people were arrested as the group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protested on Saturday against the English Defence League (EDL) rally in Bolton, Lancashire.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, from Greater Manchester Police (GMP), accused UAF supporters of deliberately inciting violence and attacking officers who were trying to keep the two sides apart.

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  1. February 13, 2015 at 11:47 am

    The UAF = UNITED AGAINST FREEDOM OF SPEECH as far as I am concerned a bigger bunch of unwashed trouble makers you could not hope to meet and government funded too which equates to funded by us the tax payer.
    They are very aggressive and incredibly dangerous government backed rabble rouser’s.

  2. Viscount Rectum
    February 13, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    You will find Superarshole Cameron is a supporter of UAF he gave his signature to the founding document along with other commies, why doesnt Farage ask Cameron what he was doing in South Africa with Dr Kelly sniffing out WMD.

  3. Buck Moody
    February 13, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Unite against a metaphor for unity? No thank you! These people are dangerous idiots!

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