West Mercia Police Seem To Have More Resources Than They Need…

…so let’s ignore any demands they make for more, or any complaints about ‘Tory cuts’, shall we?

The petition, set up yesterday by local Ceri Ransome, reads: “We the undersigned request that West Mercia Police take immediate action to find, arrest and charge the people who encouraged a man to jump to his death from a multi storey building in Telford on Saturday 14th March 2015.

“The family deserve this justice and the people of Telford want these people to be held accountable for their vile behaviour and complete lack of compassion.

“This petition also appeals to the Shropshire Star to name and shame these people.

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the man concerned at this sad time.”

Silly girl! Police have far too much to do and so few resources to do it with that they can’t just act on…


Police have since confirmed that they will seek to identify offenders who taunted him and arrest them.

Mark O’Connor, a detective sergeant for West Mercia police, said: “We do not condone such behaviour, and would hope that the local community would work with our officers to provide information regarding those who committed the cruel taunts.

“This was clearly someone who was in need of support.

“In response to the activity on social media, the origin of any comments or material that is deemed to be unlawful will be investigated and appropriate police action will be taken against any identified individual.”

It was left to someone a little higher up the food chain to lay out some excuses for the ravening mob in the event the CPS says ‘Take a hike, offendotrons!’:

Inspector William Scott from West Mercia Police said:

“We are currently investigating this to establish if a criminal offence has taken place and if so we will take appropriate action. ”

“We have also been made aware of distasteful social media activity following the incident. We will also analyse this to establish whether an offence has taken place and if so we will take appropriate action.”

Translation: *shrugs* “CPS, innit? Nuffink to do wiv us…”

But this is just another indication of the debasement of our culture, and the increased appetite of the police to go for easy offences, led by the howling mob, to placate a ‘public opinion’ that is as fickle as the British weather.

Coupled with a desire by the authorities to police every expression and utterance, we are heading further out into dangerous waters every day.

5 comments for “West Mercia Police Seem To Have More Resources Than They Need…

  1. March 18, 2015 at 9:48 am

    Whilst I detest and abhor the behaviour of these people, I am fairly sure taunting someone is not illegal YET.
    What is getting lost in this lunacy is the poor man who felt so desperate he jumped.
    I have to say if someone is intent on committing suicide they will do it regardless of others. Tragic that the last words he heard were taunts.
    But hardly a police matter.
    I feel for his family suicide has dreadful effects on the family left behind.
    Maybe this police force would like to hand over the proportion of their budget that they clearly have no real need for to mental health services locally to help support people in crisis and help prevent this happening in the future.

  2. March 18, 2015 at 10:17 am

    Let us not put too much pressure on the police. They have so much hate crime from Islamists marching in the street threatening to kill people to ignore. They are flat out.

  3. Bucko
    March 18, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Hmm. If I’m honest, had he been on a motorway bridge, I may well have joined in, if I was stuck in the traffic below.

  4. Furor Teutonicus
    March 19, 2015 at 8:34 am

    XX confirmed that they will seek to identify offenders who taunted him and arrest them.XX

    For what offence?

    Now, O.K, it is over 30 years since I was at Bruche (Police training center) but I can not remember a law that stops someone from shouting “JUMP!”

    I want to see the court case that tries it.

  5. Woman on a Raft
    March 19, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Depends on whether or not the deceased could have heard what was being shouted. If he could not, then it matters not what anybody said, but if they could have been heard by him – or their comments read on his own phone – then that communication may have affected his behaviour and brought the shouters within the scope of the Suicide Act 1961.

    The CPS advise:

    A person commits an offence under section 2 of the Suicide Act 1961 if he or she does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the suicide or attempted suicide of another person, and that act was intended to encourage or assist suicide or an attempt at suicide.

    This offence is referred to in this policy as “encouraging or assisting suicide”. The consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is required before an individual may be prosecuted.

    The offence of encouraging or assisting suicide carries a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment. This reflects the seriousness of the offence.

    Committing or attempting to commit suicide is not, however, of itself, a criminal offence.

    When suicide was de-criminalized in 1961 it was necessary to prevent those who might commit murder from having an automatic defence based on consent. Normally it is not an offence to help someone perform a lawful act.

    While there are some cases where one might assist a person to take their own life where the law will be disapplied, it is difficult to think of any case where it would be lawful to specifically encourage someone to do it.

    There is a viable charge here – established in statute 54 years ago and was definitely illegal before that – and all that is to be argued is the circumstances where this behaviour counts as encouragement.

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