Ten megatons on Mecca should do it …


Guido’s commenters cut to the chase. You are warned that the language is fruity below. If you are of a sensitive disposish, this might not be for you. Just skip over the post.

The world is under attack.

There is now nowhere in the world that is safe from muslim terrorists. This news was just confirmed:

British woman among dead in museum attack in Tunis that killed at least 19 people, Tunisian health minister says

Not a day goes by without people in one part of the world or another being murdered by followers of this evil poisonous ideology.

At what point do we say enough is enough and take action? This is no different to the threat posed by the Nazis and the world was slow to react to that threat too.


Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and it is not only being ignored but denied. People are being killed world wide in the name of this vile reigion. The gov does zilch, nada. fuck all.


It’s appeasement. Pure and simple. Hoping that the problem will go away. But the fuckers just get bolder and bolder and kill more and more harmless, innocent tourists and commuters and shoppers and our governments just turn a blind eye and pretend it’s just the odd one. Even though hundreds if not thousands have left the UK alone to murder more innocent Christians and muslims from the ‘wrong’ branch of Islam.

Because, I suppose, they figure that if we do take the gloves off then we’ll have to deal with one billion of the fuckers. And do they want that hassle?

Obviously not.

But events might take that decision out of their hands. The RoP seems to just love pushing and pushing and needling for a reaction so they can then throw up their arms and pretend to be the offended party.


About 10 megatons on Mecca should fix the problem, for 500 years at least.

Must admit, the idea of 10 megatons on Mecca greatly appeals. There’s something quite provocative inside my soul [is it resident evil?], possibly in yours too, which is just itching to blow up Mecca and drop one on the dome on the rock and that other one.

But nah, that would be unChristian, using Muslim tactics on themselves.

Ah haf a plan!

1. Let’s get these deportations underway. Let’s start with that Chukka someone and the other one – the hate preacher, whatsisname? Choudary. And that Galloway. Then we can round up all the bums who took part in the killings and Kill Brits protests and parachute them onto Mecca too. The Imams will go on that flight.

That should pretty well do it for sometime, no bloodshed, no one hurt over here and Mecca can deal with their accommodation over there.


2. Then it’s a case of setting up a safe zone for middle-easterners who can’t stomach Islam – perhaps around the Kurdish north of Iraq, it would need to be defined. Hmmmmm – a look at that map is not encouraging – it is surrounded by nutters.

Hate to say this to the Kurds and Yazidis, to the Armenians but it’s going to need a safer place, lads and lasses, somewhere with sea access. Not sure if they’d move from their land either. I was thinking of somewhere like this:

non-islamic zone

Perhaps it could be in an expanded Israel or maybe a buffer zone around Israel – Nethanyahu might accept this, peoples not hostile around them. The Kurds could have their area, the Yazidi theirs, other groups theirs.

3. Now this is going to cost and again, I think Nethanyahu might accept this. To beef up the zone, we, the west, would need to pay. So, if we cut all our foreign aid except this and heavily arm the region, along with huge irrigation projects, dams etc., there’d be a lovely area which would probably also get much tourism. Let’s say electronics or computing could be the region’s staple.

West Bank. Part of the deal would be that Jewish settlements cease to expand further east and the East Jerusalem building would cease. No need for internal war. Yet.

Jordan. Though Muslim, they’d be invited to be part of the zone and the protection would be extended to them too. This might be the area into which fleeing Muslims might go.

Next, the Gazans would be invited to come into that zone and build new homes, given that the crap is about to be bombed out of their old. That might take a month. Once the time’s up and all who are moving have done so, the very next rocket from Hamas and Gaza is then bombed to smithereens, once and for all, creating a wasteland no-go zone. Same applies north of the new area.

I suggest if any of the Muslim nations get uppity, attacking militarily etc., automatically they get bombed to smithereens in the capital whence the attacks came. No international courts of rights and that garbage. Instant retaliation. UN needs to be kept right out of it.

4. Security. Any threat by Jews to Christians inside the zone, e.g. in Bethlehem, Nazareth – foreign aid will cease henceforth. Ditto any other minority except Muslims under threat. As for Muslims, as long as they behave, all is well.

Any threat from Iran and Turkey is then somewhat neutralized. They can do as they like within their own barren wastelands.

5. Industry and economy. I’d imagine that 50% of the budget is on infrastructure and industry, 50% on defence.

Shipping would need to be a very big industry and I can imagine dockyards where cheaper tankers than any around the world are built and sold or hired out. There are just so many things the region could do.

This could be the food basket of the world. Orchards everywhere, olive groves.

6. UN. Once their howls die away, they would be invited, just to feel part of the fun, to designate the zone International Confederation of Middle-Eastern States or whatever and they could have their peacekeeping observers in there.

Any funny buggers, trying to create a Palestinian State or whatever and they’re out on a plane home. Behave and they’re welcome.

7. Diplomacy. I’d imagine south Cyprus would become twinned somewhat and mutual trade would go on, ditto with Greece, Italy, all the good guys of the area. There might even be a combined Mediterranean fleet to deal with boat people. For example, if Italy saw that these people were processed and either taken back or allowed to head for the new zone, they might pay for this service.

8. This zone would be noted for its religious tolerance – in fact it would be enshrined in law, on pain of expulsion. No one oppresses anyone else.

9. Border controls. More the merrier. Crims excluded and Muslims unless they can assure of peaceful intent. Western leftists would have to convince of their lack of treachery before getting visas.

10. Eventually. The loose confederation of states would become stronger than Israel alone and armed to the teeth by the west. The borders would be like Maginot lines.

Within a decade, the zone would start paying back to the west and it would become a preferred destination, a middle-eastern oasis known for its culture and climate.

Might do the trick.

14 comments for “Ten megatons on Mecca should do it …

  1. March 19, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    hate to tell you that your scheme would never ever work. The bit about the bomb might work, but the lefty lawyers would lie down on the bloody runways before a single raghead gets flown out of the country.

    I admit that the whole idea of ridding ourselves of the people who seem to be the ONLY ones who tend to kill anyone who disagrees with their ideas of humour, cartoons, free speech or even slow dancing is appealing; but hey: they are just protesting, aren’t they?

    I touched on the idea of revenge in a novel I wrote a while back about
    British right-wing Politics but that employed ordinary high explosives plus a touch of napalm, but I had another go in another story which centred around revenge, and I did think that that solution was more to the point.

  2. John
    March 19, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    I was thinking more about 10 megatons on Bradford. It’s a dreadful shitty place anyway…

    • Mudplugger
      March 19, 2015 at 9:14 pm

      But, perversely, the few remaining indiginous inhabitants of Bradford can sleep easy in their beds, knowing that the dusky rag-heads will not unleash their Jihadi bombs and bullets on their very own doorstep.
      Far better to do it miles away in London, Paris, New York etc., and then dash back to Bradford to carry on running their festering takeaway, smashing the taxi, banking all the Benefits and group-bonking the under-age white girl-trash. It’s a lifestyle choice.

    • Voice of Reason
      March 19, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      How about Swindon, if anyone would notice?

      • Johnnydub
        March 19, 2015 at 11:29 pm

        Leave Swindon alone. There’s a good outlet mall there… Rest is a bit shit though.

    • Daedalus
      March 20, 2015 at 10:24 pm

      10 megatons would only cause about Ā£15.32 worth of damage, and thats is Abduls 1999 M3 gets raised as well.

  3. March 19, 2015 at 7:23 pm


  4. James Strong
    March 19, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    This is a huge problem, and there is no pleasant solution.

    Certainly deportation of those who demonstrate calling for violence would be welcome.

    But that will not be enough.

    There is going to be a need for brutal, merciless violence.

    Dropping the big one on Mecca and Medina might be necessary.

    But then we need to look at the likely response, an upsurge of violence from all mohammedan areas. Then we would need to obliterate millions more, maybe tens of millions.
    And it would be worth it to save the West from medieval barbarity.

    But all this mass slaughter could be avoided if the mohammedans stopped their violence against us now.

    If I were in the White House I would call in the leaders of all mohammedan countries and say ‘We don’t care what you do to your own people within your own borders, but if there is an attack on the West in the name of Islam we will obliterate the country it came from and obliterate the cities of Mecca and Medina’.

    Then I’d be ready to do it.
    And keep up the violence until they desist.

    It’s an appalling scenario, but the alternative is surrender. And that is worse.

  5. Penseivat
    March 19, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    I haven’t read Mike Cunningham’s book but I do recall a revenge story some years ago where a radioactive device was planted beneath the black stone in Mecca by a grief stricken billionaire. The idea was that the millions of visitors would either die of radiation poisoning or be made sterile and, as only Muslims are allowed into Mecca, the religion would all but die out in a couple of generations. The plot was foiled by a group of American (typical – bloody yanks!) special forces. Interesting plot but badly written.

  6. March 19, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    You’ve done this before, it was a good plan then and it’s a good plan now.

    But what about the old ladies playing Bingo?

    PS, Bradford was lovely forty years ago, all nice Victorian benefactor public parks and workers’ housing.

    • March 20, 2015 at 8:24 am

      Yes, tis puzzling what the solution is.

  7. Viscount Rectum
    March 20, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    We are now thinking the unthinkable Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a nightmare scenario, we now have one a demographic one to boot, as for Britain expulsion on a massive scale or be bred out of existence.

  8. Ed P
    March 21, 2015 at 9:04 am

    What if there was an incurable BSE-like disease which Halal slaughter did not block?

  9. March 21, 2015 at 10:09 am

    My concern in this is that the innocent get an escape route, something they can take if they wish. It may just be entry to an expanded Israel and they’d obviously each have to go through the Mossad and IDF scrutiny but the bottom line is that it would be doable .

    Downside of this is a boat people situation where large numbers want to ship out and leave the barren lands to ISIS to rule as they wish. Israel simply would not be big enough to accommodate them and besides, it’s just putting Arabs on their doorstep again. Yazidi and Kurds are a small percentage.

    Jordan is the obvious choice for these masses but I can’t see Jordan doing the irrigation projects, infrastructure etc. And the bottom line is that it is the Americans through the CIA who created these monsters, e.g. ISIS or at least armed them along with Saudi. Too many players in the region wanting mayhem.

    On the other hand, getting these Muslim women into a safe area and letting the children see peace the closer they get to Israel is not bad. This would rob the jihadis of their upcoming fighting men. Of course, if the trouble IS actually Islam, then the same thing will happen in these safe zones.

    In which case the bomb might be the most humane way. Or the halal additive.

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