A real threat to our freedom and culture [2]

Though nominally Protestant, this writer is no Catholic basher, as Catholic readers well know and much of the original church teaching is still Catholic teaching renamed.

There are things combining to drive a crowbar into the Church, the better to wreck it and it’s happening to every Church, not just the Catholic.

The American Presbyterians are a disgrace with their gay “marriage” which any Christian knows is anti-scriptural, the Southern Baptists leave themselves wide open to corruption charges, the US megachurch high priests have their Lear jets, Welby and Co. are corrupt over here. So if I dwell on the Catholics today, it is in addition to, not isolated and alone.

It was always a puzzle to me how, in the end times, it would be done. Many times I heard of this “falling away” of people but never knew what the mechanism was going to be. Why would anyone who read the Sermon on the Mount, who saw the relative peace the Judaeo-Christian thing brought to western society – why would they abandon that for a godless, lawless land where society is run by the insane and the prostitute is the new celebrity? Wouldn’t people look back to the French Revolution and see what followed the placing of the strumpet on the altar in Notre Dame?

Bloodshed across the land.

Now I see how it is done. Firstly, centuries ago, the Royal Society is instituted for this purpose – to replace Church dogma with pseudo-Scientific dogma.  Their actual interest in science was addressed the other day in thecharge of being the voice for climate alarmism.

Then, generations ago, counter-teaching comes in, e.g. the Frankfurt School’s critical theory, the schools become stacked with the type, the judiciary, the media, literature.

The Word is simply not taught or where it still is taught by schools, it is out of context and those outside constantly highlight human intolerance and dogmatism as meaning the Word itself.

Generations change.

The first hedonistic generation, the Boomers, does its worst, the lost Generation X, with all its resentment and hatred comes through and then, finally, the godless Gen Y are born, never having been systematically shown the Word or any code of conduct except World Culture.

On the other hand, the hierarchical Church, in all its pomp and circumstance, is still there on the periphery and it looks bad. From the corruption mentioned in paragraph three to all the other scandals the press eagerly awaits, those churches appear to be chanting tired mantras, never speaking on things they should in the world and this new religion has taken over – World Culture.

Part of the UN led World Culture, with its Slenderman, drug-addledness, hopelessness, its PCism, false “fairness and tolerance”, false “diversity”, the Church decides to get off its backside and finally attack something evil.

Only problem is – in the new World Culture, this particular evil is seen as a good.

And politically, the fashionable thing to be is vaguely centre-right libertarian – this is, politically, where the sane reside. The libertarian, who often confuses classical liberalism with “anything goes” and “do as thou wilt”, sees attacks on this new phenomenon by the Church and sides with the World Culture on it.

After society’s been softened up for three generations, all it takes is one single issue to topple its underpinnings of values and law.

That issue is the one being vehemently pushed by the Gay Mafia. And right behind it are the Harmans and Hewitt’s saying, “And that goes for paedos too.  All good.”

A Church which would not come out and lead the way in the society for generations suddenly finds its religiosity and the high priests speak out against sodom and gomorrah. And the people look over at the crumbling institutions of these high priests and call them hatemongers, as the PC mantra requires them to call anything their twisted system of values does not approve of.

But still millions of Catholics don’t fall away, as the Protestants have in their cathedrals and churches. The Catholics still choose to believe and the chieftains of evil think to themselves – what the hell do we have to do to finally consign this Christianity to the scrapheap?

Then they find their mechanism:

O’Brien stands accused of making sexual advances to young men while also thunderously opposing gay marriage. He has admitted that he failed to keep his promise of celibacy over many years, up to and including his tenure as Primate of Scotland.

The Scottish hierarchy of that era is today cast under a shadow. The boozy and genial O’Brien was not discreet in his behaviour, according to many sources. Forgive the cliché, but it seems that he was cloaked in a conspiracy of silence.

The Pope has stripped him of his cardinal’s robes.

What a double victory for the forces of evil. Not only do they now label the priesthood as potential paedos, but they exonerate gays because of O’Brien’s faux opposition, whilst gay himself. [Just a quick word on this. Man molests boy. Both male, therefore this is homosexual. Homosexual + paedo = gay paedo.]

What the Catholic Church needs to do

It really does have a major issue. Already facing widespread apostasy from those signing up to Vatican II, with only the older generation still holding onto the old teaching and those people liable to die in the next twenty years, the Church, suddenly, seems quite Laodicean, quite vulnerable.

Only this time, there is no Luther, no Zwingli, no Erasmus to challenge it from within and still retain the Word. No, the forces surrounding it this time are the genuine enemy – the bulls of Bashan, the devil’s legions.

And the secular arm of government, in bed with the spiritual [Masonic, other occult] will, over this gay pretext, silence the Church and imprison its people for daring to refuse gay “marriage”.

The secular side of society, by now the majority, will go along with the enemy, Them, and agree to such incarceration, totally unaware that their own subsequent enslavement is thereby assured.  Remember Niemoeller?

All over one issue – that’s all it took.

Worse than that, any people speaking out on the issue are demonized as though they themselves were the doers of evil, the haters. This is the upside down world of the upside down pentagram.

And whereas the Judaeo-Christian society we once had was largely merciful, cf. ISIS, any African state, Hitler, Stalin, China, India, Saudi – there is now only fiendish retribution on the hated devotees of “Creationism”, as the enemy terms it these days.

And that’s how I see it largely going. There’ll still be stalwarts holding out, two voices in the street, against this tide of rudderlessness, with people not knowing which way to turn, manipulated and managed by the State, with those who know not what they do suddenly directed by the media to turn in this rebel or that insurrectionist and the pleasure for the State will be seeing the former libertarian turning in the Christian for his just desserts.

All because he denounces gay “marriage” but actually because the brainwashed have been prepared to turn on any section of society still capable of providing a counter-message.

By all joining in to stamp out this small part of society, what is really stamped out is the only consistent opposition to the forces of the state.  That’s why the State is going to such lengths, hoping to use the Muslims to add the finishing touches.

Thus endeth freedom.

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  1. Viscount Rectum
    March 22, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Cameron brought this law in under instructions from NWO an abuse of Gods law marriage is between a man and a woman, this raises man above the animal, his revenge may be ISIS.

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