How to “accidentally” skew a result [1]

Thanks to haiku for pointing to this.  There is an element of the speculative to this one, the second post later is very much a constant danger and not speculative in the least.

One thing many of us have identified and commented on is the “mix up”, the seemingly inexplicable shambles, which eventually becomes understandable because of the chain of command.

In Russian, it is known as “polni ablom”.  It’s when systems fail and all goes wrong, often through cascade failure.  Some call it SNAFU.  While everyone accepts that this happens, there is a school of thought which says there is something quite deliberate to some of them, in putting in an infrastructure which could well lead to it later.

And that brings us back to our old friend – incompetence or design?

For example, at a critical time, quite coincidentally, Hillary Clinton might inadvertently delete all her State Department files.  The fallout for her might be missing out on the presidency – although the left is very forgiving of its own when she’s shown to be “human” after all – and so it becomes just a slap on the wrist.  No one would employ her as Secretary of State again but that was a feint anyway.  You see how it goes.  So the human error passes by and some might even feel a certain sympathy towards her.

A little more far-fetched in people’s minds would be all the data lost in the Twin Towers on 911 and the mysterious failure of detection devices monitoring such planes.  Another is the mysterious failure of the CCTV at critical times during the 7/7 bomb blast.  Another is the mysterious failure of the brakes or steering in Diana’s tunnel. Boston springs to mind.


1.  rational people do not believe in conspiracy;
2.  it’s all up in the air and not attributable to anything more than SNAFU …

… then it would be a most effective device, were it so.  

It also works when a potential terrorist is lost to sight by monitoring devices because of a mix-up of two separate orders given on the same day.  That sort of thing.

And so to El Reg:

Millions of voters are missing: It’s another #GovtDigiShambles.  

Millions of people may be unable to vote in May’s general election because the Cabinet Office refused to heed warnings from its own pilot programmes two years ago.

Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) at local authorities who have spoken to us on condition of anonymity say the Cabinet Office – the secretive Whitehall department responsible for, ironically, “efficiency” – failed to heed the warnings from the pilots, which showed major problems with data matching.

EROs have new responsibilities because of a change in the way that the electoral register is compiled. The pilots indicated that under the new system, EROs would need more resources to fulfil the new legal burden of Individual Voter Registration, which required them to verify what was previously taken on trust.

This is the first General Election to use “Individual Voter Registration” (IVR), which requires each voter to register to vote individually.

The change was made in the 2013 Electoral Registration and Administration Act. Previously, the “head of the household” was responsible for ensuring voters were registered to vote.

In October, the Electoral Commission reported that 5.5m voters were missing from the Electoral Register. But this shouldn’t be a surprise to the Cabinet Office, who knew of the problems two years ago.

Uh-huh … and which particular votes, in which particular constituencies, have gone “missing”?

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  1. Hereward unbowed.
    March 26, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Ghost Pakis, who will miss their ‘votes’ barring – the scum party?

  2. DaveK
    March 26, 2015 at 12:30 pm


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