Dishonesty and a special type of idiocy

$(KGrHqEOKowFIt9KRSuMBSMtSCcjEg~~60_12Over and over it is reiterated ad nauseam on these pages that the two things which really do get up the nostrils are firstly dishonesty and then a particular type of idiocy.

Let’s do the dishonesty first. In the pic, you see a packet of Ryvita Thins multi-seed flatbread, similar to what I’ve just bought from ASDA. I don’t mind paying the premium price, as they’re going to put the digestion back in order, so I bought three packs. Hard to tell from the pic but it is 7″ x 4.25″ x 1.7″, the pack.

What a customer can expect inside is 4 separate packs of 6 wafers, for that price. What the customer gets is one shallow, brown plastic punnet and lightly sprinkled about are broken wafers. I did a quick calcualtion and had they been made into flatbread slices, there would have been 8 of them total in there.

Quite aside from false advertising, it is fraud and theft. As I’m just coming out of illness now [today’s the first day I can move about], I’m not in any condition to take this one to the limit. So I’ll just learn never to buy them again.

Now to the special type of idiocy.

We are all idiots in some ways, make mistakes and then go and do them again – I was like that with wimmin, never learnt my lesson, was taken to the cleaners a few times – think they see me coming.

Also, it is true that we are what we read. If we read utter garbage like the Guardian, then we become Guardianisti, Toynbees, if we read the [old] Telegraph before it went left, the Speccy and so on, then we are probably going to see things more conservatively. That’s just life.

And the other day, I ran a post, courtesy Chuckles or haiku, of what happened when a libertarian tried to join a debate in Brown University. That was a perfect glimpse of the left’s fascism and anti-free-speech in action.

Which then gets to the question of hypocrisy and left-fascism, rather than idiocy per se.

But there does also exist a special type of idiocy, not limited just to the left, although it’s mainly them. This is where, not only do they concoct this bizarrely unrealistic construct of life and how to live it, e.g. living in their feminist dystopia with all its hate crime, but there is something else, another factor.

OK, here’s the article in question:

Ukip has my constituency firmly in its sights, parachuting in its main man, Nigel Farage, in an act of bullish intent. When Farage ran for election here in 2005, the party was regarded as a bunch of marginal wackos, rather than serious contenders. Now, South Thanet is a bellwether seat: victory here might be just the chisel in the crevice that Ukip needs to split the political landscape wide open.

So Farage knows the turf. I know it, too. For a couple of years, in an attempt to integrate with my new community, I ran a tiny cafe, selling the crab sandwiches I couldn’t find elsewhere. But I gave up: the introduction of one of the UK’s first lobster rolls was treated with as much suspicion as if I’d labelled them Bulgarian Homosexual Wedding Pies.

And she speaks of whack-jobs? Her? And as for her Farage johnny-come-lately, part of the area for a very long time, it being his home turf – how long had she been there? Two years? And she couldn’t even run a business properly – it’s the fault of the consumer, isn’t it, that she failed? Sheesh. Save me from the idiot.

The instant I read the opening: “The decision was made one December afternoon as we poked bare toes into the clean, golden sand outside the Pavilion on Broadstairs seafront,” that screamed young female journo and when she then suddenly descended to: “the Pavilion is a shitehole boozer,” this was the hallmark of the graceless young “modern” woman with the potty mouth. The Penny Red. Do I use language like that in a post? [Comments are entirely different, free-for-all, never mind them].

Chuckles puts it better than I can:

For me, it is the absolutely diagnostic mark of the Guardianistas, Social Justice Warriors and all the rest.

They live in a little bubble, with an absolute certainty that EVERYONE thinks as they do, and they really are dumbfounded and destroyed when they discover that almost nobody thinks the way they do.

And that’s in a UK/English worldview that they are irrelevant, in the rest of the world NOBODY thinks like they do, unless they appear waving money as a tourist or offering ‘foreign aid’ or similar.

Even then, they are treated as the joke they are. Look at how Obama or Blair and their cohorts are treated in the middle east. Their only utility is their money, and of late they only have debased fiat currencies. They have run out of ‘other peoples money’.

They are irrelevant embarrassments.

This was graphically shown by Yuri Bezmenov who used the term “useful idiots” for the left. The Soviets used to crease themselves laughing when the Ted Kennedys and suchlike came over or when the Hanoi Janes sat astride a North Vietnamese gun barrel and committed treason, as Obama is now with Iran.

The left, in all their love-everyone stupidity, misconstrue totally what was written in the Bible about love thy neighbour, they misapply it. An enemy which is going to kill your family is to be stopped. Name me a father or mother who would not do that? Did no one learn anything from Chamberlain’s appeasement? Nothing at all?

Turn the other cheek is about personal relations with others, choosing one’s battles.

As Chuckles pointed out – a completely faux reality, different to the rest of the land and totally alien to any other culture in the world. Only found in our supposed first world lands, where life is still secure enough to support their naive smugness.

We still haven’t got to it though.

If it were just that, then we could switch these idiots off. But they never leave it at that, do they? They call for bans and taxpayer money wastage for all their little schemes they dream up. And are utterly convinced not only that they’re rational but that everyone has to fall in line with their little schemes.

Did you see Caviar’s plans for the next Scottish elections? Women-only shortlists? The jaw sags.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t like the type and why I suspect a hell of a lot of people worldwide would not be able to tolerate them either.

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  1. Hereward unbowed.
    April 1, 2015 at 12:17 am

    I hope that you are on the mend and will get properly back in the saddle and soon James.

    As to the wimmin [vermin?] of the extreme left [like Islam there is no such thing as moderation with these zealots] – and those other girls stuffed shirts like Owen ‘the shout you down gob’ Jones. What I do find and is jaw dropping is, their ocean going hatred for their fellow human beings – those who dare oppose their fluffy pink bespectacled world view – the hatred in their eyes is a tangible force. Especially, when you correctly point out – having a labour administration poorly serves the weakest in society by making them less equal and where the Gini Coefficient gap is magnified – there are parts of Glasgow where the life expectancy of males at 53 is less than most of the poorest areas in Europe – Moldova! Only through conscious self help and lesser taxes and less interference meaning small government and thus greater wealth generation can the poor be raised up.

    These supposed do gooders, the Socialists who preach of their concern about the world’s poor and the poor in Britain, don’t understand the notion – of poverty, get to talk to someone who was brought up during the 20’s and 30’s – no shoes, no food and no hope. Indeed, kids born after 1980 are cossetted whelps who vacantly spout Socialist nostrums which will only exacerbate a broken system and when you add in welfare free at the point of access with open door immigration – that’s a recipe for social collapse, incipient economic catastrophe. Sometimes, in darker moments – I think that insofar as the fascists of far left politics [and UAF,SWP, greens] economic catastrophe is what they really desire and oh yes the end to the English race – mais naturellment!

    We need a realignment and need to put an end to the fantasy politics of the left – but these employ violent people – McCluskey is organizing a militia of left wing thugs who seek to destroy any form of contrary opinon and…….. guess which side the police stand on?

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