Parachutee watch – Ghosh and the Common Purpose National Trust

Did we say hiatus? Sorry, couldn’t resist channelling Delingpole on this issue, as it reflects on so many others afflicting us at this time.

ghoshIt’s a type, the sexless, Common Purpose graduate woman with the Theresa May hair, similar age, champagne socialist, shunted from field of work to field of work she’s not in the least qualified for and on an obscene salary, talking utter bollox direct from the narrative and the reason the type is appointed is to run down the institution it’s parachuted into.

A career civil servant with no particular expertise in or natural sympathy with heritage issues or the countryside Ghosh is, as Quentin Letts notes in this delightfully catty profile, “more at home in court shoes than gum boots”. She also has a reputation – Letts delicately hints with more generosity than I’m prepared to allow the dreadful woman – for being pretty low-grade and thick.

In other words, she would have been ideal for somewhere grisly and right-on and pointless like the Equality and Human Rights Commission, but could scarcely be more wrong for a charity whose meat and drink is toffs, antique furniture, well-spoken old ladies in tweed twin sets, and oak studded parkland, and whose membership largely comprises small ‘c’ conservatives.

Just how utterly unsuitable for the job she is, Ghosh has revealed in her organisation’s announcement that from now on one of its main priorities will be combating climate change which, it claims, ‘poses the biggest single threat’ to its properties so far.

No, it doesn’t. It simply doesn’t. This is purely an expression of Ghosh’s ignorance and of the misinformation foisted on her by the bien-pensant types in whose company she prefers to spend her time.

And if this were merely a case of a silly woman venturing a foolish opinion, perhaps that would be excusable. Unfortunately, Ghosh’s ignorance and idiocy is being transformed into policy in its vomitously named new strategy document Playing Our Part.

A little extra:

Between May 1999 and November 1999, Ghosh was Head of the New Deal for Communities Programme.

And what does she want to do? Make the National Trust get away from stately homes which only cater for the middle-class and the nation’s heritage and get more into the birthplace of John and Paul, the Beatles, making it “more relevant”.

In 2009 the National Trust received € 4,964,866 from the EU, along with 25 other recipients across Europe (plus the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Egypt…), under the remit of a project called Climate For Culture. The project was funded from 2009 to 2014.

Financial information sourced from:…
Climate For Culture information sourced from: http://www.climateforculture.e…

Naturally, National Trust members are not amused and this was typical of comments:

I avoid National Trust properties like the plague, English Heritage have a far lighter touch that doesnt turn the place into a theme park and they leave you alone to explore rather than get in your face.


A friend of mine is a volunteer room guide, in a large NT property in the North West. A new house manager was appointed about 18 months ago, and she is firmly in the ‘Ghosh’ mould – wants to make the house ‘more relevant’ especially to ethnic minorities; criticising the room guides if they ‘tell off’ any children who are fingering the precious displays and furniture; and now she wants to introduce piped music in all the rooms. The volunteers are seriously p….ss..d off.

It wouldn’t matter so much if the Ghoshes weren’t running the country down, along with their partners in crime in Westminster and in the courts, the NHS and in education.

There is, I’m afraid, a very deep divide in our society. One half or more of society comprises the average, often non-voting citizen, those of Old Labour who do care for the nation and its workers, the large middle-class centre right … and on the other side are her lot, including the tribalist Labour voters and LibDems, New champagne Labour plus the loony Greens. Blair and Millipede are of the latter lot.

Our national heritage had largely escaped these monsters for a long time but obviously someone noticed people of the land taking pleasure in things like heritage and that simply had to have a stop put to it, didn’t it? One can’t have people enjoying their land – that would never do.

5 comments for “Parachutee watch – Ghosh and the Common Purpose National Trust

  1. Mudplugger
    April 7, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    One only needs to look at what’s been done to Bletchley Park, turning it from an open, informative and atmospheric place, into a ‘Mega Turing Theme Park and Kiddie-winky Experience’.
    No longer worth the trouble if you’ve an IQ in double digits or above.

  2. Edward Spalton
    April 7, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Thank you Mudplugger.
    It’s some years since my wife and I had a really magical tour around Bletchley Park. The volunteer guides were terrific. It wasn’t overdone. I will now stop recommending it to people.

    Incidentally, one of their last Old Boys is to be buried on Saturday 11 April at St Mary’s Marlborough.
    Harry Beckhough ( aged 101) studied German before the war and experienced the rise of Hitler. From BP he went to the Midldle East and then to the Far East, breaking Japanese codes. After the war, the Foreign Office appointed him to denazify and resurrect the Rhineland Universities from 1946 to 1952. He went on to a successful business career, inventing the ” Double Two” shirt which had a spare collar. He wrote his autobiography ” Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” which included his founding of a school which still flourishes. But another book of his on the EU ” Germany’s Fourth Reich” was excluded from Bletchley Park’s book shop. I met him several times, a most remarkable man still running a Summer school on cryptology when he was 95. God rest him. We shall not see his like again – I fear.

  3. April 7, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Interesting that the same sorts of criticisms surface. AK Haart wrote: “We avoid National Trust properties these days too. There is something infantile about their approach.” Mudplugger wrote: “Kiddie-winky Experience’. No longer worth the trouble if you’ve an IQ in double digits or above.” Sad.

  4. Hereward unbowed.
    April 8, 2015 at 1:51 am

    […] It wouldn’t matter so much if the Ghoshes weren’t running the country down, along with their partners in crime in Westminster and in the courts, the NHS and in education. [/quote]

    What is of concern to me and I still can’t quite get my head around it yet and it shouts loud to the problems besetting this nation which run deep and now are fundamental.

    Ghosh is a whelk, she sticks fast and firm but nevertheless is a fairly nondescript apparatchik but unlike whelks when they are levered off the rock she will leave a mark that will be hard to erase. Evidently – she wouldn’t be able to summon enough gumption to game the system – by the higher ups she was chosen to fit this niche and do as she is told.

    The forces of Common Purpose, their writ is being extended again into what was once a benign and harmless organization given to preserving the heritage of this nation and therein you can see the possibilities and opportunity for mischief and mayhem.

    Tis – a jab in the eye for middle class Britain. Forthwith, the Militant extremists would wreak it, laughing as they slash and its a nihilist, blackhearted strategy that they play for there is no essential difference between the legion of Common Purpose and the thugs who travel to anti fracking protests and who fill the ranks of UKuncut, UAF and SWP = the scum party of Miliband’s extreme left wing Fascists.

    Ghosh would never admit it but she is the face of social engineering backed and egged on by the thugs of the scum party and…… the thing I cannot get my head around………………..

    The Tories, Dave’s lot installed her to this post – think about it and the only logical conclusion you can draw – that militant left wing extremism and Cultural Marxism is alive and kicking in the bosom of Dave’s ‘Tory’ party.

    Edward Spalton,

    Henry Beckhough a lifetime of invention and discovery how I’d liked to be in his presence for even a moment and learned silence to listen to his imparted wisdom. Yes, his type will be sorely missed. Indeed unfortunately the system once used to produce ’em, now the fixee is indoctrination, being treat as infants until 30yrs+ and Cultural Marxism to the fore – homogenization is the end product, an army of automatons programmed by rote and obedient to a man and equal Jacqui, Jan, Ion of them.

    Thank you Edward, a most interesting comment though a sad one, from afar – in a silent prayer I willalso now mark his passing.

  5. Ed P
    April 8, 2015 at 11:44 pm

    Are the initial two letters of her name pronounced T?

    If Cameron appointed her – really? – we’re doomed. It’ll soon all be Brave New theme parks for betas & gammas

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