In the land of the political sophisticate

Wiggia wrote and sent yesterday:

Christopher Booker often writes articles that are nearer the truth than his contemporaries in the MSM, not always with the facts correctly displayed but in general terms there is much to commend his articles.

But not this one where he cites all the politicians as being centred on giving away sweeties and failing to discuss why so many things are really failing and refusing to get involved in telling it like it is.

So he quite rightly gets pulled up in the comments when it is suggested one politician is telling the truth on certain subjects Nigel Farage and UKIP whom he dare not mention as his mate has fallen out big time with.

Rather a disingenuous stance to take in an article on all the political class, so not only do we, as he suggests, get the politicians we deserve by voting for the status quo, but we are also not given the truth about the one party and its leader that is at least making some of the right noises because his mate has had a falling out with same, bottled it is the expression that came to mind.

Yesterday was a busy day for me and I’ve only just read this now.  Interesting that that was precisely what we were discussing yesterday too.  Once a week, I get to have an in-depth political discussion – the rest of the week is following the same sources all the rest of you do.

What was apparent with my mate was his optimism and I mentioned it and he asked what I was then?  Pessimist?  Realist?  Reader of history, I added.  Which today leads back to Wiggia.

Don’t know if this is one of the most transparent general elections or not but it seems so glaringly obvious that desperate “leaders” are promising impossible things to give, uncosted, all to get “first past the post”.  What a ridiculous voting system and yet a majority put it back in in a referendum. I suspect many voted against the AV simply because it was Clegg.  Personality politics in the UK.

In a similar way, there are clearly a large number who don’t like Nigel’s abrasiveness, directness and seeming empire building.  The UK is caught up in the cult of the personality – leaders’ debates are all about that.

My mate says people around this land see right through the politicians’ lying promises.  Do they?  On the other hand, they’re caught up in an openly lying press which does everything from distorting polls to manufacturing scandals to labelling whatever the MSM wish to apply.

Who are these 33% of people who will vote Tory or Labour?  Who the hell are they?  Are they people who wish for continuity and stability, wishing to vote for the devil they know because those two parties put forth BS about being the party of business or the party of the worker?  Both have been exploded if, by “business”, you mean middling and small businesses, the backbone of the nation.

Do these 33%ers see through the lies and the damage done to the nation and ask, “What nation? There’s just me, just my family?”  Anyone promising to cut 1p off a pint, anyone promising child support or something else?  Can these people not see the lying toerags in Cameron and Miliband, the latter one of the most ineffectual in opposition but highly dangerous in power?

Are you not agreed that the EU is a yoke on our necks?  That it is utter BS that it prevents wars?  Is it for the free travel to the continent without showing your passport that you’ll vote in all the rest of it these Marxists are doing to us?  Are you happy with the numbers up in the 40% region in some places, e.g. Bradford youth, not from this land?  A

Or are you against a similar border policy to most other lands?

One thing I’m sure of is that “the deficit” is not of the least concern to the people as a whole, nor national debt.  So what, think people, it’s not my personal deficit, not my personal debt.  And how many conflate the two?  Are the people of this land political sophisticates?

One word which was mentioned over and over yesterday was greed.  That people have been encouraged, from on top, to be greedy.  So here go labourites, saying Thatcher began it, here go Tories saying it was Labour.  Hey – it’s people who are like that.  Politicians pander to the lowest common denominator in the society.

It was similar in Russia.  Many Russians associate greed with the British – that was interesting to me, I’d never thought of that.  And most Russians are associated with the peasant, immortalized by Maxim Gorky – it didn’t come from me, that statement.  And the peasant mentality is not noble, it’s for survival first and foremost and then, having survived, keeps accruing and that becomes personal greed. Hyacinth Bucket.

And sorry but it’s thick.  Politically thick at least.  But it’s always been so, it’s never really changed.

People such as the readership of this blog on the other hand, by definition, go round other political blogs too and read widely, think things out for themselves.  There’s no soft soap in that as I’m just one of these who decided to express it in blog form in 2006.  So, we see these things happening out there, mired in dishonesty.

And the other people out there, not on the net, not reading alternative opinion, using the Beeb and Sky for their values, they’re being played like a violin.  Or are they?

My mate says that soon something will explode, that the moment the first pollie is executed, hopefully Blair, it will change the political conversation.  He doesn’t openly wish this upon anyone of course as that would be sedition but he observes it might happen.  He doesn’t even imagine it.  I certainly can’t see how it would be – take away people’s beer and football?

How much difference will UKIP make?  I don’t think they’re on 25% but nor are they just the 10% lied about the other day.  Plus they’re spread throughout the land, coming a good second or third in so many constituencies.  And Tories I know are crowing about it, that that’s a good thing that sanity is squashed and we can get back to the good old corrupt two party system with the pretend third party.

If Labour’s bete noire is the SNP, if the Tories’ is UKIP, then UKIP’s must surely be the non-voter. They’ll only get anywhere if they can coax these people to vote.

Lastly, is this the state of our politics?  This was sent by Wiggia from the Thurrock Gazette:

Stanford-le-Hope resident Sue Marriott, 49, of Victoria Road, who popped out of work when she heard Eddie was in town, said: “He looks fantastic! He’s lost so much weight. Now he’s got better legs than me!”

Asked why he was cross-dressing for the campaign trail, Eddie said: “I am transgender! It is my genetic right as a human being to dress like a woman and if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with the United Nations Court of Human Rights.”

So, here we are on this Monday morning.  Have a good one.

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  1. Radical Rodent
    April 13, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    One of the common (if questionable) definitions for insanity is, “Doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result each time.”

    Which means the average voter is insane, as they insist on voting for the same clowns, time after time, expecting to get different results.

  2. Viscount Rectum
    April 13, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    I have read that LIAGRA is the drug of choice, it helps to keep it up, those lies, fairytales and false promises, remember a LIAGRA a day keeps truth at bay. Politicians love it,its on prescription but Camoron, Millipede and Glug seemed to have overdosed on it.

  3. Hereward unbowed.
    April 13, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    A pretty shrewd post James and one with a lot of truth, all of it.

    I despair, I thought or hoped that those who voted in the EU ballot would remain loyal and stay with UKIP, it seems according to the psephologists and MSM that UKIP’s vote is bleeding back to the social democrats of Dave the green tosser.

    Even Mr. Farage is muttering about ‘tactical voting’ recommending UKIP voters to think about placing their X by a Tory candidate if Labour looks like winning in that particular constituency – WHAT??!!!

    It looks as though my local battle is a three way job and Labour are in trouble, judging by the way our Labour loon has been throwing blurb leaflets our way………… but fuck the Tories, I’d rather eat my own excrement than vote for either lav or Red lite – the pinko party of Dave’s cast iron guaranteed – no referendum.

    I hope UKIP get REAL and shove the tactical stuff.

  4. Hereward unbowed.
    April 13, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Seeking an EU referendum is a noble ideal and something this country should have been given many years prior to the prospective date proffered by Mr. Cameron. Though, given Mr. Cameron’s track record and observing the duplicitous history of his political party – The Tories, are we not correct in registering a deep distrust in Mr. Cameron’s and his political party’s motives?

    And about Mr. Bookers’ ally and co author.

    This is a gentleman, who for years harangued, criticized and trashed the mainstream political parties and the media flunkies and rightfully so imo.

    Now, because he so despises his ex colleague out of UKIP. In a quite stunning volte-face, he has been forced kicking and screaming, back into the arms of a party he once regarded as anathema to all that he held dear,
    Not only that, he joins with the DM and ‘Tory’ press in lauding albeit indirectly Dave’s cast iron promise to provide a referendum on leaving the EU.
    I don’t know Dave but we all know his MO well. In that, Dave is a craven idolator and believes vehemently and insofar as Dave understands religion [not at all] cheers religiously for the EU and all that Brussels represents. Ie Authoritarian control. Extending and cementing the precepts of the Frankfurt School via rule by Brussels nomenklatura and corralled by the corporate elite whose hands are up the backsides of the Brussels glove puppets.

    Mr. Bookers friend, has now boxed himself in, surrendered to supporting the crony corporate claque, alluding to convoke of his loyal readership to voting for the diversity party of Dave because Mr. Bookers friend thinks that Dave will go against the habits of a lifetime and somehow grant Britain a referendum, which is an exercise in hope over expectation and grasping for the impossible dream.

    Blair ‘promised faithfully’, he never had any intention of giving the UK a plebiscite on the EU and guess what? Twice the promise was oh so conveniently forgotten on some pretext or other. And Dave models his every breathing moment on the actions and the Witches fashioned deliberate misdirection of Tony Blair.

    Like rushes in the wind, they’re all hiss and no grounding.

    • graham wood
      April 14, 2015 at 11:25 am

      HU Agree and commiserate! As it happens I have just been thrown off EU Referendum Blog by His Highness because I twice posed the following question which by any yardstick before a GE (or after) is not only reasonable, but IMO an urgent one.

      “Given that no main political party has an interest let alone a policy, in the short or longer term invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, in the coming GE, or in the future, what is your (EU Referendum blog) preferred option for a UK exit from the EU?”

      To date I have not yet found anybody on a blog to address this question let alone proffering an answer! Even today Dr N witters on about Article 50 and a complexity of steps following. Its all academic! When is he going to wake up?
      I re-submit the question here for your comment or anybody else.
      Any takers?

    • graham wood
      April 14, 2015 at 12:03 pm

      HU. You say seeking a referendum is a noble ideal…..etc. Indeed so normally, but that is denied by the sheer weight of the political baggage which comes with the one promised. (For a clear and realistic comment on this see Rodney Atkinson’s take on this – on his Freenations site and under heading The Conditions for a Fair Referendum on Membership of the European Union)
      Several points arise:
      1. Re Cameron’s referendum, many of us seriously doubt whether it will ever take place, and hence it was offered primarily as a political ploy to retain the votes of the “faithful”. All sorts of reasons will therefore be found for this promise to wither on the vine

      2. Even if it does come about, we know the result is NOT binding upon a government, other political factors will come into play.

      3. The theory is that any referendum worth having will be preceded by Cameron’s EU negotiations which he fondly imagines will lead to “reform” of the EU and following that he returns waving the proverbial piece of paper with the promised reforms upon which a referendum would then be based. Enter the Tooth Fairy.

      4. Dr North is right to argue that there is simply no possible chance of both a “re-negotiation” followed by a referendum in 2017 within the time scale (leave aside the fact that all 27 other member state leaders would have to agree the changes Britain may
      demand, and they have already ruled out treaty change) Kaput to that then.

      5. As RA points out, the framing of the question and who directs the form of question is all important (no political party should, or need be involved)

      6. The “no ifs or buts” promise of a referendum is extremely unlikely anyway if Cameron forms a minority government as expected as the minor parties (including the now powerful SNP) will pursue their demand for a SEPARATE referendum on EU exit by each of the other British nations comprising the Union. (on the grounds why should England alone hold a referendum?) Spanner in works.

      7. With the MSM, large corporates, the BBC and even Business for Britain united against leaving the EU as per well timed interventions by these recently, (Blair, Martin Sorrell et al) then the ragged “Eurosceptic” movement would find it near impossible to galvanise effective opposition on a national scale and people will opt for the “safe” status quo.

      There is a solution to the impasse, but its not the referendum IMO.

      • Hereward unbowed.
        April 14, 2015 at 8:02 pm

        For what it is worth graham,

        And most definitely I agree with just about all you say sir.

        My opinion is, there will be no referendum proffered by any mix of the ‘usual’ Westminster parties – period.

        Brussels, has been yanking our chains since 1972/3 and actually when observing the historical political manoeuvring and considerable social machinations wrought prior to our joining up with the Brussels cartel – they were running things, or should I say influencing events well before the date of the UK’s annexation.
        I also believe, that, the senior movers and shakers – grandees in both major political parties in the UK and in cahoots with the corporate heavyweights are, do, set the political agenda [choose leaders] and in which the media, not least the BBC are totally complicit, through acquiescent silence.

        So, Brussels runs the show behind the scenes, if one looks to Ireland, Italy, Greece and Portugal – a mix of the ECB and appointees implaced by the Brussels commission. All of that, means there is no democracy in those aforementioned countries.

        I’ll say that again but put in another way – Brussels has undermined [some would say subverted] national assemblies democratic processes – so that the ‘le grand projet’ is kept on course. A road, that we know of the direction of travel and it is towards a federal superstate. Not only that, but an authoritarian entity which would provide no redress and have no accountability whatsoever, in other words a totalitarian superstate and a mirror of the PRC.

        Furthermore, if you consider just what happened in Sweden recently, where the ‘centre right’ consensus parties and supporters of maintaining Sweden’s place in the EU cobbled together a coalition to freeze out the anti immigration party of Sweden Democrats. Now then, if push came to shove I firmly believe that Reds of the Miliband Marxist claque would form up with the blue labour [Dave’s lot] and that would be that insofar as a referendum was concerned. It is the way of things now here in Britain and across the EU.

        Plus, as you say – anyway a plebiscite in which a majority was won by those who wanted OUT of the EU would, could be sidelined and most probably be totally ignored by TPTB – no doubt.

        So, where do we go?

        I am sure I do not really have an answer or, know what to do nor what to offer.

        But I can see only one party who offers any hope of Britain’s salvation and that is the party of Mr. Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party, it will take another five years though before Britain wakes up and by then, imho our situation here in the UK will be so dire, already it’s maybe too late.

  5. April 13, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Nigel is playing with fire if he is recommending tactical voting. This is a critical issue and he might well lose the grassroots support and end up with nothing.

    If he’s not urging that, then full speed ahead.

  6. Furor Teutonicus
    April 14, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Glad you mentioned the 1p on a pint. The average idiot voter will vote for anything that gives them a PERCEIVED couple of pence advantage.

    They would have voted for Hitler in 1945, had he promised a Pfenig off income tax.

    The imbiciles do not concieve that what happens in National or international politics has the slightest thing to do with what they do at the ballot box.

    “Yeah, yeah! He will get us into a war with Russia (or where ever,)he is going to let every filthy camel shagger into the country that merely turns up at the door, but he is lowering the price of my pint by a penny!! MUST vote for him! And he has a nice smile as well.”

    THEN they moan like fuck when the Russians bomb their chippy, and the place is full of bin bag wearing Suidaephobes living off the bru, and demanding every one eats “halal” meat in the schools.

  7. Judd
    April 14, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Where and when did Farage suggest tactical voting, the whole point about this election is that it doesn’t matter whether tweedle dee or dum get in, that being the current non conservative and non labour parties, there’s not a fag paper to be found between the bastards, hence our depserate need for UKIP and only UKIP.

    If there’s certain sitting conlab MP’s who are anti EU, they’d better bloody hurry up and decide whether their allegiance to their dead party’s are more important than the survival of this nation and our vanishing way of life.

    Hollobone and Bone, local to me are decent and anti EU…what the fuck they’re still hanging round in the tory party for i simply don’t know, it’s dead and ruined, they stick out like sore thumbs they are not part of it, just get the hell out and let the bloody thing fall to dust.

    While a few decent sticks like them stubbornly cling on doing their best for a corpse only postpones the inevitable.

  8. wiggia
    April 15, 2015 at 7:45 pm

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