Sunday and OoL

Glancing at the posts list, I see Julia has one coming up tomorrow.  She, as you may know, has not been a well predator for some weeks and it seemed to come to a head last week.  I’m a bit under pressure in other ways.

Also, sincere apologies to the two gentlemen who wrote to our email.  We were shut out of our own email a/c, LOL but are now back on board.  You’ll see it in the top right corner of this site.

To business.  For some time, while our traffic has not been shoddy, plus we still seem to be on sidebars around the country and across the pond, with some in Australia, our output has been reduced.

Thing is, Julia and I always saw OoL as a public site, vaguely grouped around the libertarian/tea party/small govt idea so prevalent in the political blogosphere.  We saw ourselves as couple of times a week contributors to a greater good, not as the sole writers.  We each have our own blogs which soak up the time.

Also, OoL has a different readership to our sites – people come here who would not visit us personally.  There’s a North American component to our readership here too.

Seems to me that some reasons others don’t post might be similar to the contributors at my site.  For a start, they’re not bloggers themselves, yet they have much to say, many different angles, they rant well but something prevents them turning those into posts.

So they email the rant – sometimes just a paragraph and link, sometimes far more – and I turn it plus other related emails, plus material from the net related to it, into a post.

Some of you comment here but there is little coordination in getting the disparate comments together under one topic heading in a post.  That’s probably our job.  What I’m saying is – we’re missing out on so much up to date material, missing so many angles – and all because when it comes to posting, many back away.

Now our email is operating again:

contactorphansofliberty at gmail dot com

… why don’t you feel free to just send anything you find which would interest an OoL readership or even something which wouldn’t.  It could be a complete post – I need to renew one gentleman’s account at OoL for a start.  That is always welcome.

On the other hand, if you felt you could just rattle something off, without all the editing and the time-consuming stuff, send it by email to us and wait, we might be able to get it into a post of interest, along with other views on the same issue.

This works at my place, surely it would work at OoL too.




2 comments for “Sunday and OoL

  1. April 26, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    My biggest problem at the moment is utter lack of motivation, I use to spend the first 4 hours of my day trawling news outlets for something new to say/ something to blog that I felt may interest others too or made my piss boil, and generally managed to cobble something together, even if on occasion it was rambling and grammatically terrible!
    However of late I have become disillusioned, mainly by the electioneering lies being trotted out across the political spectrum, but also by the increasing issues with immigration, that drive me to the point of apoplexie, but as I am losing hope rapidly that anything will ever change, I am losing impetus and drive to post.
    However if I think of something or find something that motivates me, I will be sure and send it your way.
    I’d like to help in anyway I can, and I know you’re both under a lot of pressure.
    I just have to get motivated again, Christ alone knows how but I am sure it will come.
    Let’s hope Julia gets well soon and that your issue becomes resolvable.

    • Flyinthesky
      April 27, 2015 at 3:50 pm

      I have the same problem Kath, motivation. My response output is greatly reduced. My enthusiasm is waning, maybe it will be reinvigorated post the election when I can see what we have to work with.
      I have a lot of interesting, often controversial, perspectives on a lot of issues but unfortunately I don’t have the necessary eloquence to adequately present them, I’m more of a bullet point responder.

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