There is still time to ‘have your say’

Copy of a letter sent by myself, and printed by local newspapers:-

Sir, – With Election manifestos broadcast; and all those prospective MP party leaflets clogging the recycling bins, I would ask, through your columns, if any prospective local MP has ever considered stating support for a ‘Conscience Clause’ to be made part of the grotesque and truly-illiberal ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Act of Parliament’?

People have already lost their jobs, and come up against the British legal system, along with the ensuing fines; because they would not compromise their long-held religious belief that marriage is, was, and always has been, between a man and a woman.
All I ask is that, whenever Westminster resumes, whatever ghastly coalition of thieves, vagabonds and pseudo-politicians get to dominate our Government, they are pressed to install, on an urgent basis, modifications to the ludicrously-entitled ‘Same-Sex Marriage Act’; to protect the religious beliefs of the millions of British married couples who do not agree with the gay-homosexual-overly-liberal and totalitarian ideals of the political elite who run; if that is the correct term, our once free and pleasant land.

MIKE CUNNINGHAM,  Gilesgate, Durham City

My own letter is but echoed by a circular from C4M which is self-explanatory:-

Dear marriage supporter,

The General Election is only a few days away. You may have made up your mind how to vote by now. Some people have already returned their postal votes.

We’ve been saying all along that same-sex marriage is a major factor at this election, though it’s not what the media wants to talk about.

The political parties need to hear loud and clear that the redefinition of marriage has not been forgotten. Tell them what you think.

If you have decided you will, or will not, vote for a particular candidate because of their views on marriage, then tell them.

This website gives you contact details for the candidates in every constituency:

Even if you only have time to tell one candidate, do it today.

Huge numbers of people continue to believe in true marriage. It’s really important that our political leaders hear this – and that we will not be going away.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Hart

Colin Hart

3 comments for “There is still time to ‘have your say’

  1. Graham wood
    May 2, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    MC Well said for not only opposing SSM but also for expressing that to our arrogant political class.
    I also have done the same to my own MP but also several other Tory MPs so they are in no doubt precisely why we oppose them for passing the most shameful and degrading Act through a British parliament.
    C for M have also consistently opposed SSM and are encouraging Christians throughout the UK to continue to oppose.
    I do not see how any professing Christian can support or vote for any of the 3main parties given that they are all morally compromised on this issue. To vote for them would be seen as an endorsement of their stance on this.
    You may have noticed that it is UKIP alone which has now included a freedom of conscience for religious liberty for dissenters on this – one single reason, apart from several others, why they will get my vote.

  2. Greg Tingey
    May 5, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Religious belief
    Something with no basis in fact or reason or evidence.
    Dispute statement about losing jobs – unless, of course you are actually believing the lies printed in the Daily Mail ….

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