Who, as of May 7th, best represents your interests?

Moodyblue, Hemel Hempstead Dear God, PLEASE do not give us the nightmare of Labour getting anywhere near the strings of power. Amen


Now at the business end of this election campaign, one party leader has walked into the lion’s den over and over and faced down hostility and threat, answering every question directly.  And it happened again last evening.

Late.  Not networked to the rest of the UK. Snide interviewer, handpicked audience.

Two commenters:


The reason that Nigel coped so well with no notice questions from the floor is that he is the only party leader to expose himself to such questions in meetings open to the general public up and down the country.

chris_xxxx Durnovaria

Putin does this every year in front of an audience taking unprepared questions, which lasts for hours.

I have but one question.  If you needed one of those leaders [and given that it’s too late for May 7th to find any others], which of the four would you trust to go up to Merkel and stand up for Britain’s interests first?

From the mouth of the Beeb: “Miliband stumbles, Cameron dodges.” One of those?

The reason Farage and Putin can do that unprotected stuff is that they know they have a substantial number of the “narodniye” or “home people” right behind them.  Plus both call a spade a spade. Thereafter, the two are different.

We’re speaking here of Middle England.

Yesterday, my landlord, a builder, was here – we get along – and in among the other issues, I asked him directly about next Thursday.  He knows me as a Tory.  He said he was voting UKIP.  Or Conservative.  This is a Labour area.  I missed the opportunity to ask the question:

“Given that the Tories are the party of big business and UKIP are the party of small and medium, which would better represent you?”

I mentioned Cameron being a lying toerag, e.g. hiding that he would drastically cut child benefit once re-elected.  He agreed, said they were all liars, asked if I’d rather have Labour and grinned.  I grinned. So it was interesting – two different walks of life and both around about the same area of politics.

And there it is next Thursday.  Think about Miliband last evening.  Can you, in all conscience, vote for the party of this man?  Seriously?  I know you might think Labour would keep you on your benefits but would they?  Or would they tax Britain to hell?

So, can we agree we bin Labour first?

OK, so we have Tories and UKIP left, plus some minor parties.  One of these two has a liar for a leader, the other a straight man, no matter how geeky he looks and no matter how many pints he drinks.

To me, it really is as simple as that.  You want jobs?  A vibrant economy?

N1, we get out of the strangling, asphyxiating bunch of thieves, the EU.

N2, money is poured into tax relaxation of small and medium businesses and the govt becomes business friendly again.

I’d then feel I could set up my little firm building things and the climate would allow it.  I don’t want to sit around blogging the rest of my life. How many of my kind would there be nationwide?  Every one of us trying our little bit of enterprise?  Think how healthy that would be.  I could visit your craft stall, we could visit the new cafe down the street.

There’d be white vans everywhere.  Legally. Seriously.  There’s a parking area near us.  White vans would pull up there.  One would sell meat, one veg.  Maybe an ice-cream van would pull up there. For sure I’d use them for my supplies.  Support your local businesses.

Who of any of the leaders on May 7th offers that tiny sliver of hope that that could happen?

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  1. rapscallion
    May 1, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    It’s a no brainer isn’t it James. UKIP

  2. Graham wood
    May 1, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    No brainier it has to be UKIP. As for selling out of white vans anywhere and promoting small and medium business, that could transform our economy and people’s lives and community welfare.
    As an example. Take Hong Kong, arguably the most successful and lively economy based on free markets and supporting huge numbers of entrepreneurs all over HK (having visited many times for past few years I can speak from first hand experience)
    You can “set up” a small business from a market stall to a shopping mall almost anywhere – and also in open street markets, under bridges, or streets. It hums with huge activity and commercial life and is amazingly diverse.
    Free from strangling home grown domestic regulation, and even more so from the stupefying law factory of the EU, Britain could likewise thrive once again free from PC snoopers, and ‘guv’mint

  3. May 1, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Brilliant. Yep.

    You know, I’m really incensed with the Tories. OK, you’d expect the bloodsucking socialists not to understand small business in the least and the moment anyone makes money, they steal it and give it to welfare cheats.

    But the bloody Tories should be the party of business. And what do they do? Strangle anyone in business even more. There’s a religious aspect to this, Catholic, though I’m not Catholic. There’s venal sin – that’s Labour who have no idea about anything. Then there’s mortal sin and that’s the Tories. This is someone who knows right from wrong and does wrong deliberately.

  4. May 1, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    The UK is ripe for a Lee Kwan Yew. A serious, paternalistic leader/dictator. UKIP may have a beery, matey leader but the country needs a really firm hand. It is down a deep hole with liquid mud rising. Who would you trust with a rope to haul you out?

    Yes, it needs enterprise. Yes it needs to be independant of the EU. Yes Hong Kong is a valid model. But Singapore is far and away a better place than HK. They too unhitched from a larger, just-forming State – Malaysia – and went on their own path. The UK needs to unhitch from Europe. But it isn’t just about the economy. It is about moral standing too.

    • cascadian
      May 2, 2015 at 1:59 am

      I have for some time now been saying that the banking industry in London would be very much better off relocating to a vibrant part of the world with well trained staff, easy access to fibre-optic internet and halfway reasonable office costs. These only partly exist in London but are in abundance in Singapore and Shanghai. The staff can even rely on getting to work on time unlike the case with London’s wheezing transport infrastructure.

      Camoron is doing his best to accomplish the move, HSBC are looking seriously and further stupid moves by camoron announcing that his “apprenticeships” for coffee-makers will be funded by bank fines will quicken the pace.

      Hopefully UKIP can put a scare into the cozy clique that currently exists and has preside over seventy years of decline.

  5. Greg Tingey
    May 5, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    NONE OF the above.
    After all, I regard all the following as things to be earnestly desired, * AFAIK, no party is prepared to back them, or, if they are, have other issues that make them no worth voting for.

    A decent defence policy, with a strong Navy & naval air arm …
    Decent working conditions, without (usually employer) bullying & zero-hours contracts
    Decent education ( No the lem-o-crats are useless, I know )
    A real, decent green agenda, ….not the fakes that ConDemLab are putting out, for tax fraud, nor the so-called “Greens” who are against nuclear power, the wankers.
    Exit from the EU – unfortunately, UKIP have just blown it with other policies.
    Now what?

    • May 5, 2015 at 6:20 pm

      A decent defence policy, with a strong Navy & naval air arm …
      Decent working conditions, without (usually employer) bullying & zero-hours contracts
      Decent education ( No the lem-o-crats are useless, I know )
      A real, decent green agenda, ….not the fakes that ConDemLab are putting out, for tax fraud, nor the so-called “Greens” who are against nuclear power, the wankers.

      UKIP policies you mention. Yep, your course is clear.

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