A right royal issue

Alice or Charlotte or whatever


This was an American lady’s comment:

Kate looks lovely one can’t really tell that she has just given birth. I love her dress. She is so pretty and William is so handsome. As for their little son George well I just want to squeeze him. He so adorable and looks a lot like Kate. Can’t want to for tomorrow to find out what name they’ve picked for the little princess.

Someone wrote: “Pass the sick bag.”

Gee whiz, that’s churlish, isn’t it?  Ten thousand comments on the one article yesterday – it’s clear that the royal family means a hell of a lot to many people, not so much for the dysfunctional family itself but for the continuity and the feeling that we’re still a nation of value in the world.

I know the Welf thing, the bloodlines, the lizardry, the Crown and how it owns the land without so much as a by-your-leave from us.  Yet there are political reasons to continue the monarchy as a figurehead of state.

Firstly, would you really like a President Red Ed or Call-Me-Dave?  Would you really look up to that bunch of expenses and kiddy fiddlers as your betters?

Secondly, it’s a great brand name for UK plc.  It continues to rake in the shekels.  The world wants us to have this monarchy, even if large numbers don’t within the country.

Thirdly, for a country which has gone down the drain, it still has this and the younger royals [not Charles’s dead-in-the-water generation] look quite good.  The kids are beautiful.

I just believe that many want a normal country, people in work, our royals running about doing all the handshaking, HM Loyal PM doing the biz of reducing government in our lives, with us getting on with our day to day work.


The name

By the time this comes out, perhaps it will be known, so this last bit might change.

Please not Charlotte, because of that bawdy song which would be forever flung at her – Charlotte the Harlot.

Not Diana because of the occult connection and the unfortunate mother.

Alice is nice enough.  I’d like Emma, my favourite name or Nicolette but of course, that won’t happen.

According to bookmaker William Hill, the latest baby name odds are:

  • Alice – 5/2
  • Charlotte – 3/1
  • Victoria – 7/1
  • Olivia – 7/1
  • Elizabeth – 7/1
  • Diana – 10/1
  • Alexandra – 12/1
  • Mary – 14/1
  • Grace – 25/1
  • Rose – 25/1

Ladbrokes latest betting:

  • Alice – 3/1
  • Charlotte – 3/1
  • Victoria – 5/1
  • Elizabeth – 6/1
  • Olivia – 7/1
  • Alexandra – 8/1
  • Diana – 10/1
  • Mary – 12/1
  • Frances – 25/1
  • Grace – 25/1
  • Samantha – 25/1

And Coral’s betting:

  • Charlotte – 5/2
  • Alice – 3/1
  • Olivia – 4/1
  • Victoria – 6/1
  • Elizabeth – 6/1
  • Alexandra – 9/1
  • Diana – 10/1
  • Grace – 16/1
  • Mary – 16/1

The Russian theory

There’s that bit of the mischievous from Russia that Kate did not, in fact, have the baby, that a surrogate did or that she did but it was days earlier.

I’ve no comment on that.  Is it possible?

Finally, the regulation pic of HR Hotness Pippa:


4 comments for “A right royal issue

  1. Old Geezer
    May 4, 2015 at 11:36 am

    The monarchy stops politicians getting absolute power, that is why so many on the left do not like it.

  2. May 4, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    I am not to ashamed to admit I saw the picture of the little princess an crie, she’s lovely.
    I really hope they pick Grace, I o think Elizabeth maybe in there somewhere.
    I fl so sorry for all babies growing up today, even my own gorgeous grandson, what the future holds for them scars me rigid.
    But these little royal babies at least have a lot of protection from the real world and won’t have to grow up in a place where there is a mosque on very street corner or where all the neighbours look like pillar boxes and they definitely won’t have to live on a street in rochdale. Sp I guess there are advantages to privilege.
    They both look so happy an like they have such a lovely family.
    Unlike his mother an charles the Prince and princess of “Wails” (never could stand her).

  3. Mudplugger
    May 4, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    I’m not a natural monarchist, but it sure as Hell beats the alternative of President Blair etc., and usually cheaper too.
    Cooing over offspring is optional, I’ll pass on that, but I wish them no harm and have considerable respect for the new one’s great-grandparents, both of whom have done an amazing national job for so long into such old age, and hopefully for some time longer.

  4. Furor Teutonicus
    May 5, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I live in a recent “Republik.”

    I also lived in Britain and Sweden for a long time.

    Even things as simple as “The Queens English,” or “The Kings Swedish,” as “base lines” are not present. Who gib´ves a fucking TOSS how the FDJ/Stasi informer Tussi, Merkel speaks?

    A Royal family IS a bench mark, that you do not apprieciete until they are gone.

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