VE Day versus the shame of Westminster today

This will have to serve until about noon Friday.

ve day

Let’s not forget this important day whilst these buffoons are being put back into power by our “countrymen and women”.

It’s fashionable for the vanquished or the almost-but-not-quite- there to decry either the system or the stupidity of the voter but on PR, as Edwina Currie crowed in the early hours of this morning – you lost that one, mateys, in 2011.

Has this clearly been a reaffirmation of two party politics, with the voters appearing to abhor hung parliaments more than corrupt liars in power?  As long as the rosette is blue or red, nothing else really matters?

Or is it the utter abhorrence, in England, of a Sturgeon government nominally under the weak Red Ed?  How far did that horror override the anger at mass immigration?

Perhaps those two issues cancelled each other out, hence Blue still not having a majority.

No one can claim it was a victory [yet at 6 a.m.], it was a very mixed night.  Red clearly did badly and yet did not fall away completely, purple made huge gains on 2010 over immigration and yet didn’t get Aker in, only just got Carswell in and the other two biggies are still to come [Nige around 9 a.m.].

Were Nige to scrape in, UKIP would feel that even 2 or 3 MPs plus the other swings would be enough this time round, mainly on immigration.  The well-costed and sound manifesto never really saw the light of day, did it?

Were they to only have Carswell, it will have been an “almost” night”, with the Tories the only other ones on the positive side of the ledger and UKIP being cemented as the 3rd party in British politics.

There were obviously good things, such as the demise of Galloway and Cable.  Mixed night, quite mixed.

So, what now? Cameron just short of a majority, requiring DUP plus UKIP? Plus LibDems?

And of course, none of it really matters as 75% of laws are made in Brussels.  Latest polls have the stay-ins just over 50%. The noble population vindicates the millions of pounds and carefully spun lies of the PR firm image makers – to be duped is precisely what my fellow citizens seem to prefer.

Ho hum.

It does seem to this humble blogger that it was those two competing horrors which produced the situation as of almost 7 a.m.

The view of Mike Cunningham in his post suggesting one person having either one, two or three votes on a sort of meritocratic basis might increasingly be seen as the big winner on the night.

3 comments for “VE Day versus the shame of Westminster today

  1. May 8, 2015 at 7:14 am

    UPDATE 7.12: Mark Reckless has lost. Only Nige left and it looks tight but maybe a Tory gain. I’m bracing for Nige to be pipped.

    • Brightside Bob
      May 8, 2015 at 10:58 am

      Pipped away. Dark times ahead.

      • May 8, 2015 at 11:24 am

        Indeed, Bob. Let me get biblical for a moment. Mark 6:4. It can be googled.

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