The working class can **** my *****

A few of the many sets of buzz-words or –phrases popular within Party-political circles is “Are we message-good? Are we on track? Are we reaching our base; our core?” The Party faithful, or ‘the core’, are known to respond to command phrases which fit their belief profiles; but what happens when the Party changes, or alters, and the core doesn’t?

My son, a micro-electronics engineer, works in the automotive industry in the North-East, and a great many of his mainly male work-colleagues give their loyalty to the Labour Party; the “Party of the working Man”. My late eldest brother, my late father, were also life-long Labour supporters, On the map of voting intentions, where I live, County Durham is part of a Labour red block which goes against the vast spaces of Tory blue throughout the rest of England, We are, in reality, a rural area with the vast open moors of Northumberland and of Durham; with the inherited memories of an industrial heritage; of shipbuilding, armaments, coal-mining and steel: but with the emphasis on the ‘heritage’; because the ship-slips and cranes have all fallen silent, the Chieftain & Challenger tank factory is shuttered, the mines have disappeared, and the steel is hanging on by it’s veritable fingertips. But the Labour Party counts its support up here by the bucket-full; the ‘red’ seats are safe from Blyth to Newcastle, from Sunderland south to Durham.

But I do wonder why this ‘tribal loyalty’ still exists, when the Party which engenders and hopes for, and to a certain degree depends on the support of that ‘working man’ seems to have morphed into a metrosexual, femininised, elitist-run Party which laughs at the St. George’s flags on a house, or sneers at the ‘white vans’ of their male voting base, whilst promoting a ‘pink van’ for the Labour ‘wimmin’ who, incidentally, wouldn’t be seen dead in that pink monstrosity, or anything near it. When much younger than today, I knew many local Labour politicians, and read about and watched many national Labour people; and there was one thing which separated them from every other Political animal around, and that was the simple truth that they literally exuded ‘integrity’ by the cubic yard. No swerving, no compromising, no ‘hedging bets’; for the old-style Labour man, you just couldn’t mistake them for any other. They were given the trust of the Labour voters because those voters knew that behind the face on the placard was one of their own; a man who had come up the hard way, had earned that trust through sweat, and pain, and manual exertion combined with skills acquired over years of training. Men like Dennis Skinner, the legendary ‘Beast of Bolsover’; who wouldn’t now how to spell ‘accomodating alternate philosophy’, never mind know what it meant.

And then along comes, or rather slithers, Tony Blair, and his sidekick spinman Alastair Campbell, together with the genuine thief (see Hindujah for verification) and all-round bent pillock named Mandelson, whose one real claim to fame was spoken whilst visiting a fish-and-chip shop in his target seat of Hartlepool. He spotted the regulation container of ‘mushy peas’ and remarked to his agent “I see they serve ‘guacamole’ up here.” This greasy trio remade the face and soul of Labour, disguising it quite well; and, through loads of spin’, not just a hillock but a veritable mountain of lies, more than a few threats along with a couple of bloodless assassinations: made ‘New Labour’ sparkly clean and electable. But once the changes commenced coming, the hierarchy could not stop and the Party steering was grabbed by the atrocious Patricia Hewitt, the humourless Harriet Harman and the bossy tones of the Guardian’s favourite; Polly Toynbee, the epitome of everything which goes by the title of ‘Champagne Socialism’, and what do you get?

Why, you get a Party which ignores the true maternal instinct which tells a mother that the most important thing is to nurture your children, and instead urges; nay, almost expects them to work, albeit at ‘gender-neutral’ rates of pay, so that they may feel ‘fulfilled’ What they have got is the ideal that women are the equal of men, and the very idea that men can do anything better than women, or able to take on extra responsibilities; is deemed, by the clutch of Female & Feminist Marxists who have taken control of the Party, to be both ‘patriarchal, off-message, and something to be stamped out at all costs. Labour seems to have lost touch with the founding ideal of full male employment, and altered it to be read as full female employment, with the men following along behind. When the movers of the Party are all women, and come as a collective, and a Marxist Feminist collective at that; with names such as Harman, Flint, Toynbee, Thornberry (a.k.a. Lady Nugee, the wife of High Court judge Sir Christopher Nugee),  of Labour, alongside Jenni Murray of ‘Wimmins’ Hour’, there is no stopping them. They are uninterested in anything apart from the full ‘feminisation’ of Labour, and in the end, there will not only be ‘women-only’ candidates’ lists; there will be only Women candidates.

Ignore, if you will, the ‘soul-searching’ heat of the avalanche of names being added for the title of Labour Leader; the real Leaders are the Macbeth cabal of witches, allied with the hard-left Union leaders which are Labour’s bankers.

There are signs that the true heart of Labour is stirring, and moving away from the tribal vote, viz. the vote for UKIP in my own constituency, up by a total of 9.6% from five years ago, so if we can get the local herd to both read and understand what has been done to their Party, perhaps we shall see a UKIP MP representing Durham City, in about five or ten years time: now that’s what I call progressive politics!


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  1. Lord T
    May 11, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    It amazes me that these socialist nutters think that Cameron can in 5 years totally overcome anything that labour put in place over 13 yet 13 years of Labour have not impacted any of Thatchers legacy and that was from 20 years ago. Maggie certainly made a difference which Blair and co just fucked over their own supporters.

  2. Flyinthesky
    May 11, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    The thing that continues to confound me is the labour party have crapped on their core support more than any other party,and there is some strong competition. It really has no basis in reality, it really is a belief structure. We joke about red rose on a pig et al but they really would vote for it.

  3. Ed P
    May 11, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    I find it astounding that as Labour morphed into a metropolitan luvvie feminista elite, its traditional supporters, almost all of whom are situated where mining was once prevalent, did not notice they’re no longer represented.

    NuLabour hate the working class – why do they still vote for them?

  4. James Strong
    May 11, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    You are right that Blair and Campbell were slimeballs, and Mandelson successfully gave the impression of being very dodgy.
    But what turned me away from Labour just as much was the authoritarianism of Straw and Blunkett at the Home Office.

  5. May 12, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Everything you said is so true! I have been a staunch labour party member in the distant past,only to be disenfranchised by the immoral new labour. I have since “grown up” and realised(as have many) there is no single party that represents “me” they are all corrupt. As for the Trade unions of which I had been a S/S for many years,they are also corrupt,and corruptive,and have no place in modern times! Dinosaurs take a long time to die out. Great blog site.

  6. Voice of Reason
    May 12, 2015 at 2:11 am

    It’s not much different in the US. The Democrats use union money, but do nothing to help the working and middle classes.

  7. Viscount Rectum
    May 12, 2015 at 7:57 am

    After reading the election results per area of the UK, it appears quite racist in its allocation of votes for MPs, proportional representation not second choice must be the way forward and I stick with the word racist. The haggis munchers must F-off to their own independent heaven.

  8. Furor Teutonicus
    May 12, 2015 at 8:35 am

    xXBut I do wonder why this ‘tribal loyalty’ still exists, when the Party which engenders and hopes for, and to a certain degree depends on the support of that ‘working man’ seems to have morphed into a metrosexual, femininised, elitist-run PartyXX

    Because they do not link what they do at the ballot box with every day politics any more.

    To them, the ballot box is just some kind of game, like voting on T.V shows such as “Come wanking” or something.

  9. Greg Tingey
    May 12, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    And … if it did revert to supporting the real workin people, supposedly, you would immediately denouce it a Marxist & greedy.
    Which just goes to show that lying bastard hypocrites can be found anywhere.

    P.S. IIRC, the Hartlepool shipyards could have been saved, but the madwoman made sure they closed, just to spite Labour.

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