Cast-Iron’s masterly handling of the boat people

By Wiggia:

The man charged with taking care of the matter further down, first a general profile of Cast Iron and his ways:

An early test for Cast Iron’s resolve conveniently has surfaced just after the elections as the EU puts forward it’s scheme for allocations of the migrants coming across the Med in ramshackle boats and then to be picked up by various Navy’s and brought to the mainland of Europe.

The allocations are in most respects irrelevant as once placed and given their visas, they can go where they please within the EU.

They obviously will go to the countries that provide the best settlement terms and that of course means the UK will, along with having one of the highest allocations based on how well the country is doing, then get a further tranche of migrants looking for the best deal and even more as an increasing amount of these people are coming from English speaking African nations.

For, despite all the EU rhetoric on people being driven here by Libyan turmoil and the middle east wars, ever more are actually economic migrants looking for a better life.

Can’t blame them, the millions who have made the trip will have no doubt been sending out the message for years now about what is available and where.

What is blatantly obvious is that there is no real effort to stem the tide.

Almost as soon as Italy, for example, found a way of at least cutting the numbers, the EU and the UN intervened with a statement about conditions in Libya, those drowning at sea having to be rescued, all efforts having to be made to assist their passage, even to setting up clearing houses in North Africa, and of course the Aid agencies are pushing the same agenda, for without this type of tragedy self made or otherwise they would have no point in existing.

At no point in all this, apart from the deal Berlusconi did with Gadaffi, has there been any effort to turn these people away or stop them starting out, by making it plain as the Australians have that you will not be allowed in.

Why ?

The small positive effort that involves destroying migrant boats has foundered before one has been taken out as Libya, which understandably does not want a huge humanitarian problem on its own soil with the country in turmoil with its own problems, Libya sees the departure of these migrants as a godsend at this time in their history, and has no particular appetite to help Europe after our disastrous meddling there.

The question of genuine refugees and the queue jumping that is going on now is another factor not being addressed, not a lot of point if you have the money to get put on a boat and jump across to Europe with no chance of being sent back or of having to go through the correct channels for seeking asylum, the whole process has descended into farce.

There can be little hope that our PM can achieve even a small meaningless concession in all of this as I don’t believe, as with all things EU, that his claims of reform and renegotiation are anything more than appeasing bluster, his sum total of renegotiation so far has been a tissue of malfeasance.

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