Is Nige the new Diana?

Effing BBC, effing Mail, effing all of them.  But particularly the BBC.

Raedwald writes and Rossa’s mother sends about BBC sending staff on Common Purpose courses at £3.6k a pop!!  You effing ^%&*^%$ ers!  That’s our money!

Most Kippers take anything the Daily Mail or Beeb says with a grain of salt.  Just occasionally, the Wail hits on a half-truth:

Speaking to The Times, Mr O’Flynn, who is Ukip’s economic spokesman and a senior MEP who previously called his leader a ‘genius’, claimed Mr Farage’s behaviour had flipped in recent months to make Ukip look like a ‘personality cult’. 

In an interview likely to exacerbate tensions within Ukip, he told the newspaper Mr Farage was no longer the ‘cheerful, ebullient, cheeky, daring’ politician – and was thus endangering the party.

.. or so we thought.  Breitbart clarifies though:

It is now clear that what was first spoken of as being an outright attack on Farage’s leadership of UKIP was more about certain advisers around him and the style of campaign they encouraged him to run. Speaking to Sky News hours after the comments were published, O’Flynn said Farage had been “poorly advised” but backed his leader unequivocally. Rather than characterising Farage himself as “snarling, thin-lipped and aggressive” he agreed that it was “the public face which too often during the campaign people saw” and not the reality. He also warned that such a face could damage not just UKIP but euroscepticism in general.

And, as one commenter writes:

Well, there we have it then. If anyone was wondering, that was the sound of the BBC in its death throws. And the Dhimmigraph this morning with that oaf Timmy-Wimmy Stanley pronouncing hither, thither and yon as if he was supreme pontiff of infallible journalism just about took the biscuit for smearing slander.

All the same, I do think it should come up for clarification in September and the NE should put out a statement for now.

Last words to one of the commenters:

Nigel Farage is the new Diana ……… loved by millions, betrayed by those closest to him. Just remember MEPs you would never have go this far without dear old Nige. Show some respect.