Australeurovision 2015

Eurovision has nothing to do with a super-serious site such as OoL, so here’s a piece on this evening’s Eurovision:


Here are the finalists for you to brush up on, youtubes at the end of the link.

Maybe you could run the summary below here in a tab while watching the songs go by:

1. Slovenia – nice song, nothing special.
2. France – only the French could like it. At least she’s proper French.
3. Israel – Cheeky Girls in 16 year old male form.
4. # Estonia – up tempo Euro-modern – could do all right.
5. * UK – well, we’ve said all that needs to be said.
6. Armenia – not bad, in Slovenia mode.
7. Lithuania – too forced luvvy duvvy, insincere.
8. # Serbia – element of humour in selection but that body shape makes for good singers.
9. Norway – so-so modern, can’t they find a manly man anywhere?
10. # Sweden – another emasculated one, song is a proper song at least.
11. # Cyprus – hey, the young man is not bad, song not bad at all.
12. # Australia – must stop laughing, hey, proper entry, apart from the tatts.
13. Belgium – WTF was that? The regulation freak entry.
14. # Austria – strong, proper singer, still emasculated.
15. Greece – woman alone type numbers – such ubiquitous voices bore these days.
16. Montenegro – at least he’s a man. Too heartwringing.
17. Germany – always Euro-strong, prefer Satellite girl.
18. Poland – modern whining style, she’s OKish.
19. Latvia – adenoidal cutie, might win, might come last.
20. ** Romania – this is a proper band, good singer, watch closely.
21. Spain – OK, she’s a WAG. Yes? Song is Euro-howling and no promised flesh.
22. Hungary – like the girl, song very Joni Mitchell, bit of a bore.
23. Georgia – typical shrieking Euro-woman being “respected artist”.
24. Azerbaijan – at last, a[n emasculated] man again, song par for the course.
25. Russia – typical female Eurovision pap. Pity after TaTu. Forgettable.
26. Albania – another bloody adenoidal chick – sick to death of them.
27. *** Italy – male voices at last!!! Italian trad. Please let them win.

Who should win

I’ve highlighted with three ***, two ** and one * above as my bets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd but don’t think they’ll win of course. Some honourable mentions are notated by #.

Who will win

The voting is so bizarre, so corrupt and the taste so deplorable, even from Norton after Wogan, that somebody utterly undeserving, like last year, will get it. No out-and-out freak shows this year, with Ireland’s gay stupidity coinciding.

Who the serious money thinks might win

7/4 Sweden; 11/4 Italy; 5/1 Australia; 8/1 Estonia; 10/1 Russia; 16/1 Finland; 33/1 Azerbaijan; 33/1 Israel; 33/1 Norway; 33/1 Slovenia; 33/1 United Kingdom; 40/1 Cyprus; 50/1 France; 50/1 Iceland; 50/1 Latvia; 50/1 Spain; 66/1 Belgium; 66/1 Georgia; 80/1 Albania; 100/1 Armenia; 100/1 Austria; 100/1 Belarus; 100/1 Czech; 100/1 Denmark; 100/1 FYR Macedonia; 100/1 Germany; 100/1 Greece; 100/1 Holland; 100/1 Hungary; 100/1 Ireland; 100/1 Lithuania;’ 100/1 Malta; 100/1 Moldova; 100/1 Montenegro; 100/1 Poland; 100/1 Portugal; 100/1 Romania; 100/1 San Marino; 100/1 Serbia; 100/1 Switzerland

Last year

Do you recall the British public overwhelmingly voting for the Polish entry but the British judges didn’t even score it, underlining the corrupt, pre-ordained nature of the EVC, masquerading as “live” entertainment.

Who do you think will win?

Do you even care?  LOL.

3 comments for “Australeurovision 2015

  1. May 23, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    As I lived overseas for the first 18 years of my marriage, I was, fortunately, unable to choose watching paint dry as an alternative to the E.S.C. Since our return from overseas, in the past thirty-odd years, I have been able to keep up my record of supreme indifference to a large and varied collection of wankers performing truly awful collections of aural garbage, masquerading under the collective adjectival noun of ‘pop songs’. The truly awful politicised voting cliques, especially of that between the Slavs. keeps me resolutely watching anything else for the whole, awful four-odd hours of aural torture.

    As I have kept myself updated with those who have, shall we say, performed at the E.S.C., I can only state that, of all the groups; the only one which bears the hallmark of remembrance is Abba, but the song which they performed is not one from the E.S.C., but instead the superb melody and lyrics of:-

  2. john in cheshire
    May 23, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    I don’t know, don’t care, haven’t watched it for many, many years. I’m a little curious the following day to see who won and it always seems to be a country that is prepared to afford the cost of putting on the show, is a political point made to other countries by the EU elite, or is the least disliked country on the day. I would hope that when we exit the EU, we will also stop participating in this rubbish.

  3. Hereward unbowed.
    May 23, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Are Bucks Fizz still together?

    Oooh! goody.

    Amen to that.

    String them all up, for – they are just puppets.

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