Why nothing is done

One simple reason our governments will not do anything about this at all:

ISIS slaughters 400 women and children in Palmyra: Hundreds of bodies line the streets after butchers massacre innocents, take soldiers captive and raise black flag over ancient city

… is that the CIA was complicit in starting it all in Operation Cyclone. And lest you are in any doubt about that moniker, the name by which Them operate their takeover of the world – the name appears in various places – is Moriah Conquering Wind.

In short, Them has engineered this thing to happen. These are criminals against humanity of the first order. Within our country, you will find them at Chatham House and in the Lodges. In other countries they are in key areas, e.g. Bavaria.

Who funds ISIS?

1. Sales of electricity and gas to the Syrian government through ISIS-controlled dams and gas fields.
2. Taxes on citizens of the Islamic State
3. Customs revenue on import and export of goods in the caliphate
4. Exporting goods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and fabrics
5. Internet cafes
6. Religious taxes – punishment for smokers, missing prayers and breaking sharia law
7. Confiscating private lands and selling it on public auction
8. Selling crude oil on the black market in Turkey
9. Growing and selling drugs and black market cigarettes and alcohol
10. Looting museums and selling artefacts on the black market

Has our government dealt with this or Obama’s?  Obama is quite capable of stopping them.

Which then gets onto international law [H/T Chuckles] here.  Of relevance, in my eyes, was the final paragraph [here in two]:

Humanity has a tremendously practical streak about it which will tolerate ideology and radical fanaticism but only so far.   “Divine and natural law”, if it exists, expresses itself in the ordinary life of the world, where people need to eat, work, have children and  dream.  It lies dormant in the background.

Potentates can seemingly trample upon ordinary life up to a point, after which natural law rises up, seemingly out of nowhere, sets them straight.  ”For life,” as Michael Crichton once put it, “finds a way.” The Magna Carta in every age is nothing but the riot act read by ordinary people to their kings.

What comes through clearly is that self-interest is the primary motivating force. Sometimes, humanity has been able to cling onto the coat tails of those with military might in order to be protected to a point. But in the case of these people in these lands, there is no protection whatever.

All man made institutions have failed, from the UN to the so-called policemen of the world, the Obamas et al.  And why?  Because the bastards are complicit in the carnage.  They could go in right now and stop it.  They want the carnage so that the public will finally cry out, “Yes, Tony Blair, go in, go in.”

This is the short and curlies game played by Them. They have the people over a barrel because they are defining the terms.  And people in another land are being slaughtered – men, women and children.

Meanwhile, we address the important issues:

Can you guess which of these women spends £1,000 a time at the hairdresser and which spends nothing at all? 

4 comments for “Why nothing is done

  1. Behind the veil
    May 25, 2015 at 9:42 am

    I’m not sure Where I read it but there was a good post on ISIS from the perspective of the question of the weaponry and general equipment. Yes I know they picked up a lot on the ground but that would only get them so far in the early days. Sustaining a war of this magnitude is a sizeable operation. The question in the article is how is such an array of equipment seemingly not leaving a footprint for the watching eyes. How is it still flowing. There are a number of firms whose order books must be bristling with activity

    To understand the question a little more, it makes sense to read the book Cobra 2 about the post 2001 invasion of Iraq. The build up for a sustained battle is long and hard and takes a well organised network. That network and that amount of ordnance is not invisible.

    It would not take the IQ of a rocket scientist to work that one out, yet curiously it does not seem to have occurred to certain people. Hmmmm.

  2. Hereward unbowed.
    May 25, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Where………………. exactly do ‘we’ go in?

    Aleppo, Alexandria or Misrata and down to Niger, Anbar and Raqqa….to Mosul from Ramadi to Baghdad and beyond to Yemen and Somalia?

    Alack, who would want to stop them while they’re having such fun?

    As so many will say on Breitbart and on blogs elsewhere, we need to look to our own shores, period. We have barely enough fully trained troops to keep the peace here.

    What did we do and what have we done?

    FFS – that lefty school in Holland Park – five kids from that “highly rated” by Ofstasi” ‘reputed’ 5 alumni of that ‘fine’ institution are/were fighting in Syria.

    BUT….. WHY are those kids willingly travelling over there – shouldn’t we be asking that question?

    “She described Nasser and Parvez as ‘softer and sweeter boys’.”[…]


    What is that they don’t teach?

    Holland Park, a state school like all if not most of the others is a School where indoctrination is of the order, where hatred of all things British is inculcated.
    Ponder on this, if kids aren’t taught to revere their own country, honour our British tradition and culture, the flag, our history, battles and customs – the rationale behind it.
    If we, and our kids have no points of reference, then, we are all lost and rudderless, set to drowning in a sea of self hate and pity, torn asunder by false Gods and imprinted to a life dedicated to nihilism and egocentric hedonism – welcome to the X factor generation.

    It is small wonder that, these Muslim kids spit at Britain and their left wing pedagogues of Holland Park – caused, nurtured it and allowed it to fester.

    Teacher training, Cultural Marxism and Wimin – it’s a pretty dire mix.

    No wonder we’re all up shit creek.

  3. Errol
    May 26, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    The West getting involved in Middle East affairs has never worked out well. Usually we win the war, but leave behind a mess.

    Most people simply are not bright, informed or aware of the reasons behind these loonies. We cannot make a decision based on that.

    What we can do is control those people in *our country* and prevent them damaging our way of life. That’s the important bit, as if we tolerate it here, we tolerate it there by agreement.

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