It takes decades of deconstruction

Politics is really all about how conscious people are of what’s going on and what they’re prepared to do about it once they do become conscious something’s wrong.

Therefore, agreeing something’s going on at all is the critical starting point.  Two principles here are Occam’s Razor and over-egging the pudding.  Another is sheer pig-ignorance and obstinacy, refusal to explore.  Another is that even nutters have a core of truth they began with.

The other day, at Breitbart, I was exchanging words with a man of similar views to many of us, he clearly did not like LibLabCon, was quite Kippish but it was also clear he was an “I don’t do conspiracy theory”, one mantra covers all, politically unread sort of person and there was little point debating – he was not arguing from a position of knowledge of the issue, plus he fell into the common trap of using rhetoric and unfounded assertion plucked from the air or from the Narrative as some sort of “evidence”.

On facts and figures about EU investment in the regions here and what they take out – he was fine on that and could quote the stats.  When I called him out on his assertions about agendas, he became hot under the collar, when I quoted some data, he said it wasn’t his field but he recognized we were essentially fellow travellers.

I’ve always been one to get inside a piece o f machinery and see how it ticks, plus I was well taught at school in critical analysis – those were the days of good teachers, no personal kudos to me – and gave that back to students over the next few decades.  And one of the principles was Holmesian – that everything was on the table, everything, even one’s friends. This was one key reason Philby got away with it for so long.

Another reason he got away with it never comes out in accounts of his exposure – that the people who failed to expose him, far from failing to expose him through incompetence, were themselves covering for him.  Thus the British were seen as nincompoops with a “one of us” syndrome when there was a far higher agenda on the move – the placing of the post-war liberal-establishment, the securing of its hegemony, once the Enoch Powells were out of the way.

We see that today in every sphere from the EU to education, health and the judiciary.  I’ve quoted the American scene extensively – people in the positions of influence such as the Dulles boys, such as Colonel House, such as the SPPNA, Lindbergh Snr, McFadden, Griffin.  And they all say the same thing.  What, some sort of vast rightwing, anti-Marxist conspiracy, headed by McCarthy … or something quite true which was going on?

In education, on the origins of modern educational thought, one goes back to the Lincoln School, the Rockefellers, Wundtian theory, Sapir-Whorf, Fromm, Piaget, Bloom, the Delphi technique, faux research, faux workshops.  And though the blunt statement that “the bastards are all in it” seems derisory, they are all in it, either as prime movers or as happy travellers, it’s quite easily traced, as new student teachers are brainwashed in theories imparted under “Foundations of Education”, the building blocks of learning, following on from the softening up by the secondary level teachers.

In my final year of school, when one would suppose I was being trained as a good little establishment figure just as the rest of us were, instead we were given Tawney, Shaw, Sidney and Beatrice Webb. And at the same time, we were exposed to Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Malthus, Tolstoy. At university, it was Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Sorel. I was studying for an economics degree so one would suppose I’d have been exposed to Friedman, Smith, Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises but now it’s seen as a silly supposition – of course we were to be fed none of these. No Popper.

It took decades to escape the conditioning to the extent that the reviewers of the Marxist writers were themselves seen as suspect, that my teacher of politics under the guise of social studies was one of them – seemed such a nice, plausible chap at the time – and slowly the realization came that charismatic professors such as Eric Foner in the States were actually cogs in the machine of the Narrative.  Student organizations – what the hell were we actually doing there, formulating resolutions, with big names in the field wafting in and out of the building, speaking with key student radicals?

Plus the whole culture had changed and was full on left – from the Beatles to Jefferson Airplane, influenced by the beat writers who were themselves influenced by people like Leary, Burroughs, Thompson, Wolfe who were themselves influenced by the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory.

That took decades to expose, to realize that the comedians we idolized – Ingram, Cook, Moore – they were all part of it too, carried along by the tide.  That rather than idle musings turned to song, Lennon’s Imagine was a placed song in the middle of an agenda.  Reworking old songs like It Ain’t Necessarily so, anything questioning not authority per se but Christian and free market authority.

And strung out along the path of discovery are all my contemporaries, at various stages and in the distance before me, I see many others further forward than I.  It takes, to borrow left dialectic, deconstruction of ideas which have been decades in the hardwiring.

The advent of the internet accelerated the process – now we could read about the Franklin School horror, the false False Memory Syndrome advocates from among the guilty and what subsequently happened to them, we could see the full horror of Islam over the centuries, the forbidden knowledge was now available – the Masons, Round Table groups, Milner, Rhodes and Doyle, Planned Parenthood, Sanger, Friedan and they all – all of them, had the same political background.

Without exception.  And I was heading down that road but was jarred out of it by circumstances. One of the lucky ones or was I?  Would it not have been better to be blissfully unaware?  To be able to harrumph into my whisky, “I don’t do conspiracy theory,” and let that be my answer to every curly question?

But no, muggins here had to delve, didn’t he?  For example the Fuel Project and the underpinnings in ancient times of the mystery religion, coming through the Catholic Church which in those days was still seen as the one true church – hence the outbreaks of scandal along the way, from the Borgias to the current priesthood.

Where a Muslim cleric says that women wearing jeans causes earthquakes, I report that the stage upon which Obama made his original acceptance speech was based on the homage to Ishtar in Berlin. And those unread conflate the two outrageous statements, calling both loony.

The greatest protection the agenda is afforded is not just ignorance but that when the ignorance is uncovered, like upturning a rock and exposing all the creepy crawlies below, people look and then rush to interpret it in safe ways, to reconcile it with their own world view to that point.  Not to alter their world view of course.

So even though we know of MK Ultra and what it actually involves in the brainwashing field, something the military would clearly take a great interest in, so many people just let the facts slip by.  And if the CIA are like that, then what of Sue Ford and Bob Hope, of the allegations about the forces concerts and those women with him, e.g. Joey Heatherton?  What of Tuesday Weld?

No one wants to go near these things – they’re “not respectable”.  Or Kate Bush being a witch or Dick Cheney being what he has been accused of – have you ever read a denial from him?  Or the Valdez Principles and the whole New Age and Climate Theory spawning the IPCC, of Strong and Gore, of Skull and Bones, of Bohemian Grove?

And if you can accept that these are totally corrupt people going along with an agenda in order to curry grace and favour with their mentors and sponsors, much as Cameron and other groomed leaders have done with the EU, which is the UN, agenda, then why the hell do you get such a blockage at the suggestion that the power behind the American government would facilitate 911 and in particular, WTC7?

But the shutters just came down in your mind, didn’t they, if they hadn’t already done so?  Why?  No shred of evidence?  There’s evidence all over the place if you’d open your eyes – I’ve shown some of it.  I’m past arguing over it.

No, I don’t have to buy the “no moon landing”, no I don’t have to buy Roswell in order to see that the PTB behind governments do collude and not just on a political level.  There is a distinct spiritual aspect to it – look at Hitler and the Thule.  Look at Kabbalah.  The Tribe of Dan.  It’s not me who spouts the Shamanology – it’s them, the bstds in charge.  Valdez became Kyoto so it’s not New Age freaks in a field, it’s the PTB who have taken all this up.

Do they just use it or do they believe in it?  Good question.

If that doesn’t frighten you as to what they’ll dream up next, constantly, without end and with most people pig-ignorant about any of it, then well done and you’ll live a happier life.  For what to know anything?  Does it make daily life any better?  Does it put food on the table?  Does it make one iota of difference in stopping the bstds?

Why did Janjaweed arise once the UN got near?  Why did the two tribes in Rwanda start murdering each other in more horrific ways than ever shortly after Kissinger left?  Why did similar happen in Vietnam?  Why did NATO’s presence and the CIA’s see an upsurge in Balkans violence and inhumanity?  Why the sheer inhumanity in the Ukraine once these two groups asserted influence, money and arms?  Why were those people burned alive in the Trades Union building in Odessa, with the exit doors all locked and sealed?  Who are Right Sektor?

Who are ISIS?  Who’s supplying the big money, not the buying and selling it’s stated to be?  And if it is a slice of the drugs trace, who backed off in order to allow them to take over a closed shop?  Whose interests does the march of ISIS serve?

Is anyone interested?  What do the UN really want?  Is it benign, as they make out in Sustainable Development which has seen African economies wrecked, monsters in charge of nation states and mass exodus by boat for Europe?  Gates of Vienna again, anyone?

Is this just part of the cycle of unrest and stability or are their agents provocateurs at work and if so, whom do they work for?  I get pilloried for going too far and saying ultimately the same power in the Stones’ song and in Ephesians 6:12.  Am I a madman?  Can a madman have vision?

Or is it just a question of reading critically?  No more, no less, except for keeping an open mind at the start and then filtering every single thing, finding corroboration or letting it go by.

With the things you have on your own personal agenda today, does it even matter?

6 comments for “It takes decades of deconstruction

  1. June 2, 2015 at 8:35 am

    ‘Tis the World, the Flesh and the Devil. There are no ways to escape them other than the One Way. There are 7 billion people each with their own portal through which evil can enter, and each having an imagination that can be put to wicked use. It is no surprise that some especially affected group together and impose highways and byways on the landscape of the human soul. All roads definitely do not lead to Rome.

    To know or not to know all the intricacies? Most do not even matter. The world is scheduled for destruction. It won’t be a Vogon fleet clearing the way for a hyperspace bypass. It will be a result of the evils that we do.

    And are we to be responsible for the machinations of this ten thousand or that? That Pope or Dictator? The political mob over there or the entertainment glitterati? The pseudo-philosophers and the ‘Holy’ men of Houston and San Clementi Church of the Immense Dollar for Jesus? Hands up the volunteers. Not me, Chief: I’m airframes. I have my eye on wings. I shall be out of here soon.

  2. Hereward unbowed.
    June 2, 2015 at 8:43 am

    It’s a complicated world and indeed so many myriad wheels within wheels. Mankind has the Devil in himself and only the Devil can fight it. Machiavelli delighted in complicating the picture and ever since and it might be said well before him – man has plotted and schemed but mass media facilitated mass propaganda, Pandora’s box was opened and with arms and munitions so openly available – mass slaughter, that’s the idea.

    And, watching and musing on a BBC programme on Rome and the elite’s fastidiousness and obsession with cleanliness which set them so far apart from the lesser peoples [the Plebeians] and seeing the stygian hell that the slaves had to endure, endlessly and manually feeding tons of wood to the furnaces. Incredible, was the contrast – underneath where the whips of the slave masters were tearing flesh and in a few short steps, up not far above where the pampered bodies of the citizens of Rome would lie, their every whim and need attended to, life was good but also so cheaply dispatched.
    Forsooth, how these Ancient elites must have been hated, hate with an enmity, a passion it would be hard to understand……………or would it, hate has not changed throughout the millennia nor, for that matter have the elite.

    Ah but then,

    God, give me grace to accept with serenity
    the things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    which should be changed,
    and the Wisdom to distinguish
    the one from the other.


  3. June 2, 2015 at 9:51 am

    you lost me at about line 12 🙂 I am sadly not as clever as you James, however all I can tell you is, it’s all relative. From my personal perspective anyone can believe anything and it becomes their truth. Doesn’t make it right or true, it’s a matter of belief… I think.

    • June 4, 2015 at 12:14 pm

      Big words on my part is no sign of intelligence, Kath.

  4. john in cheshire
    June 2, 2015 at 10:14 am

    John MacArthur said something in one of his broadcasts that has stayed with me: Thank God that He controls evil for without Him it would be unending.

  5. Henry Kaye
    June 3, 2015 at 9:55 am

    I understand and share the anguish you express in your words James.

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