Many would agree with Churchmouse about trauma and just how soft everyone’s become:

One example is telling a boy he throws a ball ‘like a girl’. Another is asking a young person if they have ever been to Europe. That is supposedly ‘traumatic’ because the person might not have enough money to travel overseas.

The result is that we now have to walk on eggshells in conversation or in writing. Whatever we say or write may be construed as a microaggression. It’s traumatic, don’t you know?

The principal nexus for ‘Microaggressions’ and ‘Trigger Warnings’ seems to be, not surprisingly, university campuses. I think back to my time as a student and, yes, silently, I, too, interpreted certain remarks as slights when they were not intended to be so. Immaturity and insecurity — two by-products of youth — are to blame. They should be overcome, not encouraged!

On the other hand, there is the real trauma of war and that inflicted on the innocent by Them.  An example are techniques by the CIA:

Following public outrage, the CIA announced it had ceased its mind manipulation programmes. Victor Marchetti, a CIA veteran of 14 years who turned ‘whistle-blower’, exposed this to be untrue. In 1977, Marchetti said the CIA claims to have ceased were a cover story. Under scrutiny, the agency were quick to downplay the success of MK-ULTRA – claiming no real advances were achieved.

Miles Copeland, another long-serving CIA officer disputed this. Speaking to a reporter, Copeland revealed that ‘the congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing only got the barest glimpse’. Another source within the intelligence community says that after 1963, CIA efforts increasingly focused on psychoelectronics. Narcohypnosis had been drained dry.

And another in the psychiatric community today. Post passim have detailed many of the institutions and practices in the U.S. who have been doing experimentation on humans – this one was finally nailed in Canada:

Ewen Cameron, the founder of the World Psychiatric Association, funded through MKULTRA and Human Ecology Foundation by the Canadian military and the CIA, did LSD and other hallucinogen research and was successfully sued – he had already died and the CIA settled out of court with eight of his patients. One of his papers, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry is on Psychic Driving, another was on production of Differential Amnesia in Schizophrenia.

Linda McDonald, went to McGill to be treated for mild post-partum depression from March to early September, 1963. During the course of her hospitalization, she received 102 ECT treatments, using the Paige-Russell technique, in which the button was pushed 6x per treatment, instead of 1x. She also received about 80 days of barbiturate and neuroleptic induced sleep.

She was regressed back to incontinence of urine, incontinent of faeces, total disorientation, then sent home. She neuropsychologically pulled out of this over months but couldn’t remember anything from the time she left the hospital back to birth. So this was research in producing specific amnesias and global amnesia.

Usual defence – this was an isolated incident, anyway it’s all stopped now.

Trauma is certainly relative.