This special pleading does my ‘ead in

The scene – a Sky News “debate” on “women” [read feminists] in STEM and the hugely disappointing Sir Tim Hunt:

Sir Tim Hunt who this week went public at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Korea on the three main problems he has encountered during a lifetime working with female scientists:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.”

Nowt wrong with that bit, what’s wrong is apparently the machine has now got him to apologize for telling the truth, breaking the eternal maxim – if you’re not sure of your facts, keep it shut, if you say it, back it, never apologize. If you need to apologize, you shouldn’t have said it.

So to the issue of the bona fides of this blogger as the first question.

Having spent 12 years teaching almost exclusively girls in Russia and 50-50 before then, I can say that girls resorted to special pleading about a dozen times all up – but then again, it was a field in which they themselves dominate – language. It was not STEM, though we covered much of that at a basic level.

Females in my experience stood up well in fields they were cut out for. But what sort of insanity demands that they must cope in EVERY field under the sun, irrespective? And the answer to that is feminazi insanity, the insanity now called social policy and enforced by government no matter what, with heavy penalties for disagreement.

True, I did not watch the debate, not having a tele and being engaged at the time talking with … a girl … who had all the foibles of a girl, plus all the good qualities, including perspicacity. Then what the hell was this issue on Sky?

The issue was, as far as I can see, that some woman went the Sexism route in taking the scientist’s remarks to task but even in her special pleading on the programme vigorously underscored exactly what Tim Hunt had said.  Breitbart’s Milo Whatever was the bete noire in the piece.

A range of comments are reprinted here:


#  Note: I think women are great intellectual assets to many fields. But I cannot agree with this teacher’s essential claim, which is that until every field has 50% or more of woman, than that field is sexist against woman. That is the most moronic ideology.

#  So what the teacher effectively said was “I’m crying about the fact that Tim Hunt said women in the lab cry when you criticize them and it’s a distraction”.

#  There is no chance of changing her mind. If you re an ideologue, you are usually committed to that idea come what may.

#  There she was taking umbrage at the Noble Laureates point, only to make exactly the same point herself. Go figure.

And one I found quite clear:

#  She presumes men and women are the same and therefore we should see parity. When parity is not seen, she argues that there is institutional discrimination and she held up the old man’s comments as an example. Milo simply pointed out that men and women are not biologically the same and that parity cannot be the measuring stick against which success is evaluated.

Therefore, this is not a case of discrimination. It was a case of an old man expressing an unfashionable opinion. He doubled down and cited the many legal and social apparatus that actually work in favor of rather than against women.

This one I have my own story about further down:

#  I could not agree more. I’ve seen more office environments ruined because a manager or influential coworker could not control his/her emotions (more often women than men, but I’ve seen both).

When emotion is shown and shown to be the basis for decisions or policy, all sense of fairness, equality and balance is immediately destroyed and cannot return until that person is removed from the office entirely.

This includes any women that cry in the office in either a conscious or unconscious attempt to influence her coworkers into feeling sorry for her and ‘supporting’ her by taking some of her workload.


#  Sometimes the harpies of the world will only pay attention when “told off”. Feminazis think it is okay to tell off men all the time, but they just can’t face it when it comes back at them from a man. I’m with Milo on this one. This was a stupid woman whose ignorance did not stand a chance. [Susan]

#  Some things are undesirable in the workplace, that is one. Instead of complaining bout lack of accommodation for a perceived negative, women (in order to empower them) need to be taught how to get ahead in the workplace. I have found (as a woman myself) that we need to learn to control our emotions and learn to work as a team. Just my opinion.

#  Dr. Grossman made it easy for him though when she kept making the Noble prize winner’s point for him by emphasizing that women cry and are “empathic.” [Kimberly Danette Jacobs]

As an academic debate, this was as it was and good for a blogpost. But the reality is far more troubling.  With this mindless, blind insistence that EVERY man and EVERY woman be the same when they’re simply not, just as there is no such thing as transgender – you are as you were born, no matter what mutilation you have done to yourself at huge expense – other people, innocent people who should have been left alone, are being endangered.

A perfect example is women on the front line in mixed units.  There is NO good reason for it and so many against, militating against unit efficiency and thereby the ability to stay alive [posts passim].

But the more subtle damage is to put into women’s heads that they are the same as men and then when they fail at men’s things, they suffer psychological stress.  A woman trying to balance full time work and home if she has a family – what the hell is she doing it for?  She’s giving less than full attention to both and don’t come that multitasking c**p.

All multitasking is is that you are giving less attention than you should to each thing you are dealing with.  It’s nothing commendable. The person who gives a task his/her full attention, then goes to the next and does the same and so on – that person is far more thorough.

And the opposite? Men trying to compete in a woman’s field? I was four years in a women’s clothing store and did my level best but just didn’t have that instant knowledge, the colour and display sense – and why should I? Perfectly happy to concentrate on my own field, customer relations [stop sniggering at the back there, a blog is different to real life].  Did I demand to go on Sky News to argue my case?

And when one of the women “condescended” to praise me for a display or piece of advice on how something looked on her, my little heart was at peace because I did value her opinion – I saw it every week and I’m telling you – that woman knew her stuff.

But was I her equal? Was I hell and had no issue with it.

What is all this garbage about superwomen anyway?  Who is pushing this c**p?  And the answer is in the opening to this post – it’s the feminazis and they are playing on women’s aspirations and fears something awful.  Holding  out a totally unrealistic hope – not only is it a monumental waste of time when there are more important issues but it is damaging to the very women it’s meant to support and boost.

Artificially. A quota is artificial.  End of.  Parachutism produces Rotherhams and worse. It actually produces incompetents in charge in almost all fields.  Great way for society to run.

And last word to one of the commenters whose avatar was female but who seemed male to me:

I would like to know why the learned doctor is not similarly outraged at the APPALLING underepresentation of women and lack of gender parity in refuse collection, roads maintenance, bricklaying and sewer-clearing.

These dirty, antisocially houred, heavy jobs should not be preferentially offered to men, and if women cry at tbe thought of doing such work it is yet more evidence that we are not adequately reassuring them of their capability in these roles, which only a sexist bigot would consider to be more suitable for men.

If women choose not to do this work, clearly they must have been overwhelmed and indoctrinated, most probably by the men who dominate these careers and this must STOP NOW! Parity in all professions!

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  1. Voice of Reason
    June 11, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    When I lived in Cyprus 1969-71, many of the heavy labour jobs, including road-building, were done by women, with a man supervising.

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