Seeding the Party Line

I am a regular listener to the Farming Programme, broadcast just before 6.00 a.m. weekdays, with a longer stint on a Saturday. It is presented and produced almost totally by women; and I make that observation with the clarifying comments that it is either possibly a task which is reserved for the fairer sex, or equally a task which is deemed to be ‘the pits’ as far as the BBC higher echelons agree, Either way, it is normally a well-presented, lucid and factual commentary upon the various sections of agriculture within Britain today.

You learn a lot by just listening to the usually well-informed reporters, as they bring their stories, comment and news about British farms and farmers to the radio waves, and hence, to our ears.You would have heard about the lunacies perpetrated on English farmers by the Labour Farm Ministers as they negotiated and set fast the Subsidy Regime. Read and absorb the information within this online review, as it details, in painful precision, how badly English farmers are treated by the Agency in question.

But I do not write in unqualified support of this small radio programme, mainly because there has been a sinister increase in pushing and praising schemes which are loved by the liberal-lefties at the BBC, along with buzz-phrases for those same schemes.There has been a long term effort to bring about acceptance of GM plants, seeds and the like; inclusive of interviews with two farmers, one organic, one not; wherein both used the exact words “As we now have to feed the Global world, GM would make things so much easier.” Now say I am cynical, but the only people who actually benefit from GM crops are the multi-nationals, such as Monsanto, who make those Frankenstein foods possible, and market them with such vigour. The Farming Programme producers and reporters also seem to have a love-affair with Climate Change, or Global Warbling, or whatever, and treat it as a fact, instead of an unproven, but very, very expensive theory supported by the Greenies, most politicians and very few truly independent scientists.

But there again, if you raise your concerns with this huge publicly-funded broacasting monolith; you are just ignored, so the question must be asked, ‘Why indeed bother?

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  1. ivan
    June 13, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    I have to question what scientific evidence there is against GM crops or if there is ant evidence at that they are harmful to people that eat them. I agree there is a very large emotional response originally generated by the green lobby because of their stance against any company making a profit.

    While I am far from happy with companies making excessive profits from the basics of food production I see nothing scientifically wrong with what they are doing. After all what they are doing is what farmers have been doing since mankind turned from being hunter/gathers to farmers – improving the quality of the seeds used to produce crops. Companies can do this on a larger scale than individual farmers because the farmer does not have the time, or money, free from earning a living.

    The old saw that the company produced seeds are infertile was debunked in a court case where a company took a farmer to court because some of their seeds had seeded, blown over to his property ans started growing.

    The Global Warming, or Climate Change as they now call it because of the pause in warming for the last 18 years, is nothing but a scam with political motivation – agenda 21 for a start – that feeds the ego of the green movement.

    NASA has now released its predictions up to 2100 since they can’t get the predictions correct for even one year ahead one does have to ask what is the value of their predictions to 2100, maybe the green climatefest in Paris later this year is the intended recipient of this computer model based on computer models, in other words it is a political attempt to give Obama a ‘legacy’.

    • wiggia
      June 14, 2015 at 8:19 am

      I agree there is a very large emotional response originally generated by the green lobby because of their stance against any company making a profit.

      Unless of course it is an “eco” company making huge profits from subsidy, when of course it becomes acceptable, read the one from last paragraph below after all the goobledygook before it.

  2. Mudplugger
    June 13, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    It is a tad strange that the anti-GM activists will happily take their precious little Tarquins and Arabellas over to Florida for Disney jollies or to Fifth Avenue, NY, for pre-Christmas shopping, all the while feeding them the local food, much of which is of GM origin.
    Strangely, their precious little darlings seem completely unaffected by this apparently high-risk venture, but would probably die the very instant any GM-tainted foods in Europe passed anywhere near to their hyper-sensitive lips. Spooky that.

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