Something of Value

The school only learned about the filming when they were shown ‘very emotional’ footage of bullying and were told it would be screened on ITV.

The headmistress and governors of the Roman Catholic school have said they are now seeking legal action against the programme makers for covertly filming pupils without permission from them or their parents. In a joint statement, headteacher Angela Thomas and chair of governors Kath Brown, said: ‘The school community is shocked and upset that hidden cameras were brought into our school without our knowledge or permission and used to covertly film our pupils.

‘The school is receiving legal advice from the City of Cardiff Council and we are monitoring the ongoing situation very carefully.’

I have often thought that the African adage ‘Before you dispense with a tradition, be sure that you replace it with Something of Value’, has more relevance today, with the Left-Liberal-Feninazi push to remove everything done previously in our porous society, than most knee-jerk options and actions of our Governing masters. The School Head and Governor wasn’t commenting about the atrocious cases of bullying suffered by one of her pupils, wasn’t stating annoyance about the abject failure of their so-called ‘anti-bullying policy’ within the school; she was truly p**sed off that an Independent Film company had had the sheer audacity to equip this young girl with a hidden camera, so the bullies, along with the bullying, would be shown on national television.

Now I, probably along with many parents, have had personal knowledge of bullying, both in my childrens’ lives when they were at school, as well as in my own adult working life.

When I was a youngster in an English Catholic grammar school, I was smaller in stature than most of my school class being only four foot ten inches tall when I was fourteen; growing to five foot ten by the age of eighteen, as I received my growth later in life than most. So the reader might understand that I was a natural target not, as one might guess, for my fellow classmates, but for a minority of the teachers, as they surmised I was less likely to answer back. I was regularly humiliated in front of the class, and also subjected to a denigrating regime of minor physical abuse. This abuse culminated in my being knocked unconscious because I opened my desk before the teacher had left the classroom, thus “insulting” the six feet three-inch-tall teacher in question! He jumped back across the classroom, caught me with the side of his hand and knocked me clean out of my seat and crashing into a cupboard door at the side of the room! I was unconscious for maybe two or three minutes. The form master was informed, but apart from establishing that I could walk and talk when I regained consciousness, nothing much was done! The reader must understand that, as there were very few limits on this side of the teachers’ activities, they tended to express themselves physically rather than verbally!

My travails were ended very shortly afterwards when my father, who learned of my problems at school, visited the school and came to my class when this teacher was present. My Dad, who was not that tall, but was well-built and extremely strong, just caught the teacher’s tie and pulled his head down level with my Dad’s; and explained that if he (the teacher) ever hit me again, there would be immediate and violent retribution! No histrionics, no attempt to “understand”, just a solid promise that the teacher in question would regret ever laying either a word or a fist upon his son again! Needless to say, for the rest of my time at school, I was left severely alone.

At one time in my engineering career, I was in charge of an installation project on a South African gold mine, and I used to travel down with the rest of the workforce in the shaft cages to the six thousand feet level. One of the men travelling with us was an Afrikaner miner, an immensely strong man and an ex-wrestler. A man of limited intelligence, he used to amuse himself by grabbing his victim from behind, and squeezing their chests between his arms. As one of his victims was a friend of mine, a small wiry Welshman who really was in pain from this Neanderthal’s attack, I moved up, told this clown to stop and “Pick on someone his own size, strength and mental capacity!” He stopped his attack, only to become semi-hysterical with anger at some ‘Rooinek, some Redneck Englishman’ who dared to tell him what to do, and that he would smash me into the dust of the shaft entrance, as we were now out of the cage.

I faced him, and said quietly that he might well beat me down, but I would break him in civil court, I would break him in criminal court, and that he would never work down a goldmine again! He backed away, but was in tears of anger and frustration as his friends led him away, To the best of my knowledge, he never assaulted anyone in “fun” again!

When my eldest son was in his first year of Secondary Education in South Africa, he was subjected to considerable bullying by a small clique of clowns, but fortunately he told me of his problems. I visited the school the very next day, and informed the Deputy Head that if this problem was not immediately addressed to my satisfaction, I would sue the school, governors and staff, as well as the parents of the young clowns who were targeting my son. His actions were swift and certain, as three of the main culprits were hauled up at the next morning assembly, and each given six of the best with a cane! All bullying of my son ceased immediately, and he blossomed as a pupil at that school for the rest of his time!

All the anti-bullying charters ever written will not have the same direct effect as a fist, or a summary similar punishment, mainly because it is a well-known truth that all bullies are cowards, and if someone puts up any physical defence whatsoever, they quail and quiver into the shades from which they attempted to emerge.

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  1. mikebravo
    June 15, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Understanding the bullies pain and making excuses is the way forward in a society where everyone is a victim.

    • June 21, 2015 at 6:20 am

      Spot on!

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